Sunday, February 28, 2021

Narrative Warfare: Doing "Muh Humanitarianizms" In Myanmar

While the media in the United States talks about dropping bombs in Syria and how Assad is Literally Hitler, we see over in Myanmar a different situation aiming for the same result.

As I said on Twitter, this isn't a protest aimed at actually getting anything done locally on the ground in Myanmar. This is a protest aimed at manipulating public option in the imperial centers of power: Washington D.C., London, and Brussels. In short, this is a blood sacrifice to that aforementioned cult by the local Thralls of Empire to create the optics--the illusion--necessary to justify politically the military and para-military intervention into Burmese affairs in Myanmar.

The same lies told about the intervention in Syria will be said of Myanmar. The military junta will be painted as a brutal dictatorship, the media whores will cry all about "human rights" and "democracy", the ousted government will play the victim yet again as they make the rounds on Thrall-control media outlets like Democracy Now! and we'll see soon enough if it's enough to get the Thralls in the imperial tri-center to move or not.

The big difference between Syria and Myanmar is that the latter has Chicom ties, and with it Chicom influence. Syria has connections to Russia, but the Russians haven't been so good to Syria as the CCP was to Myanmar's military. That patronage is what will give pause to the Thralls; Myanmar is very close to China, vs. Syria's lack of close proximity to Russia, so whomever is willing to throw down in Myanmar with a proxy war will likely win control of the country.

That's not a trivial matter. Myanmar is a country with significant natural resources that both the Chicoms and Globohomo wants. Some player will get them, so not losing is not an option. This is similar to Syria's situation, as it has rich oil fields and the humanitarism is a cover for imperial control over a strategic resource. As the intelligence agencies make their action determinations, expect the media narrative to pivot into or away from military intervention in Myanmar to be similar to what is called for regarding Syria.

In both cases, what is going to happen in classic imperial overreach covered up by willful media compliance. The Imperial West does not have the military capability to achieve its strategic aims in either country; the willful degeneration of the military institutions in service to Thrall social controls will make the doomed Syracuse expedition look tame. Instead, look for something similar to the Hollywood depictions--be they historical dramas of genre fiction blockblusters--of total wipeouts by the opposition.

(Side note: Sure, Paul Verhoven is infamous for hating the novel so much that he never read it, claimed it's fascist and set out to parody it. He still managed to accurately portray his own side's tendancy for military competence vs. narrative control and how it works in practice- something the sequels also managed to succeed at portraying.)

What to do? Since no imperial player is worth a damn, the best thing to do is to set up a Mutually Assured Destruction of all players. That way, Empire doesn't just jump hosts again from West to East and keep the suck going. In other words, we need to make this happen and ensure neither survive.

Empire falls.

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Narrative Warfare: How To Handle Death Cultists Online (And Why)

The following is a brief from Dragon Award winning author Brian Niemeier:

He continues this. I'm going to group those Tweets' content together into a single blockquote.

...Death Cultists know nothing about Christians. They don't want to know anything about Christians. To them, Christians are the enemy. They sling paste-eating idiotic memes like that to elicit 2 effects:

  1. Rally fellow Cultists
  2. Beat the bushes for enemies to mob

The Death Cult has no god, but it desperately needs a devil to define itself against. Absent a volunteer, they purity spiral on eaach other. Don't volunteer to wear the devil horns. That means don't interact w/ bait tweets. Deny Cultists the attention their stunted amygdalae crave.

If you can't resist, for the love of all that's holy, do not 'Set the record straight' by showing that Christians have always known Christ isn't Caucasian. Congrats, Dr. Jones. The Cultist wanted to seize the moral high ground, and you just ceded it to him.

The Cult can't meme, but they can deploy high-density, deceptively complex Kafkatraps. That's one way you know they're demonically influenced. People that dumb couldn't come up w/ such sophisticated rhetoric mazes on their own conclusion.

Don't play with fire. Talk about Cultists, not to them. Use "Jesus was a proto-pomo bugman" posts against them. They provide handy lists of accounts to block, so cut the OP and everyone who answers his call to prayer out of your online life.

Brian's talking Narrative Warfare here.

What the Cultist wants is to reinforce the stolen moral authority that the Death Cult has to have to be effective. That the Cultist does this without centralized command telling him to do so shows both that this is a perverted religion devotion as well as a psychological weakness that can be--should be--exploited against them, but heretore went unnoticed due to life-long gaslighting by the Cult using media and institutional control to bullshit us Big Lie style.

