Sunday, December 29, 2019

This Is Why Anarchy Is Impossible

The following is from an article posted online today at The Atlantic:

The resounding message in the Pew report is this: There’s no way the problem in public discourse is going to solve itself. “Between troll attacks, chilling effects of government surveillance and censorship, etc., the internet is becoming narrower every day,” said Randy Bush, a research fellow at Internet Initiative Japan, in his response to Pew.

Many of those polled said that we’re now witnessing the emergence of “flame wars and strategic manipulation” that will only get worse. This goes beyond obnoxious comments, or Donald Trump’s tweets, or even targeted harassment. Instead, we’ve entered the realm of “weaponized narrative” as a 21st-century battle space, as the authors of a recent Defense One essay put it. And just like other battle spaces, humans will need to develop specialized technology for the fight ahead.

Researchers have already used technology to begin to understand what they’re up against. Earlier this month, a team of computer scientists from Stanford University and Cornell University wrote about how they used machine-learning algorithms to forecast whether a person was likely to start trolling. Using their algorithm to analyze a person’s mood and the context of the discussion they were in, the researchers got it right 80 percent of the time.

They learned that being in a bad mood makes a person more likely to troll, and that trolling is most frequent late at night (and least frequent in the morning). They also tracked the propensity for trolling behavior to spread. When the first comment in a thread is written by a troll—a nebulous term, but let’s go with it—then it’s twice as likely that additional trolls will chime in compared with a conversation that’s not led by a troll to start, the researchers found. On top of that, the more troll comments there are in a discussion, the more likely it is that participants will start trolling in other, unrelated threads.

“A single troll comment in a discussion—perhaps written by a person who woke up on the wrong side of the bed—can lead to worse moods among other participants, and even more troll comments elsewhere,” the Stanford and Cornell researchers wrote. “As this negative behavior continues to propagate, trolling can end up becoming the norm in communities if left unchecked.”

Using technology to understand when and why people troll is essential, but many people agree that the scale of the problem requires technological solutions. Stopping trolls isn’t as simple as creating spaces that prevent anonymity, many of those surveyed told Pew, because doing so also enables “governments and dominant institutions to even more freely employ surveillance tools to monitor citizens, suppress free speech, and shape social debate,” Pew wrote.

To which Vox Day had this observation:

We're already seeing how companies like Facebook and Google have weaponized the concept of "fake news", and now entire countries are following suit. In what is a crushing refutation of libertarian theory, the Internet and the devolution of what were once civilized anonymous discussion spaces on bulletin boards and CompuServe have clearly demonstrated that Man cannot handle the freedom of a perceived lack of accountability.

There are deeper philosophical aspects to this, that lend additional clarity to traditional thinking about morality and ethics. Even the most devout atheist should be able to recognize at this point that Man was not made for, nor can he reliably handle, even the perceived absence of a Lawgiver to whom he knows he will be held responsible for his actions.

Which lead to one of the commentators in Vox's post stating the obvious:

Freedom to be workable requires that the free be held responsible for their own conduct. Fail to do that and the social disruption will mandate government intervention. That is why oppressive governments tend to treat people like they are children. The irresponsible have to be reigned in, and that justifies the government intervention.

Allow me to make one of my own: "Government" is nothing more than the family patriarch scaled up to cover the whole of the people on the patriarch's (government's) land.

This greatly simplifies "what is good government", because the answer for the home--a strong, mature patriarch--is also the answer for the nation and the kingdom. Stewardship, duty to posterity, and an unrelenting commitment to good order and obedience to divine sovereignty--that's why Man can never be truly "united" under one state; it already HAS a universal sovereign in God and saved via his only begotten son Jesus--and it is also why anarchy is impossible: most people never grow up, and so must be dealt with as children.

And yes, Empire knows this. That's why it relies on exploiting childish foolishness to gain and keep power, why the regimes--whatever their nominal forms--always turn into decadent and degenerate abattoirs run by a Death Cult executing mass human sacrifice (however disguised; abortion counts, and so do needless wars as well as allowing other forms of predation to persist) while actively persecuting Christians and Christianity (including the faithful predecessors thereto).

We are neither machines nor animals, but something else entirely. I am convinced now, by mere observation of the presence of a strong patriarchy vs its absence as well as a strong Christian presence vs its absence, that anarchy is impossible because there must always be a ruler. If it is not your loving Father, then it shall be an abusive stand-in- much as it is in far too many households across the world. Empire desires this, as it is the first abusive step-father. Empire must fall.

Sunday, December 22, 2019

Narrative Warfare: How The Pop Cult Works For Empire

I call this two years ago.

The failure is complete.

The Devil Mouse is taking a serious bath on Episode IX. Compare and contrast the per theater performance of the most recent excrescence with three other films:

  • Avengers Endgame: $25,534 3-day avg, 43% decline from D1 to D3
  • The Force Awakens: $19,994 3-day avg, 49% decline
  • The Last Jedi: $17,328.67, 3-day avg, 51% decline
  • The Rise of Skywalker: $13,278 3-day avg, 58% decline

In other words, despite Episode 9 opening to barely half of the Avengers finale, its audience is dropping off more rapidly. This points to a domestic box office that will be less than three-quarters of its predecessor, or around $450 million.

Between this and the failure of the Galaxy's Edge theme parks, no wonder Disney's debt is skyrocketing.

The Pop Cult focused upon Star Wars has noticed that the Death Cult masters running their cult now do not care about them, but instead view them as useful idiots to milk for cash or weaponize into propaganda agents. They demand respect from the masters, or they will--and have--reject the masters in service to the object.

This did not go unnoticed within Lucasfilm and Disney. What we've seen has been an internecine conflict between the Death Cultists and the not-so-crazy Corporates, the latter of which merely wants to bilk the Pop Cultists for cash forever, and the crash of this film combined with the Pop Cult's acceptance of the new TV series has given the Corporates the victory required to drive out the Death Cultist faction. So far as the Pop Cult is concerned, this is a win.

I give you another perspective: what we've seen is what happens when Man's primal need to give worship God is denied and diverted to a fraudulent substitute, and then those running the fraud momentarily threaten to destroy the scam by incompetent management. Corporate, therefore, is not apart from the Death Cult; it is the Cults' Management. The reason? Its psychpathic character results in ruthless pragmatism in service to materialist absolutism, and as such is nihilist and therefore Satanic. The SJWs are the activist wing, meant to push degeneracy and perversion via cultural subversion; Corporate handles the economic end of the Cult- and the Pop Cult is the front through which the population is intended to be propgandized.

Meant to. Doesn't always work as intended.

What Corporate knows that sometimes the SJWs miss is that you have to sell. SJWs don't do selling; they're used to taking power and then wielding it like a club to force compliance, so cultural operations like this tend to be beyond them and the result is reliably that of crashing the business into the ground. If not propped up by another entity, such a business will fold faster than Superman on laundry day.

This is why Corporate won the office politics fight at Lucasfilm; outgoing Head Bitch In Charge and her man-hating fellow witches are SJW cultists, and despite being handed a big win by virtue of Head Bitch managing to seem like a loyal lady to George Lucas, they pissed it away by deliberately alienating the audience--and customers--that Lucas handed to them in favor of pushing their cult (cat lady) crap. This sudden shift in the Pop Cult was a Frog Boil Fail. They didn't bother trying to sell it; they thought it was beyond any need to do so.

Corporate thought otherwise. Corporate challenged the SJWs. Corporate won. Corporate sided with their Pop Cult revenue streams over what they (rightly) saw as a threat. They don't care about the cult idol anymore than the SJWs do, but they do care about exploiting that cult worship for their own benefit and that's why they shanked She-Devil, and they have proof of concept that their more moderate approach sells better- hence why the team behind the TV series are going to take over formally in 2020.

