Sunday, July 26, 2020

Past The Sale: We're Going To Win

Black Pigeon Speaks cut another video on America's turmoils.

In short, things are very bad but not unfixable.

That said, the America I remember as a child is gone. The America that will be--and there will be an America--after I'm gone won't be a recreation. However, I can no longer agree with the Supreme Dark Lord that America will wholly collapse and balkanize, or that China will surpass it as the world hegemon. The following factors are now clearly manifest that had me reassess and revise my take.

  • The structural weakness of the Chinese regime has produced the very fractures at home that it seeks to invoke abroad, fractures that reveal a fragility that it cannot escape.

  • The intervention of a competent network of American patriots, with the God-Emperor Donald Trump as their front man, is putting into action a viable and effective plan to fix the American state, the American nation, and America as a country using the very accelerationist methodolgy Hard Right folks have wanted- a plan that will continue after Trump's second term.
  • The exposure of the network behind the scenes covertly running afairs globally for its own benefit--what I call the Thralls of Empire, and Anonymous Conservative calls Cabal--to the global population guarantees that breakup attempts are going to fail.
  • The common psychology between both elements guarantees that their fragility will break them before America does: an obsession with face over facts.

The first part comes as more people who were inside mainland China, and have since come out, expose how the mainland works on the ground via YouTube while independent outlets tells the world news the ChiComs want censored. The outlets include China UncensoredS and ADVChina. The individuals include SerpentZA and Laowhy86 (the pair who make up ADVChina). The combination of independent media and individuals on the ground exposes how the Chinese state actually works, how the Han nation actually behaves, and exposes things both either would rather conceal or don't think is a problem (but is).

Put simply, the Chinese are fucked because of two things: Face and Little Emperors.

The obsession with Face means that, even if it results in catastrophic unforced errors, you cannot ever say or do anything that brings yourself or your superiors into disrepute or you will get shit on- even executed (and often this includes your family).

You will cover up every last fuckup, every last bad report, every last little bad sign just so you look good to your boss. Your boss does the same to his and so on. When--not if--Three Gorges Dam collapses it will be a collosal fuckup, uncounted numbers of officials will be disappeared, a smaller number show-trialed and executed, and Winnie The Pooh passes the buck so he can save Face.

This is not a culture that can engage in the critical fact-facing functions needed to dominate against rivals that can readily do, such as the West. It's why they rely on soft power (which is failing; Belt-and-Road is crumbling like all the buildings in the Ghost Cities), soft colonization and through it subversion. This weakness filters down to the individual level, as "nothing can be done" is often what drives common Han to not bother fixing or maintaining a damned thing; they're primed for easy conversion to the Bugman Life of Empire.

The Little Emperors make Western soybois look masculine.

A country dominated by pruned family trees, each of which has just one son to carry on the line and name, is fragile as hell and will not do well in any military conflict. The men are weak, out of shape physically, fragile mentally, and therefore piss-poor soldiers and sailors. You see a lot of blather and bluster, but the personnel are as second-rate as their gear they use; observers such as Thomas Wictor has routinely shown that the carriers can't launch fighters, the fighters fail in tests against even the Russian designs they copied, and even their small arms have quality control issues that make Taurus's worst days look good.

This means that Vox Day's take on Chinese domination of its local sea lanes and other parts of the old sphere of influence is a major misread of the situation because he fails to accounts for this major fracture in mainland culture; that the Chinese lost against an equally weak and fragile India (whose men, by and large, are about as pathetic as the Chinese) in a border brawl is very telling. The only thing he has correct is that American issues of corruption and incompetence make what should be a sure thing into a question at all, but that's soon to be fixed. The Supreme Dark Lord has forgotten his Sun Tzu; the Chinese appear to be strong, therefore they are weak and how they went about annexing Hong Kong recently proves that weakness conclusively.

The second part comes from a combination of certain boards on the Chans and three uncannily accurate Twitter commentators.

One of them is Thomas Wictor, who is one of a trio of tack-drivers when it comes to accuracy regarding Trump and his enemies (even if they lose it with other things like anime) because they know how things work and detractors do not. While grifters like Mike Cernovich and Ann Coulter and losers like Vdare whine about Trump because they dutifully read the scripts that Empire's Thralls write regarding him and how he has to handle things.

Wictor and company consistently point out that (a) it is a script, (b) the script is a trap, and (c) Trump is not obligated to put on the horns and play the part assigned to him. Because he won't be the Washington Generals, the would-be Globetrotters consistent get clobbered and it's increasingly driving them insane with frustration. This compels them into unforced errors of increasingly obvious insanity that Trump and his allies are exploiting to win. Furthermore, it's revealed that most of the people otherwise opposed to Trump's enemies--even ones from abroad--are so used to the scripts being played out that they cannot think outside of them either and get the Confused Pikachu face when Trump wins yet again- even folks who really ought to know better by now. The psychological conditioning is that strong because it's been going on that long.

