Sunday, December 27, 2020

Narrative Warfare: This Is The Time To Rest Before Battle

What did I tell you?

You're watching a massive campaign of complete bullshit going on in the media, and none of it can be trusted. You're better off noting what's claimed, and then round-filing it to go about your business as if nothing happened at all. Giving any attention to what's said in the media is only going to lead to a bad time.

Yes, this includes most dissident media, because they pay attention to the mainstream also and get caught up in the hysterical bullshit. Some do so cynically for their own benefit, some due to honest but flawed perspectives that don't allow them to see that it's literal propaganda campaigns contradicting each other.

You are literally better off spending that time playing World of Warcraft than paying any attention to the news media. If you must know, go to /pol/ and Lurk Moar there; they are upwards of several months ahead of what the news media will ever report.

Everything I said last week is still operative now, and will be until the God-Emperor's second term begins at the very least. Don't worry about the 6th. The battle will come soon, and you'll be called upon when it comes, so for now rest and prepare. Empire falls. You don't want to miss it.

In the meantime, Wictor's videos are worth watching. He's on the ball, and here's today's video.

Sunday, December 20, 2020

Narrative Warfare: Camped At The Rubicon

Wictor's been going again with daily videos. This is yesterday's and you ought to see it.

I'm going to summarize what Wictor emphasizes time and again:

  • Trump read and mastered The Art of War.
  • Trump understands that Narrative Warfare is Warfare.
  • Trump understands that most people ostensibly on his side are unreliable because they are easily suckered by enemy Narrative attacks and a lifetime of conditioning to conform to enemy behavioral norms that are counter-productive.
  • Trump uses misinformation and disinformation--lying and bullshitting--against enemies and unreliable allies as a matter of routine.
  • Trump actually reads the rules of the game he plays and masters them, know that the rules matter- not what someone says they are.
  • Trump comprehends that Narrative Warfare requires showmanship, so his Narrative campaigns are structured as a big production- like a movie.
  • Trump uses enemies to his advantage routinely, often putting them into positions where what they do actually benefits him ultimately.
  • When Trump wins, it's because he's suckered his enemies into letting him win and win decisively.

This means that what you're told about him being rooked by enemies in his cabinent, or in his advisors, etc. is bullshit. (So stop whining about Kurshner, you faggots.) He knows exactly what he's doing, and those enemies are in those positions so he and his allies can surveil them, feed them disinfo, and curtail their activities all the while providing the optics Trump will require when the hammer comes down.

As Wictor and the Cates brothers routinely state, Trump's administration has no leaks that it did not deliberately initiate- and those are to find disloyal elements to plug up or turn to their advantage.

So don't panic. The overall narrative here is "See how the entire system is so corrupt, so treasonous, that it has to be cleaned out the hard way from top to bottom? Well, as Your Favorite President, who loves this country, I cannot stand by and let this insurrection succeed. I gave everyone that could have stopped it the chance to do that, but they all just let it happen, so they leave me with no choice. By the power invested in my as President of the United States, I hereby invoke the Insurrection Act effective immediately and I shall use the powers under this Act, as well as the Emergency Powers I already have, to clean up this mess once and for all. God bless you, and God bless the United States of America."

Expect to see regular active-duty military in the streets this January. Expect to see military tribunals. We'll avoid a second civil war, but just barely, and Trump will remain as President. Empire falls.

Sunday, December 6, 2020

Narrative Warfare: The Optics Are Complete, Peace Rejected, Now The Hammer

The Supreme Dark Lord has been on the warpath, but this post in particular is going to be telling.

Ware County, Ga has broken the Dominion algorithm: Using sequestered Dominion Equipment, Ware County ran a equal number of Trump votes and Biden votes through the Tabulator and the Tabulator reported a 26% lead for Biden.

37 Trump votes used in the equal sample run had been "Switched" from Trump to Biden. In actual algorithmic terms this means that a vote for Trump was counted as 87% of a vote and a vote for Biden was counted as 113% of a vote.

Those conducting the test were so shocked that they ran the same ballots again. The same results appeared. ONE PIECE OF THE PUZZLE SOLVED. (It is worth noting that this was one County, and on one Tabulator alone. Dominion Tabulators could have been configured with different algorithms in different Counties or States.) The point is there is now hard evidence of electronic manipulation of the Election.