But the Pop Cult remains.

The Cult is loyal to the brand; the identity of the brand is their idol, around which they form their own identity, so this is idolatry. The Cult will open or close their wallets, and if pushed enough they will open and close more forceful means of removing elements contrary to what they value out of their devotion to the Pop Cult's idol.

And idols, not being true things, are easily used to manipulate those who devote to them.

Why? Because if you can make them accept that your idol--your brand--has X as a core element of its identity, then you can sell them on anything related to that brand and thereby shape their beliefs via shaping the narratives you sell to them. Advertising and Marketing are the de-occulted recognitions of this fact in action.

And this is how the Pop Cult serves Empire: by giving you a pleasing, dopamine-hitting means to sell you your own enslavement.

Search your feelings. You know this to be true. Turn away from the Pop Cult. Empire must fall.

Sunday, December 15, 2019

The Nationalist Tide Cannot Be Stopped

In what promises to presage the 2020 Trumpslide, the Tories under Boris Johnson won the UK's General Election this past week. I concur with Friend of the blog Didact's Reach that this win is premised upon getting Brexit done.

It has to happen now. Boris campaigned on it, and in his desire to be remembered like Churchil we can expect him to push for it. The question now, in light of the coordinated media attack upon him alongside Antifa rioting in reaction, is how the UK branch of the Death Cult will sandbag Brexit further- and how Prime Minister Johnson will handle it. He should wield the full might of Her Majesty's Government against this seditious conspiracy, but I doubt he will.

In part this is because the UK's elites, up to the Royal Family, is steeped in the Death Cult. Even if some adherents, being more cynical and sober-minded about it, would be willing to cut the more chaotic elements (including bothersome royals) loose, this still would stop short of facilitating Brexit because their counterparts across the Channel in Brussels are too enamored of recreating Babylon in Europe to allow it.

God Wills It, Prime Minister. Get Brexit Done.

And as for why, I leave you with this Tweet by James Kirkpatrick. While originally for the American context, the point made applies to the United Kingdom as well as every other country that is, was, or shall be.

If England is not for the English, Scotland for the Scots, Wales for the Welsh, and Ireland for the Irish--if these parts of the UK are not for the British--then no, you don't have a country. You have a goddamn mall--not a High Street, a mall--and some company town housing. That is Empire in action, and Empire must fall.

Sunday, December 8, 2019

The End of the Age Comes

Just as you cannot stop an idea whose time as come, no more than you retain an idea whose time has gone.

I wondered for years exactly how this works. Then I began reading Anonymous Conservative's blog and found r/K Theory. The theory, laid out as if one were to put out all the parts of a rifle or PC build before assembling, creates a working machine by which one can read those very currents in the social mood and discover what drives them. Once you see how r-select psychology and K-select psychology works, and what drives each, then it's a short step to figuring out how to deliberately manipulate it--to weaponize it--for one's own ends.

Guess who knows, and has? Empire

The time for "liberal democracy" is gone. The lies behind its creation are coming out, and the majority of the world's nations (I mean peoples here, not governments.) never wanted anything to do with it anyway, so it was a creation built upon sand- and now the sands shift. Those who have bought into this belief are going to have an increasingly bad time as the forces that will do away with the world they want gain power and begin abolishing it piece by piece at both ends- ultimately at the barrel of a gun.

It is at this time that, ordinarily, Empire would reckonize the failure of yet another attempt at creating a permanent solution to the problem of its existence and seek to jump hosts. Ordinarily. That is not a forgone conclusion now, and AnonCon's publication of r/K Theory is a key reason as to why; what the theory explains was once a secret held to the realm of mystery cults and similar elite cults. Now you can by it on Amazon, and it's only a matter of time before a critical mass read it, comprehend it, see its validation in the historical record, and decide to wield it against those heretofore wielding it upon them.

I cannot tell you what will arise next. I can only tell you that "liberal democracy"--and everything that is normative within it--are going to be gone and increasingly forgotten by the end of the 21st century, if not disdained and despised. The dreams of Melnibone cannot go on forever, and they shall not. No empire does, and once an empire--once Empire--is revealed for what it is, it is not long before it is set upon. It may go on for a time, but always harried thereafter, and sooner or later the wounds are too much and it expires.

And it is being revealed. Empire must fall.

Sunday, December 1, 2019

Narrative Warfare: And The Reapers Will Rejoice In Their Reaping

To no one's surprise, the ones who intend to do the culling in the walled gardens of social media are eager cult acolytes.

This woman ain't part of the brain trust running the show. She's one of the many college-indoctrinated disposable cogs in the cult machine ready, willing, and eager to slit the throats of the cult's enemies and get all the headpats for doing so because that's what the cult demands of its disciples. She might as well be wearing a hood and screaming "BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!"

But look at the disgust she has for normal people, and the joy she takes in damaging their ability to participate in public life. This is the Death Cult of Empire, folks. This is what it does to people. She cannot be reached with facts or logic; she is a Believer, Believers run on faith, and faith is immune to facts and logic. Now you see how and why Cuckservatice Inc. is utterly impotent; they are trying to use weapons that do not work on the monster. (Nevermind being complicit with or even part of the Cult; even if they weren't, their disbelief in Belief is why they fail.)

Look for this. Be ready for it. Today it's deplatforming, shadowbans, and permabans. They'll kill us if they could, and the steps to that end are being pushed now. Forking and replacing the infrastructure is not optional any longer. Empire must fall.

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Narrative Warfare: First They Come Into The Garden. Now The Culling.

Ben Swann appeared RT almost two weeks ago to explain what the strategy is behind YouTube's move to delete channels deemed "not commercially viable". In short, it's a ruse.

Ben argues that this is the "two" of a one-two punch. The first part was the massive demonitization wave, which--as it often the case for these strategies--is not meant to feel that devastating as it is initially feared to be. Sure, some folks got knocked out by it, but most adapted by substituting other avenues for revenue; this was the subject of later complimentary moves to deplatform, which is the subject of another post for another time.

Because there was no real follow-up right away, most hit with demonitization fell back to sleep and assumed that they could just make some additional adjustments as required; some of these are sensible, such as opening accounts on other services and paralleling content uploads there or engaging in simultaneous live-streaming to multiple locations. Yet YouTube remained the dominant on-demand video site for both livestreaming and archival video, and as such being deplatformed here is a significant (if not crippling) loss wherever you are in most of the world.


Because most followers will not go with you to an external site if you got big on YouTube, especially if you got big here first. A similar thing happens to people who get big on Twitch and then move elsewhere, for whatever reason; most users are unwilling to leave the biggest player of a given scene. The folks who did weather deplatforming well already had their own sites and thus impact was minimal; see the examples of Red Ice and Info Wars.

And, as Ben Swann points out, this is meant to be nothing more than a pretext to eliminate wrongthinkers who threaten control over the Narrative. Google is entirely on board with using their power to shape the Narrative, and thereby interfere with electoral processes no matter where they are; the United States remains their most vital concern for now, but this is hardly limited to the American context. Expect this to be applied to channels in the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, continental Europe, and all over Central and South America soon enough.

And, of course, it's by no means coincidental that this will always coincide with what the Thralls at CIA and its counterpart agencies want done for Empire. Empire must fall.

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Narrative Warfare: The Devil Mouse Has Pedos On Top

The Supreme Dark Lord, Vox Day, noted the following today at his blog:

A former Disney executive has been convicted of sexually abusing a 7-year-old girl. The Oregonian/OregonLive reports 73-year-old Michael Laney was convicted Tuesday of four counts of first-degree sexual abuse after a six-day trial.