As Brian said, that's the sort of thing that dumb people can only do if influenced by demonic powers. The Witch Test directly attacks that influence by asserting the very moral authority the Cult stole and perverted. If one must directly interact with such bait, that is all you do: hit them with the Witch Test, wait for them to out themselves, publically pronounce judgement, then block them and all who come along like a conga-line of corrupt cronies in turn.

Yes, that happens. It's hilarious when it does. Makes it very easy to cull them.

The practical, immediate end to be had here is to shore up your online security. It's not the silver bullet; it's a tool in the arsenal. This is a time of sorting, and that means sifting wheat from chaff.

The true goal is to slowly choke off the Death Cult's position by taking that stolen authority back bit by bit, step by step, until the cascade hits and it all flows back at once.

Hold fast and persist. Empire falls.

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Narrative Warfare: Milo Yiannopoulos on the CPAC Scam

CPAC recent invited a speaker. That speaker was later disavowed and disinvited when his political views became widely-known. Milo Yiannopoulus exposes this as a scam, having been the subject of this in 2017. This is from his Telegram feed.

What you have to understand is that CPAC invites us already knowing about the smears they’re going to use later to cancel us. It’s all planned. And in fact the CPAC board are the same people funding and organizing the smears. That’s how evil Con Inc. is. They don’t care about the reputation of CPAC. It is literally just a mechanism to purge the movement of anyone who threatens Republican strategists’ funding and power. If you receive an invitation to CPAC, know this: It’s a set up.

This is part of the Gatekeeper function that Con Inc. performs. This set-up is meant to signal who is and is not within Consensus Discourse, which they control as half of the Uniparty Establishment- the American Thralls of Empire.

You will find similar arrangements in every Western country. The details vary. The results are the same.

The function here is to mark designated participants in the Narrative. Those set up in this fashion are not humiliated to demoralize them. They are humiliated to establish that they are Outsiders and therefore unacceptable to support--to heed--lest punishments pile upon you following the humilated's example. Those set up are meant to be expelled from all practical poltical power and influence, forcing those humiliated to make do--at best--with being on the fringes like Alex Jones.

This is not trivial. Being reduced to a Cassandra role is still being neutered, since being right doesn't matter if you have no power to act on it.

There is a good thing to come out of all this. It is the continued exposure of the reality of the Establishment, and with it the facing of the fact that there is no remedy within the system to be had. There is no voting your way out; they will fix the result and use their control of the courts and the executive to enforce it. There is now no path within the poltical parties either; they will set you up just to cast you down and throw you out.

The reality is that the only remedy is to establish and control parallel socities separate and apart from the Thralls. Empire falls.

Sunday, February 21, 2021

Narrative Warfare: "Righties Can't Art" Is Bullshit

One of my people on Twitter saw this and made the plain statement of fact that should be obvious but isn't.

It is no accident that the Thralls of Empire dominate the Culture Industry. It is an outgrowth of the emergence of mass media in the 19th century, which got co-opted early on and suborned into serving the Thralls in the American Establishment. This crystalized into the form we recognized today during World War I, when the men behind Public Relations worked on the Allied war effort's propaganda campaigns against the Central Powers- specifically against Imperial Germany.

Once something gets suborned into Intelligence purposes, it is converged and there is no honest market activity ever again in that sector. The Entertainment industry has not served the primary purpose of providing satisfactory entertainment to paying customers for over a century, maybe 150 years, in the United States. It's primary purpose is to shape and mould public opinion at all levels of consciousness; entertainment is secondary, at best.

That means it is more importan to install and promote those loyal to the Network--i.e. Thralls--than competent professionals at all levels of the enterprise. Leftists and Cucks are loyal to the Network. They are Thralls of Empire, and one of the standing orders of the Network is to keep out those not in the Network and keep down those that they can't keep up. Removing that block is a key element of the recruitment pitch for prospects, followed by seducing them into selling out. In others, Glowies making others Glow.

Now that it's being said that this is the case openly, we can start tying it to the re-emerging awareness of Carl Schmidt and his vital contribution to Poltical Science, which means we can again tap the sign.

As awarness of the reality spreads, so falls the resistance to shunning that pozzed presence in favor of alternatives not under their control, and with it Empre's control over the culture crumbles bit by bit until it collapses entirely. Enitrely practical, practiable, and proper praxis. Empire falls.