The big reason for why so many people misread the situation is because of another factor Wictor and company hammer hard about regularly, and that's the Leak Culture in D.C. (and, to be fair, in the West generally; London is just as bad, as is Brussels) and how it feeds media narratives. People have been conditioned for generations to believe that government officials are required to dance for the media to get approval for anything and everything they say and do. Therefore they believe that if the media doesn't report on it, it didn't happen. Trump doesn't do this. If he is not required by law to make a thing public, and he gets no advantage otherwise from doing so, he doesn't do it; most of his operations remain private until they're done and public exposes cannot change the outcome.

If that wasn't enough, consider that Trump knew going in that he'd have a lot of hostiles around him. Consider that one surefire way to expose them is to deliberately leak material to multiple people, but change exactly what is said just enough to distinguish who heard what, and then wait to see what leaks to the media so that he could trace it back. You want to know how and why Trump kept folks he knew were disloyal? That's why; this wasn't just to flush them out, but the entire chain of people that facilitated the leaking. Repeat from time to time to flush out replacement spies and saboteurs. The result is a leak-proof administration; nothing that was real, that mattered, has leaked- it was all inconsequential or bullshit.

I keep telling you that Trump is a magician. He's our Yang Wen-Li, if Yang wasn't adverse to entering politics, and his consistent ability to successfully apply historically proven principles of military strategy is matched only by the inability of his critics and opponents to read him accurately. (Seriously, stop bitching about Jared and Ivanka; you losers don't see you're getting played by doing so.) The only other major difference is that our Yang most definitely has successors lined up to step into his spot once 2024 hits and he's out of office, allowing the winning to continue.

The network behind Trump not only had a plan to get him into office and keep him there for two terms, it has and is enacting an operation to effectively counter Empire. The Thralls have been mapped out, and now we're moving to the exposure and rollup phase. The long-claimed breakup of America will not happen once this network is gone; it could not happen without the Thralls making it happen. The restoration of America as a nation and a country will continue once Trump is out of office because his successors will be like him, and he will take up a new position back in the private sector; expect him to take up the sort of position that Jared and Ivanka currently have, which is to be a consistent distraction for the enemies of the nation said to be on the right (e.g. Con Inc. and so on).

I did not think I'd see Empire fall in my lifetime. I'm watching it collapse at record speed.

The America that will be at the end of this century will not be a restoration of the 1950s or the 1980s or whatever, but it will be a restoration of the American nation and America will still be world hegemon- but not the metropole of a world empire. There's a big difference between the two, and as Empire collapses we're going to see what a world without it finally looks like. It's a bewildering thought; if you were accustomed to believing that your life would suck and then you'd die, and suddenly it stopped sucking, what would you do? Your entire world has collapsed. An actual better tomorrow is a real thing, and you're not prepared for it. This is why I forbid blackpilling; I'd been there once, and I'm seeing it coming again. I won't miss this time. Empire will fall.

Sunday, July 19, 2020

Yes, Virginia, It Was A Trap

Now that we have open Federal action in Portland, the long-predicted reactions by both terrorist front-men and their fellow travelers in government and the media reveal that those predictions were correct. The prediction? That open Federal action against said terrorists rioting in the streets would be used against Trump in the media to paint him as a dictator.

Duane Cates made a Twitter thread about it, starting below.

Razorfist has a ready-made reaction for this.

Why are the Feds openly operating in Portland? Because Antifa directly attacked Federal property--the courthouse--with the intent to destroy it and what it contains. In so doing, Federal agents proved far superior to the Portland police in dealing with them. Several Antifa terrorists have been arrested, some at their homes, and charged with felonies; there is no bail, so they are all behind bars right now and given the terrorism designation the odds are good that they will stay behind bars until trial. They're all looking at no less than 5 years in a Federal prison, plus Felon status, for their actions; many are looking at 10 years or more.

Then there's the video going around of Feds snatching one guy up and taking him away in an unmarked vehicle. While perfectly legal given the circumstances--all 50 states are under Emergency Decrees, giving Trump access to Emergency Powers, and Trump (as POTUS) invoked the Stafford Act which allows the use of active duty military in law enforcement actions--this was actually Homeland Security (a civilian agency) in action. Furthermore, as journalist Duane Cates points out, this is actually an asset extraction; they went in to recover a spy getting out from his undercover position within Antifa.

Speaking of Antifa, this moment is coming soon for all of them.

The indictments are coming, and soon the end will come. Empire is falling, and the Thralls are terrified. Yes, it was a trap, and the God-Emperor turned it against them.