Multnomah County Circuit Court Judge Benjamin Souede acquitted Laney of three counts of rape and three counts of sex abuse.

Court documents say Laney began abusing the victim in 2009 and there were multiple incidents of abuse spanning about two years.

The child initially reported the abuse in 2017 in Washington, where she lived at the time.

Another person reported that Laney had sexually abused her in 2007 when she lived in Portland, but the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office said the court couldn’t find sufficient evidence to prove it beyond a reasonable doubt.

As the SDL notes, the "former" executive was employed by the Devil Mouse when he allegedly engaged in this predatory activity. "Former" is pure PR damage control.

This case threatens to expose what many of us suspect: that the child sex network ties to Epstein were at the top, have been for years, and were institutionalized all the way down. (Disney cruises stopped at Epstein's island.) I would hope that Anonymous Conservative has eyes on it, as this is right on his Secret Society/Cabal beat as it showcases how r/K Theory actually works in practice.

And it means that the Devil Mouse needs some positive PR to distract attention, which is why I think their shills aren't getting so widely promoted despite whining about the new videogame and TV series in pursuit of previously-issued directives; the two things are not-terrible, which is a win for the Mouse, and the Mouse needs those wins right now because the next Star Wars movie is going to be a massive clusterfuck of Death Cult crap married at the barrel of a shotgun to an incompetently written and executed story.

And when something like the Mouse is mired in the suck, actual criminality has far more of a chance to (a) get broad coverage and (b) be taken seriously by a wider audience due to an existing disinclination against the Mouse biasing media reports in a manner said Mouse would otherwise not have to worry about.

Therefore I have to echo the SDL's admonition: do not give your money to the Devil Mouse at all. No movies, no TV, no games, no theme parks, no cruises, no hotels- Nothing at all. If you want the merch, buy it used or not at all; watch online via your friends the Straw Hats if you must watch at all, but depending upon the specific thing you may be better off doing without entirely.

This here is proof that the Thralls of Empire serve a rapacious vampiric master, one that demands sacrifice of blood and bone and rewards those who with power and privilege. This is literally Satanic. Empire must fall, and Epstein did not kill himself.

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Narrative Warfare: Why Big Tech Censors

This Tweet thread illustrates what is at stake in the United States if the God-Emperor fails in his mission.

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Vox Day: "Freedom" Is A Rhetorical Trap

The Supreme Dark Lord, Vox Day, on the Darkstream talked about freedom as a Rhetorical trap. Get your notepads ready.

This one is worth listening to, as it explains a number of things that a lot of folks fail to comprehend- and one of them is why Libertarianism doesn't work.

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Bad News For Gun Grabbers

God bless the mad lads making gun control irrelevant.

The big deal here is the upper receiver. That's is a 3D printed part, and it's the first in a rifle caliber (even if it is an intermediate cartridge). It's been test-fired once just to see if it fails at all. This iteration may well fail before hitting 500 rounds fired, but future ones will quickly reach build strength and quality equal to any AR-15 that you can buy off-the-shelf like the Smith & Wesson M&P15 or the Ruger counterpart or those entry-level AR kits you can get from Palmeto State Armory.

This is a proper bolt-action rifle; it's a straight-pull bolt, like you see a lot in old Swiss service rifles and contemporary Biathalon rifles, and that means this is now a true competitor to rifles like Mossberg's MVP Predator and Scout line that makes use of AR-15 magazines as a selling point. Once this upper receiver design takes off and reaches the strength we're getting with the polymer Glock frames now being made everywhere, you're going to see a massive explosion in the platform once more.

And that's no good for the gun grabbers. On and that stock is likely a 3D printed version of the Ares SCR design

Yes, there's work being done for other parts such as barrels (to avoid serialization), shells and cartridges (manufacturing, not reloading), and other parts that are yet still reliant on established manufacturing techniques. Projectiles have been home-made capable for centuries with hand tools, so all that's needed are materials; the trick is figuring out how to do copper jackets and other latter-day innovations. Then it's powder--smokeless, specifically--and primers.

Once this knowledge and the tools to use them are sufficiently decentralized and distributed to individual households, being like Beta Beto and grabbing the guns will become far more difficult. Thralls want their prey to be vulnerable. Distributed manufacture of weapons prevents this. Empire Must Fall.

Sunday, October 20, 2019

An Example of How Narrative Control Works

I mention this in passing at the Retreat today, but here let's talk about the Thralls of Empire and how just one small node can have outsized influence.

The node is Wizards of the Coast. This a corporation based out of Seattle, Washington in the United States of America. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Hasbro corporation. It is the current owner of Dungeons of Dragons, the originator of Magic: The Gathering, and the owner or originator of several other properties. Its properties arose in the media of tabletop gaming: card games, board games, and role-playing games and it holds the dominant position in those markets- especially in tabletop RPGs, where it is a global leader.

This small corporation has had an outsized influence on both gaming and fantasy fiction since it acquired TSR Inc. in the late 1990s. Because its fiction publishing and its games publishing, Wizards of the Coast has had a massive influence on what is considered "fantasy" in most of the world- and especially so in gaming. Tropes that it, or TSR, originated are memes that both employees and customers spread globally and are now prominent in properties such as World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy.

This corporation has significant control over what is perceived to be fantasy. Perception control the narrative. The narrative controls the culture. Culture controls politics. The Thralls of Empire know this; that's why they target whatever controls perception for takeover first and foremost. They believe that perception dictates reality, and insofar that it shapes politics they are correct. Where they are wrong is their belief that political control is reality itself, and as such they fail to understand why King Canute cannot dictate the tides and the seasons.

Customers of this corporation work for Microsoft, Boeing, and Amazon- all based in Seattle or adjacent suburbs. Past employees work in other gaming corporations also based in Seattle. Regular novelists working for this corporation also work with the surviving Big 5 fiction publishers out of New York City and their counterparts in London, England. The customers and past employees also work in and around Hollywood as well as Big Two comics. They work for Twitch, Mixer, YouTube, Google, and all the glorified blogging outfits that call themselves "news outlets".

Customers and past employees also work in the convention circuit where this corporation and all those others routinely display their wares, do their networking, and socialize with and without company sanction. Be it GenCon, PAX (all of them), Wizard World, or Your Local Fan Con, these Thralls take up positions where they shape perceptions and wield that like a club against their enemies- that would be you.

It's the Long Game. Just like the Long March through the institutions, this is similarly playing a Fabian strategy. The idea is to change the perception of what gaming is to conform to what the Thralls want people to believe. They aren't that concerned with the existing audience; those they can't convert they believe they can outlast, as they control all of the intake vectors via that perception control. Therefore the new gamers coming in are their gamers. The new comic readers are their readers. Once a critical mass is achieved, they clamp down control with a white-knuckled vice grip and openly purge everyone undesirable.

And those new gamers? They believe the narrative. They embrace the culture that the narrative originates. They enact on the political outcomes of the culture. They carry the cultural norms of that subculture into the wider culture, repeating and up-scaling the process in a fractal manner. This is how the narrative control angle works; it becomes a vector for subversion and then a means of informal indoctrination.

That's why the Thralls don't care about breeding their own replacements. They openly aim to steal your children and transform them--degrade them--into becoming like them. If they can't use the formal institutions to do it, then they'll use the informal ones. This is how that is done. This is how Empire perpetuates itself, by subverting necessary elements of Civilization and suborning them to serve Empire's inversion of reality. It's gaslighting as a long-form grift.