Friday, February 19, 2021

Narrative Warfare: The Master Rhetorician, Stonetoss

If anyone alive comprehends Rhetoric better than Stonetoss, then I don't know who that man is.

Stonetoss's audience is the demographic that would know what Among Us is and therefore its core jargon term, "Sus". Short for "Suspect", it's the word used to convince other players to vote the player suspected of being a murderous Imposter off the ship and therefore out of the game.

That word, being created for the in-game chat application players use by default to discuss who the Imposter is, has broken containment and spread into the Internet at-large.

That's why this works. In three panels, Stonetoss gets across the universal sense of disgust. It's also why he's hated so much by the Enemy; they get what he's doing, and they see that he's very effective- such that there are multiple accounts trying to ape him to push the Death Cult poz while attacking him.

It all comes off like water off a duck's back, because they suck at Rhetoric in this fast-paced online medium. It's a place for jesters and comics, and the Enemy is neither.

That last panel, replicated and posted with "Sus" as a caption, would produce the freakouts we saw when folks posted fliers saying "It's OK To Be White" a while back.

If you don't know Stonetoss, hit up his site. He's been doing this long enough that he's shown to be /ourguy/, and Empire's lesser Thralls hate him for naming them.

Thursday, February 18, 2021

Narrative Warfare: If It Hurts The Bankers, Then It's Likely Legit

How can you tell if a happening in a country is legit or not? Look at what's happening to the bankers, specifically the Central Bank. If they are getting screwed, it's legit.

As news of the military coup in Myanmar reached the halls of the Bank of Japan, staff raced to gather information about the ongoing developments.

"They have apparently kicked out the central bank governor as well." The shocking news was passed up the command chain at the head office in Tokyo's Nihonbashi district.

On Feb.1, Myanmar's military took control of the country's administrative, legislative and judicial branches, detaining de facto leader State Counselor Aung San Suu Kyi and several other democratically elected officials.

It is unclear what happened to former central bank chief Kyaw Kyaw Maung, but deputy governor Bo Bo Nge has been detained, according to media reports. Than Nyein, who served as central banker under the previous junta before the first free election in decades in 2015, has been reappointed to the role.

The Bank of Japan, like most central banks around the world, is watching carefully, to see how the military leaders could affect bilateral and regional cooperation on monetary policy and financial stability.

Author, publisher, musician, and game designer Vox Day summarized it thusly: "Translation: the central banks are terrified that their century-long free money ride is coming to an end."

The International Central Bank is the load-bearing institution of Empire. It is this institution that Empire uses to push its Babelite agenda, as it finances all other activites such as Big Tech, and it is a cornerstone of the Intelligence network that comprise the core of Empire's Thralls. Wherever there is Globohomo, there is the Central Bank.

While I agree that, due to historical relations between the Chinese Communist Party and the Myammar military, this is immediately about the proxy war against the CCP and its Han leadership the bigger picture is that this fits a trend: Any threat against the Bankers is taken, CORRECTLY, as an existential threat and will be met with lethal force.

Or have you forgotten why Libya got wrecked? It was over the imminent issuance of a gold-back Dinar, wholly owned and controlled by the Libyan state apart from the Bankers.

Myanmar has massive natural resources, is part of a containment strategy against China, and through its now-deposed government (comprised of Empire's darlings as lauded by outlets like Democracy Now!) went about setting up and running the very ghost-colonial regime John Perkins laid out in Confessions of an Economic Hit-Man.

Yes, the Thralls are everything they project- down to the very Muh Colonializms they cry about via their zombified non-white assets.

It's not going to be sunshine and roses, of course. Chicoms are their own brand of suck, with its own imperial ambitions, but that form is well-known and--contra the aims of Cultural Revolution--are consistent with ancient Chinese imperial practices and habits. In other words, a known quantity.

The reactions from the Globohomo-dominated West will be telling. Empire falls.

Sunday, February 14, 2021

Narrative Warfare: Blonde and the Fallacy of Democracy & Popular Suffrage

If you want some more high-minded beauty in your Valentine's Day, then again Blonde in the Belly of the Beast delivers. Today she's with Ramzpaul.

If you know Ram, then you can expect how this podcast episode went down. "Muh Democracy!" fools on suicide watch.

