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I have a few other blogs, for more specialized topics. Sometimes I overlap, but I avoid doing so. These I update weekly.

  • Walker's Retreat: This is the main blog, updated daily.
  • Walker's Study: A blog about writing & publishing, both what I'm doing and what's going on in that business. Updated Fridays. Of late I've focused more on the business than my own works. The archives of its prior incarnation have a lot of serialized short genre fiction.
  • Stablizing Rifts: A blog about Palladium Book's RIFTS, why it's fucked up, and how to go about fixing it. Haven't updated in over a year due to a lack of finding anything worthwhile to write about it.

If you want to email me directly then write to "bradford DOT c DOT walker AT gmail DOT com". I reserve the right to summarily trash emails sent to me of an abusive or disingenuous nature in addition to spam and other junk.

If you must rely on Social Media, these are the better options:

I use my social media accounts primarily to drive traffic here, which is why my feeds on the latter three are almost entirely me linking to blog posts.

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