Empire Must Fall.

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Narrative Warfare: When Rival Gangs Fight

Last night, Mark Kern appeared on Nick Rekieta's livestream to discuss the Blizzard Entertainment controversy and the creeping contamination of the Chinese Communist Party's influence upon the global gaming business in all its aspects.

Everything about the Blizzard PR statement, the entire thing with Blizzchung, Chinese government policy & business practices (both notoriously corrupt), all talked about in the most sober manner possible and informed by both personal experience and professional expertise relevant to the matters discussed. That's a good use of your time, especially when Mark and Nick go over that statement--the one Mark talked about in the Twitter thread he did yesterday--and how it's not aimed at Blizzard's customers (gamers) but instead at its audience and clients (state actors, US and Chinese).

That's right, "audience and clients". That statement was about damage control and preventing causes for action from Washington D.C. or Beijing. While Blizzard Entertainment has its customers, that's no longer who they pay attention to; they pay attention to those with the power and influence that grants or restricts the revenues they seek, both for their own sakes and for that of their shareholders- which, I remind you, includes a Chinese corporation (i.e. agent of the CCP), Tencent.

This is how ends otherwise achieved by conspiracy can be had; you structure the regulatory regime to create a system that reliably produces the desired result- the conspiracy, such as it is, rests behind that Great Regulatory Wall. You cannot fix the problem here with simply closing your wallet; as the field is shaped to produce this result of the most intolerant actor dominating the global scene, so is the battlefield chosen and shaped to guarantee victory without competition before the enemy knows there's a fight at all.

This is Sun Tzu's principle of winning without fighting in action- and you are the target. Mister Metokur has, in his manner, gone over just how non-competitive the AAA scene is these days due to the vast extend of CCP money--via its corporate agents--literally buying influence and power that it uses to fix things to its advantage. It doesn't matter if you boycott one actor of a network if that network owns enough of the structure to make it irrelevant; the Death Cult uses the same playbook.

Remember when I said that resisting the SJWs would ultimately go to the financial level, including banking? That's because they concentrate on making every node part of their network, controlling the entire structure, so that you have no choice but to comply because otherwise you're cut off from fundamental services you require to function in society.

So what happens two groups of Empire's Thralls come into conflict? You're looking at it unfold now. Watch as the Death Cult turns its media apparatus against the Chicoms, now that any attempt at a satisfactory merger is off the table, and these two colossi of corruption commence combat in the manner that low-trust cultures routinely do: proxies, cut outs, and other gangster moves and spook schemes.

I'll tell you what you can do.

Get out of their way. Don't let yourself be used as a proxy; get out of the way, deny both of them their plausible deniability, and force both the Chicoms and the Death Cult out into the open so everyone can see who is really fighting and what the stakes are. Make them do their own wetwork at Noon under a cloudless sky and in an open field. Put both of them into their full nightmare mode of being revealed for who and what they really are, and make them exhaust themselves fighting each other.

Then go Exterminatus on whomever and whatever remains.

Empire must fall. Deus Vult.

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Narrative Warfare: The Magic of Inversion

Yesterday, Twitter user Moo Moo Cow posted this thread (starting here):

He doesn't waste time getting to the point.

The rest is examples illustrating the point here.

What is that point? Inversion works by gaslighting the target into believing the opposite of the truth using Rhetoric focused upon a target's weakness in his psychological makeup. This is difficult to do normally, but not after you purposely traumatize them, which is why he brings up the Holocaust repeatedly. That's when the anti-White inversion magic began in earnest, targeting Germans first and spreading out over the following generations as Gramasci's disciplines marked through the institutions of the West and inverted everything via Critical Theory.

Those following generations followed the same pattern. Inflict a deliberate trauma, track the weakness in a population's psyche that it inflicts, target your Rhetoric to focus upon that weakness, and cast your Inversion spells once you hook that target. Assess those who resist your magic; co-opt the corruptible and marginalize/destroy the rest. This is observable in hindsight, seeing it play out in review, but until you do you won't be able to resist it successfully in real time.

And as success so often seeds its future failure, so did the magicians get lazy. The way to fail with this strategy is to not create the win-condition ahead of time, but just assume you've got it. That's how #Gamergate became the first successful resistance against the Inversion. Once one group collectively breaks the spell, the enchantment is weakened across the board and a threat--now manifest--arises to destroy it.

You're looking at that threat: the accurate assessment of what was done and how it works being disseminated far and wide to others.

As with all magic, once you know how the illusionist--and that's what this is, an illusion--does his trick it stops working and you learn how to defend against it. The hard part here is now to systematically disenchant those affected, breaking the glamor bewitching them, and taking those responsible down for good so it doesn't happen again.

Why does this matter?

Because the Thralls of Empire rely upon it to counter their crippling weakness of number; they know that if they're exposed, they're dead. They have to hide until they can throw open the gates and let the Vermintide sweep through to destroy their enemies for them. Wererats, you might think of them; rats capable of hiding as men.

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Narrative Warfare: The Authorization Fraud

I am Unauthorized.

The Thralls of Empire that run the Globohomo Death Cult known today as "Social Justice" do possess institutional power, power that they gained through theft-by-swindle, which makes their claim of authority false as it came via usurpation. Nonetheless, they have it and they use it. Through possession of these institutions they decide what is and what is not allowed within their reach; that is "authorization", and to submit to their rule is required to be Authorized.

To be Authorized is to be admitted to their network of power, and to gain that access one must compromise oneself in a fundamental manner, which is what is always used to keep you in line unless and until either you are of no use to the Cult or you decided that the cost of Authorization is no longer worth paying. However, so long as you pay that price, you are allowed to use their network of institutional power for your benefit. You can sell in their stores, present at their events, get others to shill for your stuff, and gain via sweetheart deals that eliminate the risk of competition. Sure, you will need to return favors in kind, but that's part of the bargain.

And part of that bargain is that you can never go outside what is Authorized to present in public, in word or in deed.

This is the world you must endure so long as Empire alone holds the power of the institutions.

But it does not.

Man, being made in the image of God, is a Creator. What one man creates, another can create. It is as true of institutions as it is of hand tools.

It is this that Empire fears, because Authorization loses its effectiveness when there are rival networks of institutions for a man to work through. The genius of God is that, in making Man in His image, He recreates in each man the capacity to build for himself and own what he builds--to distribute the institutions so that no one controls too much, yet instead is driven to cooperate for common benefit--and so the Authorization of Empire is yet another illusion based upon a lie from the Father of Lies.

Build your own institutions. Cooperate with others to build what you cannot do alone. Vox Day has done this very well. Ivan Throne has also done this. Other men, many of whom are friends of one or both of these men, will also testify to the truth of what I say. I am, as yet, a small man with threadbare means but even I work with other men to build the little I can in preparation for the day when I can build the institution I envision.

For when the Authorizers come, they come as a Priest class and speak in stolen morality, seeking to drown you in despair so you bend the knee to them. They say they alone have the means for prosperity and will exile you to the wasteland beyond their walls if you do not submit. What they don't tell you is that this wilderness is not desolate, as there is all a man needs here to build for himself, if he be humble himself and as God for guidance.


Because that wilderness isn't filled with trees. It's covered in crosses. It is God's Country, and they--being Thralls of Empire--hate and fear God. They would rather feed their master blood and flesh to maintain their unholy existence one day longer; Omelas is their creation, and they actually fear those who would walk away from it. Predators require prey and out in God's Country, there are no rabbits- only wolves.

Empire Must Fall

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Narrative Warfare: The Witch Test (Works)

When he is not writing award-winning science fiction novels, or schooling new authors on how to not fail at indie publishing, author Brian Niemeier drops wisdom on Twitter.