Given that the God-Emperor beat Impeachment for a second time yesterday--and I concer with Anonymous Conservative that this wasn't part of the plan, given the reactions; the fix that was supposed to be in somehow failed--and how we're witnessing the swift transformation of United States into a uniparty totalitarian state.

What Ram gets wrong is that any form of voting is valid. The only Godly government is Absolute Patriarchy: NO ONE votes, and only the eldest competent Christian father wields power, moderated by the Church and the Patriarch's duty to his family and posterity.

Once Empire falls, the void must be filled immediately, so we must build those replacements now so we are ready once the collapse comes.

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Narrative Warfare: The Beauty, The Beast, & The Grove

Two podcasts put out new episodes yesterday. Embedded below, first, is a clip from Richard Grove's "Grand Theft World"

Here's the summary:

"We explore recent hysteria over “domestic terrorism” and its ideological overreach. There’s a dissection of the disconnect between facts about the storming of the capitol and and AOC’s gripping tale of terror. A recent TIME cover story admitted to election “fortification” by corporate and political interests. We analyze that story, then delve into the backgrounds of TIME and the Economist, exposing the influential powers and faces behind them.
 We also present a chilling exploration of the 10 stages of genocide, and how we can see that process unfolding now."

The full episode is here, and you have your choice of video or audio.

The second is Blonde in the Belly of the Beast interviewing RooshV.

The podcast title explains itself, and therefore I won't expound on it here. Roosh's perspective has always been insightful even before he returned to the Church, and now he's putting all of what he learned the hard and wrong way to a right end- as this interview demonstrates.

Between them you've got good stuff to listen/watch of a fiercely independent nature.

Sunday, February 7, 2021

The Mindset Verified: Empire Is A Vampire

This is from today's post at Anonymous Conservative's blog:

Vox Day covers how big investors tried to kill Gab early on, and reveals Castalia got an early offer from some bigwigs to invest and help them develop their Publishing House. This machine is everywhere, and very few fail to get bought out early. Naturally you will think if a powerful figure buys into your product, they will then be invested in wanting it to succeed, so they will help from on high, and taking the money is a win-win. But it doesn’t work that way. What is interesting to me is Cabal is not a social, loyalty-based organization, and it never tries to make friends with upstarts like Vox and corrupt him through something like loyalty. Instead, they either go for the intimidation/legal wrangling for total control, or they give up and wait in the shadows. It is probably because a “loyalty/moral-based” corruption would fail rather quickly once you realized the child-stuff going on behind the scenes.

I don't care if you like or hate Vox Day. That's not the point here. The point is the means of control.

Empire--Cabal as AC and others put it--doesn't presume or expect loyalty. It is as low-trust an organization as it gets, so it has to rely on leverage to compel compliance and that is the reason for the constant emphasis on corruption and blackmail until they can dispense with intermediaries and control directly.

To do this, they have to become highly skilled at the spy game. They must become finely attuned to psychological tells revealing weakness because they rely on predation to survive and thrive; compare this to the modern mythology of the vampire and you're going in the right direction.

Now we see how this locust-like behavior works, confirming what I said years ago now, in that Empire survives each host's destruction by leaping to a nearby target and going to work therein repeating the predation process. More and more people are revealing, independent of each other and in a manner making fabrication improbable or impossible, how Empire's Thralls attempted to exploit their weaknesses to get the fangs into their neck.

And what always destroys the vampire? This.

Empire falls.

Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Narrative Warfare: Why The Death Cult Must Have Total Control of the Culture

It's this simple. It's why the Death Cult seized the culture using the Mammon Mob and the Pop Cult as fronts and fools.

They use the culture--and this includes the institutions--to compel not only your compliance, but your conversion to their Satantic death cult.

This is why they cannot permit alternatives at any level. This is why they choke off access to whatever they can neither control nor destroy. They have to have total control of the entire culture to make their cult stick. It's that fragile.

They aren't acting like they've won. Not in DC. Not anywhere. Empire falls.

Monday, February 1, 2021

Narrative Warfare: Zuck Confirms What We Suspected & How To Make Yourself Able To Do Something About It

Today's a podcast & video drop post. First, Project Veritas released raw videos on Big Tech collusion to censor and deplatform focusing again on Facebook.

Just throw those on and start taking notes. There's actionable intelligence to be gotten from there, so get digging.

And speaking of digging, here's Richard Grove on how to get about doing that- in the forming of making yourself actually get shit done.

Check the Descriptions for follow-up links.