Sunday, July 12, 2020

No Despair Allowed

I have no more patience for blackpilling faggotry. Razorfist gets where I'm coming from, cut over a week ago.

This extends to a lot of alt-media, not just grifters like Coulter and Cernovich. Red Ice, the Killstream, Tim Pool, and many others make the exact same errors that those Razorfist excoriates do.

What errors?

  • They accept Commie Faggot narratives regarding Trump's capabilities (nil) and deny Trump's agency accordingly.
  • They accept Commie Faggot narratives regarding Trump's dependence upon Fake News acceptability and expect him to dance to the tune of the Fake News that hates him.
  • They accept Commie Faggot narratives regarding Trump's options on what to do and how to do it.

The expectations that Trump does not fulfill ARE SET BY HIS ENEMIES. They use their narrative control in the media to mass gaslight their enemies into believing what they want those enemies to believe, demoralizing those enemies and manipulating them into acting as they desire- even if it's doing nothing at all.

Trump, meanwhile, is demonstrating that he doesn't have to do anything of the sort. He's using those expectations against his enemies by seeming to do nothing--pretending to be weak--when he is actually strong and using that strength covertly to quietly de-fang the ginned-up rioters and their fellow travelers in local and state governments.

And you will hear nothing of it, because those operations are not leaked to the press (his enemies) and are not announced until concluded. Furthermore, most announcements are not publicized. You have to go to the Department of Justice website to find them, or follow their specific social media feeds.

And yes, Neon Revolt, Antifa did get the designation as a terrorist organization. As I explained on Gab, you cannot use the Joint Terrorism Task Force (and thus every single Federal LEO unit that FedGov has, not just the FBI) without a formal designation; this designation does not need to be made public. It need only be on the record for when it needs to be introduce into the record in court. Barr doesn't need to make a separate announcement; we can--and should--infer that simply by his statement that the JTTF has been activated to use against them.

Thomas Wictor, Brian Cates, and Duane Cates have been hard to the paint about explaining what's really going on out there on Twitter. I spread that word as best I can, but it's hard to get those invested in the fear porn (for whatever reason) to shut the fuck up about it with facts and logic because they're either profiting off the fear-mongering or they're emotionally invested in the feelings experienced and are just as impossible to reach as shitlibs.

This includes Trump's DACA move, which Ted Cruz points out is unconstitutional.

If you haven't figured it out by now, Trump is a magician and this is him setting up another magic trick. No matter how it turns out, he wins. How? Either his DACA move gets shot down by Congress or SCOTUS (which is the preferred result, as it neutralizes the recent SCOTUS ruling keeping Obama's similar stunt in place) or they confirm that POTUS is able to rule by decree and Trump goes hard to the paint with Imperial Presidency actions to fuck his enemies over and rodger them with a rusty railroad spike.

"But Muh-"

Shut up. This is about winning. First you make it work, then you make it pretty, neither of which can happen unless and until you win and win decisively- which Trump is on track to achieve in a manner that makes 1972's election look mild.

Empire is falling. Stop mistaking freak-out Hail Mary passes for actual threats. It's "Nuts" time, and we're good to win so don't lose your shit.

Sunday, July 5, 2020

Turnabout Is Fair Play

You can see it now. This past week was one of open, blatant Narrative Warfare, and the God-Emperor's response at Mount Rushmore shows that he certainly gets that this is the case.

Watch that all turn around now that Kanye West has decided he wants to enter the ring.

With two opponents in the game, both of which understand Narrative and the Frame Game, we're going to see one of Empire's best scams being turned against it. It works like this:

  • Thralls infiltrate a targeted organization and attain shot-calling positions therein.
  • Thralls on the outside gin up an outrage mob and put pressure on the organization, amplified by organizations Empire controls (e.g. mainstream media).
  • Insiders point to their fellow travelers and use the mob to silence enemies and push through policies meant to bring the organization under Empire's control.
  • Outsiders savage purged enemy insiders and do their best to cripple or destroy their ability to recover.
  • Now in control, remaining resistance is purged and the organization turned to serve Empire.

Call them Social Justice Warriors, call it Corporate Cancer, you know exactly what I'm talking about because you've seen it done (however removed you were) before by now.

Now imagine Trump and Kanye doing the same thing to the Thralls in the Federal Government. Furthermore, Kanye doesn't need to win this time around; he can come back in 2024 and stand a far stronger chance of actually winning by then- maybe even with Trump's endorsement, depending on how the GOP is by then.

The faithful in other countries should take note and apply it to their own political cultures. It's neither fast nor easy, but it can be done- and make no mistake that it is being done here in the United States. All that's missing now is the cohort to come along and give the people at-large the words to express what they're experiencing.

And considering this chaos going on, a whole lot of people are finally seeing Empire for what it is. This is how it is when Empire takes a fall, folks. Get ready for the impact.