That thread ends with him talking about The Witch Test.

I can confirm that the Witch Test works. I've used it, twice, and got the exact result Niemeier describes. Previously glib degenerates suddenly shut up and flounce out, having been found out. Blocked, muted, fled behind seven VPNs, you get the idea.

Time to spread it far and wide. Hit 'em at the root and see what shakes out.

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Narrative Warfare: The Matrix Ain't That Allegorical

I read Anonymous Conservative daily. You should too. His daily News Brief posts are better news feeds than anything else, and just as worrisome at times. This is one of the less-disturbing items from today's post.

Democrats frown on targeting gang databases with ‘red flag’ laws. I’ve said street gangs were protected under Obama. Why would Democrats ever, ever try to get in the way of disarming gangs, if they support disarming law abiding citizens? Those gangs are recruited, ground-level muscle for the conspiracy, and like everyone else in the Secret Society, the Political leaders know the secret and somehow keep it from everyone who is on the outside as they carry out their orders.

The more you dig into how this world actually works, the more Occam's Razor cuts away from incompetence and coincidence and towards conspiracy and malevolence. This is the part where you need to be competent-but-malevolent, because you need to be able to foresee the consequence of putting such rules on the books and actively enforcing them against target populations while shielding favored criminals from those same rules. While some of the public-facing elements can be incompetent, the shot-callers are not and know full well that what they are doing constitutes Treason and Sedition; they are fully aware of their 6th Column status in throwing open the gates to the barbarians and allowing them to massacre the people they are supposed to serve.

That's because they don't truly serve those people. They serve Empire, and Empire demands blood and souls be fed to it OR ELSE. It's human sacrifice disguised as criminality, and that's why all means are taken first to demonize the very idea of self-defense and then to punish those who do so anyway, using known principles of human interaction as both the sacrificial knife and as the veil to conceal their Satanic intent. No need to wear robes and wield a knife when you can just import savage aliens and let them slaughter the locals for you while you remain secure behind tall walls in enclaves where only your own are present.

Again, this is the lesser end of the items today. The attack on the Saudi oil fields, likely by Iran via its Houthi proxies, are far more worrisome. The abortion revelations keep getting worse, as do the ties between LBGBBQ Crew and the Pedo Networks. The takeaway is this: The official version of events is always wrong, and almost always a deliberate lie. This doesn't stop with government and Establishment narratives on current events. What is remarkable is how things formerly confined to Crazytown are now finally breaking through into the mainstream, and that's something we can--and should--attribute to the Ascension of the God-Emperor.

Something big is coming. Something Empire doesn't want to come out. We can only hope this is, at long last, the beginning of the end of Empire and we'll see it fall.

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Signal Boost: SGT Report

SGT Report has been on the ball this past week and change. These videos alone should have you rushing to subscribe to him on every channel he's got an account for.

The Han are not our friends. At best, they're rivals to Empire's current favored Thralls, but they are paper tigers and not the world-crushing threat they want to be.

Google and company are not our friends either. They are eager Thralls to Empire.

As some learned the other day in another context, don't count on the courts.

Yes, he pitches products and services; this is his business, and he's got bills to pay. He's upfront and honest about it, something that the news media establishment still will not do, which makes him miles more ethical than the Thralls' best day.

He's another guy who's been walking through Crazytown for over a decade, so expect him to do videos about gold and hidden history and all that stuff, but nonetheless he's been a relentless seeker of the good, the beautiful, and the true and that's enough for me.

Sunday, September 1, 2019

The Electoral College: A Useful Check On Empire

In the United States, the land vote for President of the United States- not the people. We hold, as a matter of convention, 50 simultaneous elections when we conclude a Presidential Election year. That's right, each state is actually holding a seperate and distinct election for President on that day. The results of those elections are not certified in fact until the College meets, at which time the actual elector count is tallied. Each of the 50 states of the Union then casts their vote, ensuring proper representation of the land in determining who shall be responsible for executing the laws of the land, and regardless of what any state may say in their regulations it is the electors who make the final call.

It's not a perfect system, but it does work as intended; it would work better by removing distortions of proportion due to population and reduce the College down to just 50 Electoral votes- one per state. This would kill the gaming we see in Presidential elections now. We can--and should--reserve population representation for the one body explicitly reserved for that: The House of Representatives. In all other areas, it needs to be ruthlessly purged as the attack vector for infection that it is.


One need only see who wants a true popular vote to see why it needs to be expressly forbidden. Out-of-touch urbanites, coastal elites, and those who want to court favor with said elites wish to wield a dependent urban underclass as a weaponized polity to seize and hold power over the rest of the country and compel the farmers, ranchers, miners, lumberjacks, long-haul truckers, and others who live and work in a widely-dispersed rural community spread over the land--the 20% that does 80% of the core physical economy that a sovereign country requires--and use a High Sparrow moralistic narrative strategy to do so, often with a complicit media establishment.

In short, Empire. Globohomo imperialist Thralls who think themselves Dark Lords, the urban underclass their Orc Hordes, and resent the rural communities for being willing and able to live without the cities- and thus without them. Rather than accept that healthy countries have to embrace subsidiarity as a fundamental principle, and live in the local in all things, they become rapacious satraps demanding tribute on pain of death and recklessly wield sword and swarm to make it happen. This overreach always creates resentment, leading to resistance and rebellion- and the rurals need succeed only once to win. especially now. The College is a key element is retarding this trend, and will be key in reversing it.


First, by defend it from current attack by calling those attacks what they are: treason and sedition. Second, by pushing for a fracticalization of the College by getting each state to replicate it at the state level, putting under it contests for Governor and Senate. (On a side not, the 17th Amendment needs to be repealed; the Senate was meant to be the state's representation in Congress, separate and distinct from the population, not a second popular body and any repeal amendment needs to make this purpose and duty brick-to-face explicit.) Each county need to have exactly one vote; the state College then decides who is Governor, reflecting the several county election results, forcing Gubernatorial elections to actually go to the whole of the state and not to shun some areas due to sparse population or shit on the rural population with stupid governance by incompetent urbanites.

Until the cities can be reduced from their bloated, cancerous size back down to a healthy weight this will have to do to check the rapaciousness and stupidity of Muh Popular Vote morons playing Useful Idiots to Empire's Thralls. If you have the College, preserve it; if you don't, get one established and use it to protect your people from globohomo Empire.

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Narrative Warfare: The Mask's Slipping Reveals The Monster

Thralls deny it from one corner of their mouth, only to taunt with it from the other.

This is what they're playing for in the U.S., as they are across the West. They want to run out the clock knowing they can seize power permanently once the demographics are in their favor, and they know they have the new electorate firmly in their control via gibs and other degenerate dependency schemes. This is what the God-Emperor is up against, and why he's got to move before his second term--and he will get it--is up or the American nation will get genocided just like the Boers are in South Africa right now.

This is what--as the QAnon folks say--the Storm is about: clearing out the network enabling this invasion. It has to come in waves, taking out key nodes enabling operations, and that's why some say it's already here and we're only now seeing results because its effects can't be so easily covered up by the media nodes. Yes, this means Epstein's murder--and yes, he was murdered; this "suicide" is too much like other suspicious "suicides" for it to be actual suicide--had the effect necessary to get more people to pay attention to the reality of the situation.

And the reality is this: it's all about feeding a monster-- a thing that has no business being here--with human sacrifices in return for power in this life, because if it's not fed, then it dies and it threatens to take all of us with it. It threatens. Its ability to do so remains unverified. Starve the beast. Empire must fall.