The use of illegal and/or fabricated ballots is an additional issue altogether, but this is sufficient evidence to question the validity of the ENTIRE Election in the 28 states that used Dominion software.

They can demonstrate, on command, that the fix was in. Game. Over.

This, right here, is sufficient grounds to void the results in every state using Dominion software and instead command their State Legislatures to wield their plenary powers under Article II to determine electors instead. (Follow Alexander Macris. He too is on fire lately.)

The gig is up. It no longer matters if the Supreme Court of the United States cucks and runs or not. This level of fraud, across the Republic, means that we have a Federal emegency of national security at stake. Given the presence of hostile foreign powers, officially and otherwise, in this affair and it is quite clear that military operations are justified to resolve the issue.

It's not a question of "If", but "When" for martial law now- and that too is beyond the enemies of the God-Emperor to stop. Trump knows it; that's why he had those 700 SpecOps personnel repatriated from Somalia.

The hand was extended. "Surrender, and I shall help you save face so that you may live in peace with me." But no, the peace was rejected. They chose destruction, and destruction they shall receive. I feel neither pity for them nor regret for what retribution is about to come. Empire falls, and its Thralls fall with it. Let none survive.

Friday, December 4, 2020

Narrative Warfare: CNN Proves It's About Narrative Warfare

Project Veritas got to lurk on a CNN conference call where they literally fix the narrative for the day. This is the raw audio. No commentary by me. This is all you ever need to hear to realize that the news media is in the Narrative Warfare business and therefore are--at best--propagandists for your side (and more often, for your enemies) and never to be trusted.

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Narrative Warfare: The God-Emperor At The Banks Of The Rubicon

Make no mistake, this speech is a notice that Trump is prepared to cross the Rubicon via the Insurrection Act (or some similar Act) and he gives his enemies a final opportunity to recognize their defeat and accept it while saving face with their supporters.

It also reminds the Supreme Court of the United States that they are not the final word on the matter. The United States remains under a State of Emergency in all 50 States, which means that the emergency powers that the President of the United States enjoys are his to wield.

The bulk of this speech is for Normieland. As Q has said "You have to show them." No, this is not just the figures and other evidence. It's also showing that this is a widespread and organized criminal conspiracy aimed directly at them to make their vote null and void regardless of who you voted for, and that this can be--and was--done to races other than for POTUS.

Right now, this is meant to bypass Establishment media blackouts (see Project Veritas's CNN expose), but it is also a test-run for what is going to be necessary if the pressure put on the key state legislatures to revoke their delegated powers and slate their own approved set of Electors does not work and SCOTUS fails also.

We are looking at the imminent imposition of Martial Law in the United States, from coast to coast.

Unlike David Hines, who poo-pooed the idea, I've been paying attention to people who actually have Trump figured out. He can do this and succeed. General Flynn's pardon not only freed up lawyer Sidney Powell to pursue civil attacks in state and Federal court, but it also freed up General Flynn to do his job as an irregular operator; his echoing of Lin Wood's call for Martial Law is a clear signal that this is now ready and on the table.

The shift at the Department of Defense, putting a former Special Operations man in charge and putting SpecOps directly under his command, was the other clear signal that this was always regarded as an option. (Or did you not notice that Trump saying time and again that he rebuilt and refurbished the military not catch your notice?)

I fully expect that operators are already in position to move, as they were this past Summer in assistance to Law Enforcement. (I too noticed how the Antifa shot-callers in Minneapolis disappeared without a trace, leaving only a car behind, as if snatched.)

And I expect that a lot of people will be caught off-guard if those operators do move.

Right now, some people are either in a room or on a conference call discussing this speech and what it really means. One of them is a minder for their masters, and this one will be sufficient to keep anyone from defecting. Other possible defectors are also being giving The Talk right now. (Whips are not just for legislatures.) They will reject the offer to save face. They will reject the offer to surrender at all. If the legislatures fail and SCOTUS fails, then they will be seized by the military and seen next at a Tribunal before they are executed for treason and sedition.

Because that's what this talk of fraud really means: "We caught you selling us out." The military system allows for executions, and if that goes down then the hangman will not be cheated.

Rejoice. Empire falls.