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Narrative Warfare: When Foreign Warfare Comes Home

The Member of the House of Representatives for Minnesota's 5th Congressional District, Ilhan Omar, is getting into more trouble. Her ties to a foreign power of dubious intent, Qatar, are coming out in the media of other Middle-Eastern states and through dual-speaking people those media exposes are coming West.

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Narrative Warfare: Brick To The Face

We all know one thing for certain: the official story regarding Jeffery Epstein's apparent death is a bald-faced lie so insulting it's got everyone noticing.

Some, such as Ivan Throne, regard this as a challenge. It's saying "And you're going to do what, exactly, punk?" Under other circumstances, I would entertain this notion. Not this time, and here is why: because it made no difference regarding the prosecutions of the rest of the pedophile ring, other than to give sufficient cause for continued action on doing so. The investigations continue. The prosecutions continue. And, now that Barr's made the commitment, it merely ensured that the cell tied to Epstein's prison gets all the eyeballs on it.

In short, this wasn't amused mastery. This was desperation.

Sunday, August 4, 2019

Narrative Warfare: Wind Up Toys Gone Wild

Those of us who watch what's going on knew this was only a matter of time. No sooner than the God-Emperor gets some traction and out come the wind-up toys to give the Thralls in the media an excuse to distract, dissemble, and deflect away from the real matters and back towards the Narrative. As was seen at the #QAnon boards:

Bitch all you like about #QAnon. The effect is what matters, and that effect has been to consistently and systematically undermine Empire's demoralization regime by injecting hope back into a population aching for it, and then once that attention is given to direct it down paths to teach normies things that a lot of us who's run around Crazytown for a while have long since become accustomed to.

One of those things? MKUltra and its role in winding up vulnerable boys--almost always white boys with absent or abusive fathers, psychological issues that require medication, no Christian faith (if not hostility), low-status and failures at life--to deploy as killbots when the Narrative needs something to use in times of slipping control. Dig into the background and you'll see many of these media darlings fit this profile to a high degree.

What do they want to distract you from? Whatever it is the God-Emperor's been putting on display, or was about to force into the media. What do they want to distract you to? "What do you mean, 'to'?" Dragon award winner Brian Niemeier, rising master of the storytelling craft, lays out in the below Twitter thread what the practical end of these wind up toys being deploys is. Click through, read it, and come back.

But that's not all they do. By using these slaughters as the basis for selling the Narrative, they are enacting human sacrifice rituals disguised as media events to work ritual magic; it's blood-powered wizardry--sophistry--meant to employ the most powerful Rhetoric while the targets (you) are at your weakest in order to maximize the effect.

And it's failing

That's what I want you to take away from this. It's been failing as a tactic for years now, only working reliably on Boomers and Millenials- and on the latter, to a lesser degree. Gen X is cynical as fuck, so it's been waning in effect for decades. Gen Y took a while to catch up, but once they saw how the magic trick worked it's stopped working. Gen Z? You've seen Soph, right? Not even close.

That's the real reason the Thralls hate that the God-Emperor flipped their "Fake News" ploy back on them. It opened the door to widespread normie rejection of the Narrative, and not even three wind-up toys doing the mass slaughter in the usual no-gun zones over a weekend will get the gun control agenda the support the Thralls want- or any other. Not when Google and Facebook routinely get caught bullshitting their users. Not when people increasingly tune out the mainstream in favor of independents. Not when folks stop reading the papers, stop listening to the radio, stop watching TV news, and rely only on independent sources they can trust.

In short, information control is lost. The ability to create--and thus control--context is lost. The Thralls in Silicon Valley are apoplectic about this, as are their allies in the news media, which is why they are so desperate to do anything--illegal or not--to get it back. This is the first major upset in Narrative Warfare since its modern form took shape between 1890 and 1920 via Yellow Journalism and WW1 propaganda, as revealed in Edward Bernays' Propaganda. Once the Narrative control machine is broken, it'll take a long time to replace it. Don't blow this opportunity; Empire Must Fall.

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Narrative Warfare: Revising Strauss & Howe's Generational Theory

This past week, Dragon Award winner and nominee Brian Niemeier put out a good post analyzing Strauss & Howe's Generational theory. In short, he posits--correctly, I say--that S&H failed to account for accidental or deliberate changes to the cycle of 20 year generational archetypes. Instead, by halving the intervals to 10 years you get a correct view. He's going off about it on Twitter in this thread starting below:

In short, the conclusion is that the Boomers have successfully cloned themselves--in generational terms--with the Millenials. However, I posit that they are not perfect copies, and so does Brian; Boomers aren't known for their incompetence as such, despite being so in many respects, but Millenials are. Egotists creating Narcissists means making moronic knockoffs of themselves- but hey, the Boomers will be either dead or insulated, so they don't care. Still.

Gen X got betrayed by our parents. Gen Y got gaslit. In both cases, they were damaged such that their core character was thwarted- but not annihilated. It can be rehabilitated, but it won't be easy and so it can't be done alone; both will need more help than Man alone can provide to make it through.

For the Ys, they need skill gap fillers; YouTube (et. al.) can do that. For X? We need hope, and there's only one way to do that- we've got to shed our cynicism and find our courage once more. It's not without reason that cultural artifacts which exhibit this trope remains popular despite our age, and burying ourselves in work like Cuckservatives is not going to do it; if the Ys need the practical, X needs the aesthetic- badly.

And nevermind waiting for things to fall into our hands; they won't. We'll have to seize it to get it, because it was stolen from us and the thieves won't give it back.

Sunday, July 21, 2019

"Going Back" Is The Merciful Option

SGT Report reposted The Conservative Treehouse's article covering U.S. Representative Ilhan Omar's alleged criminal fraud regarding her immigration eligibility, and therefore the validity of her citizenship- and ultimately her status in the House of Representatives. Treehouse, in turn, cites David Steinberg's article on the matter.

TL/DR: She lied to Federal agents regarding these matters, committing fraud at a Felony level. She did so deliberately, and with malice aforethought. She should be arrested, convicted, stripped of her citizenship and done away with.

But, and this is where I disagree with merely deporting her back to Somalia, because she did so deliberately and then went on to take elected office illegally Omar is also guilty of sedition. Because she professed loyalty to the United States--falsely or not--she is also guilty of treason. This is no idle speculation; her father was an asset for Intelligence. THis means Omar's a legacy case, and as Anonymous Conservative noted in his post:

Ilhan Omar’s father was top propaganda Official in Genocidal Barre Regime in Somalia. And there it is, a familial linkage to an agent in Cabal’s operations controlling a foreign country overseas (specializing in propaganda, no less). This is why she was brought in to the US, why she could lie on her applications with nobody calling her on it, the fake marriage to her brother (also a legacy Cabal member), her ascension to Congress, and even probably why in “The Squad,” she is the leader giving orders, who everyone looks to for support. She is playing the role for Cabal of intelligence officer, recruiting her own network of agents. They are bringing in agents. I was talking here years ago about how I saw foreigners, who barely spoke English, being run as ground level intel-gatherers for an intelligence operation. I assumed it was US government recruiting them as they came in to penetrate immigrant communities, but obviously in light of Q pointing out the US was overtaken by a foreign-originating intel operation that had tentacles in every country, and the fact that operation was seeing its grip slip in the US, it makes much more sense that the immigration-flood and that were about taking the country over by out-populating and out-voting us.

Do not forget – “State halted the [Refugee Family Reunion] program because DNA testing — primarily of Somalis — had concluded that perhaps 87 percent of applicants were fraudulently claiming family relationships.” That means 87 of the Somalis we let in under that program can be expelled for lying on their applications, and we can use DNA to do it with 100% certainty. There is a Secret Society within the US who views everything non-Secret Society members are taught, about rights, about the Constitution, about morality, about privacy, about loyalty to America first, as ridiculous, almost superstition-level stupidity. The world is Darwinian, and they know… And we were taught to think it is not. And Cabal has been flooding them into here from all over the world for some time now. I’m not sure how Q fixes that without triggering a civil war. They tried to give our country to the third world, especially immoral psychopaths like Ilhan Omar, hoping those third worlders would make them king over us. I don’t see how that is ever viewed as forgivable, or how we live together after that. Q may be counting on them having to leave based on his “They won’t be able to walk down the streets” quote.

Let me simplfy this for you: Omar is a spy for a hostile foreign power, and spies get the bullet. She only goes back if it's worth it for the patriots to let her go back. What she's entitled to is a summary execution by firing squad, blindfold optional, for the aforementioned high crimes plus espionage. Maybe by hanging instead. She should be so done live on television, across all channels, and streamed live online to make an example of her- the effect is worth the obvious fake martyr play by opposition. Then her co-conspirators should be executed in the same manner, again before a live audience. Corpses can't commit crimes, so put all the Thralls to the sword. Empire must fall.

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Narrative Warfare: "Going Broke", The Humiliation Ritual

I think Brian Niemeier is on to something. He put forth on his blog the other day a post on Humiliation Rituals. Put that together with the utter unconcern about destroying whatever business or property they acquire, such that--while true--"Get Woke, Go Broke" is less a taunt and more of an observation.

They want to go broke. They want to drive it into the ground, sully it, defile it, so fill the audience with disgust that they disavow it and walk away. They want that to be the only alternative to becoming this:


What's the point? To demoralize the targeted population. Quoting Brian:

"They knew from history that forcing people to publicly state manifest untruths demoralized them.

That's how humiliation rituals work. If you can sap the people's fortitude until they'll willingly recite patent falsehoods, they won't have the fortitude to challenge the elite."

That bugman will recite patently untrue and unreal things, and believe them, because his entire psychology collapses if he doesn't. So long as he is able to go on deluding himself that Mouse Wars is good, he can avoid admitting how badly he's unmanned himself. Welcome to the baseline psychological conditioning for even the biggest of Thralls. He loves Big Brother.

And there's another element to it. It's a scalp. "We destroyed what you love, and you are powerless to stop us." Yes, there are workarounds and other remedies to be had, but most of them require that the Thralls be purged from power to be effective. Without it there is only so much that can be done. That leads to today's message from Captain Obvious: SEIZE POWER! Take it and hold it. Then you can worry about how to do the big think fixes.

Sunday, July 7, 2019

It's Treason, Then

The mask comes off.

There it is, folks, a confession that they are traitors seeking to use aliens and foreigners to take and hold power over the rest of us. That is treason and sedition. If the fellow travelers in other Western countries haven't yet been so stupid or brazen to do likewise, count on them doing so soon. When it gets to this point, ordinary operation of the State's legal apparatus has already become insufficient to handle what is clearly a capital offense.

This has to be handled by our own hands, like it or not. The Rule of Law is not a suicide pact. These Thralls of Empire have confessed their defection from the contract that enables said Rule to operate; that means they're Fair Game now and I will refuse to convict anyone who goes after them. Use Lawfare where you can, and get your hands wet where it doesn't. Traitors don't just kill themselves; they have to be driven to do it; and efforts like those of Mike Cernovich to nail pedos like Jeffery Epstein are key to driving them all off a cliff.

Sunday, June 30, 2019

The Thralls Deployed The Goons

Portland, Oregon is an Antifa-controlled city. The mayor is one of them in all but name, allowing them to run riot on targeted opposition and using the police only to perform a few token arrests that don't do any real damage to Antifa while denying the population the protection of the law that justifies their existence as an agency. If Hillary were in the White House, they would be running like this across the country and not just in Democrat-controlled cities.

Yesterday they targeted and assault journalist Andy Ngo, a gay Asian man, who was there to cover their protest. They threw milkshakes at him lined with quick-drying cement. He spent the night in the hospital due to bleeding on the brain, in addition to the bruising he sustained, and it is no surprise that their fellow travelers in the media covered for them by justfying the violence as "defense".

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Narrative Warfare: The God-Emperor Set A Trap

From the brilliant Anonymous Conversative blog, this on how the God-Emperor ran a string on the Neo-Conservative traitors trying to trick him into doing their bidding:

An interesting allegation by a claimed insider here on 4chan, who implied with a moustache pic he may be Moustache-Anon, and not as much of a neocon warmonger so much as an actor playing a role. TLDR; Trump never intended to attack Iran. The goal was to take a reason to attack Iran, have Trump act as if he was going to give in and launch an attack, brief Congress on the plan, document Cabal assets in government passing the plans to Kerry/Brennan/et al. who would pass them on to Iran, then document Iran preparing to take out our pilots using the intelligence passed to them. Then nail all the traitors for treason. The Cabalites in Congress figured once Iran killed a few pilots, and maybe caught a few and put them on the television, Trump would be too mired in a mess to deal with the Cabal. Trump, ten steps ahead, figured actually catching Congressmen and women betraying the military was pure gold. What fits with it is, one, how would Trump be indecisive on a military strike, and reverse course at the very last minute? And two, why would Trump use fighters and risk shootdowns and pilots, when SOP is usually to simply launch cruise missiles from international waters?

This is why wise observers, like the Supreme Dark Lord, repeatedly counsel people to wait two days at the least before reacting to anything the God-Emperor does or is said to have done.

As Anonymous Conservative notes, this is far more likely simply because it squares with previous Trump behavior. He's using what he knows of how Cabal--his term for Empire--behaves, how they work, against them in order to flush out one set of moles at a time and set them up for removal. What people need to understand is that Empire's Thralls are legion, and they've had--by my estimate--between 100 and 150 years to turn the American government to their ends so completely. TDLR? "Shit takes time, yo."

This is not one of those stupid "We shall have one decisive battle and then we're done!" things; Trump is Quintus Fabius Maximus, and this is a Fabian strategy against enemies who've done the same to get Empire where it is now. This is an endurance contest, and Narrative Warfare is the primary means of combat because even covert violence isn't yet that viable an option; this is all about perception manipulation so as to use lawfare to take out targets. Hence lots of legal wrangling and incarcerations, but few corpses.

Once the bodies start piling up, that's when we know that the God-Emperor's Fabian strategy has succeeded because Empire will push from gaslighting to gunning to win and then we're soon to open warfare, at which point Empire Must Fall.

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Narrative Warfare: The Campaign To Silence & Centralize

Happy Father's Day. Here's some hope for us all, in the form of a two-part report by SGT Report regarding the Deep State and their push to censor Trump supporters and other dissidents on the Internet, and I urge you to take the time to listen.

The aim is simple: use the Network Effect to Empire's advantage. The scheme? Use Muh Hate Speech as fake blasphemy laws to justify silencing and removing enemies of Empire from the social media hubs of the Internet, then throttle and curtail whatever alternatives used to replace those pillars so any possibility of being supplanted is neutralized. Legal, financial, and technical means are used in concert to achieve this end- especially the financial means.

This is why anti-trust measures and FTC pressure needs to happen (for Americans; for the rest of you, push your best options to do likewise) lest they ghettoize Empire's enemies into silence and use Establishment media to gaslight people back into line. While some folks are stupid about their expectations of the President, the rest of us know better and a few--such as Anonymous Conservative--see properly that Trump is doing far more than expected in spite of Empire's opposition.

I don't think this will succeed. The anti-trust investigations are already going to go against Empire's assets in social media. FTC pressure, on the other hand, is on us; get a few thousand folks to file complaints and they'll move on it. Get friendlies in Congress to amplify those complaints and they'll move faster. The sooner this Narrative Warfare backstop scheme fails, the better the rest of us will be and the sooner Empire falls.

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Tragedy & Hope Presents "Justice For USS Liberty"

This video premiered last night on YouTube. It's not short; Tragedy & Hope's video work rarely is, but good God is this one worth the time. This is an interview by one of the survivors of the Israeli attack on the U.S.S. Liberty in 1967 during the Six Day War, the one where Israel annexed the Golan Heights. It's not only a thourough recounting of those events, but also the politics surrounding it and the continuing refusal of American authorities to do their duty and properly investigate the incident so the predators responsible can be exposed and punished.

What I want you to take note of is who gave the order, and how that man never faced the consequences of that action. Clown World, as we call it now, didn't come out of nowhere; it's the result of generations of wizards waging Narrative Warfare, building on the gains year on year, and here's some real practical applications of those past efforts to make our present dystopia. Here's Empire at work. See why it must fall.

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Traitors Before Invaders, Especially If They Wear Crowns

Indeed, we did kill kings for this.

And we will again. If this goes on, it's only a matter of time.

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Narrative Warfare: The Attack on Memory

Today I went to Fort Snelling National Cemetery to visit my father, my great uncle Kenneth, and my maternal grandfather Hans. It's the first time I'd been out there since I'd been hospitalized, so walking around was--as I expected--more tiring than it had been previously; that happens when you lose part of a leg and have to relearn how to walk.

Cemeteries, like funerals, are for the living. Their purpose is to solemnize the inevitable and connect the present to the past in the most fundamental way, by connecting the living of a family to their dead predecessors. Parents tell their children the stories of the dead, passing on family lore in the most primeval manner, while observing all the other families doing the same thing. They may not articulate it, but there is recognition of similarity in noticing that everyone's doing the same thing. If you want one of the fundamentals of a culture's--a nation's--existence, it's in things like this.

This is why it cannot be ignored when someone organizes an attack on the continuity of culture that things like cemeteries, funerals, and the common trappings therein--tombs, grave markers, statues, etc.--because this is what it aims to do: sever the link between past and present, atomizing nations by dissolving the ties that bind them together, and finishing the job by gaslighting them as to the truth. (Mary Beard, looking at you, you blasphemous, heretical, seditious and treasonous fraud.)

The story we tell ourselves about ourselves is fundamental to maintaining our distinct presence as a nation, and these attempts to sever the past and gaslight us as to the truth are nothing more Narrative Warfare campaigns--campaigns of sedition and treason via fraud--and all of these protest campaigns are schemes to do just that.

I've had enough of it. I forbid it in my presence, and I urge you to do likewise; punish them severely when you catch them, because they won't cease their forked tongue ways otherwise. The Servants of the Lie serve Empire, and Empire Must Fall.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

It Won't Rain All The Time

It's late, but here I am.

There's something in the wind. This past week's seen unexpected moves by the enemies of Empire, moves that took the Thralls by surprise. Australia's elections put a friend of the God-Emperor into government as Prime Minister. The God-Emperor has begun moving captive invaders to cities held by the Thralls. Italy's government shook out some high-level bad actors.

The cultural end of things aren't looking as good for Empire either. The big franchises, in film and on TV, are faltering; Game of Thrones just hit a sour note as it ended its run, Mouse Wars doubles-down on the dumb by hiring the showrunners that ran GOT into the ground, the Marvel Cinematic Universe's coasting on Endgame has already declined, and aside from John Wick 3 nothing worthwhile has come or will soon come out of Western establishment media.

While the poz is pushing hard into the East, using the usual vectors, resistance remains strong and could be routed before seriously setting in and ruining another part of the planet. It may be irony doing so, but the impending economic issues by the big players--China, notably--may well be what keeps the poz from spreading like the Thralls wish.

On the smaller scale, lawfare counterattacks against SJW point-and-shriek swarms has blunted their effectiveness and exposed the severe incompetence of the common SJW grunt. As these suits progress into discovery, I expect even more revelations on just how stupid they are- and how they rely on mean girl bullshit to get their way. Once exposed, I doubt this script will be used much longer; watch for a severe overhaul in SJW programming of the NPCs they exploit.

Finally, a reminder that the Thralls are demonically oppressed if not possessed. As author and Dragon Award winner Brian Niemeier found out, simply demanding that they confess that Jesus Christ is Lord and that God raised Him from the dead routinely compelled them to shut up and flee like the bitches they are. To which one can only say the following:

And one cannot mention that song without Sabaton's contribution.

Sunday, May 12, 2019

There's No Substitute For God

Nevermind the more esoteric elements this week. Let's talk something concrete: stop trying to substitute anything for God.

You don't have Jesus in your heart if you're still giving yourself over to the Mouse Empire. Brian Niemeier has a series of recent posts at his blog on this idea of Identity Entertainment, but this is what it comes down to: you will worship something, and you will serve something. If it's not God, then it's going to be self-destructiive in one form or another due to it being in the Adversary's hands and thus turned against you. Yes, this does explain why atheists so routinely reveal themselves as fucked up between their ears.

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Recommendation: Nick Rekieta

I'm making a formal recommendation here: follow Nick Rekieta on Twitter and YouTube.

Nick's one of the lawyers on YouTube that makes videos and does livestreams providing legal commentary on topics of interest. He became interested in the #KickVic controversy, first covering it and then getting involved when he assisted the accused--voice actor Vic Mignogna--in raising the funds required to mount a civil legal effort against the SJWs who initiated the attack.

His value, primarily, is in telling laymen how the law--American law, specifically--works in practice compared to how laymen think it operates. Secondarily is his complete and total animosity to the SJWs making geek media suck harder than a black hole, which often means he's dunking hard on them. We need men like this. First, he tells us how the rules of the game actually work so we can avoid making mistakes. Second, he helps keep up morale by word and deed. This man is valuable and should be supported.

As the situation with Vic Mignogna shows, he's able to step up and make things happen when he's convinced of the need to act. Because of him, Vic has the law firm of Beard Harris Bullock & Hughes at his back. Because of that suit, Frog God Games engaged the same firm to go after the SJWs attacking its man Bill Webb. Beard & associates will find more folks reaching out to them as they mount more successes against SJWs, proving that lawfare works. Nick's role in demonstrating this to us is not to be underestimated.

Naturally the SJWs that know of Nick know of his role in these affairs and seek to silence him. He briefly got punted off Twitter this past week, but because--as usual--the claims were baseless Twitter backed down and restore Nick's account. Even if you don't watch his livestreams, check the summaries that get made from his streams; they often focus on the key points of a given night's stream. He's proven worthy of our support.

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Narrative Warfare: Lawfare Counterattacks

The Thralls of Empire have their own hierarchy. Social Justice Warriors are the goblins of the hierarchy, individually weak and cowardly but dangerous in numbers when whipped up to swarm against unready targets. Some of them are smarter than the average goblin and these act as shot-callers, pointing and shrieking to direct swarms upon targets. Many of them possess institutional positions as a result of Gramsci's Long March, producing poison-pill dispensers like this degenerate academic.

The worst threat they possess is in relying upon the targets' bewilderment at why they're being disemployed, made unemployable, denied access to the system of public and private economy/government recourse, etc. due to SJWs in the media (and their superiors) giving these goblins cover. The means by which these goblins operate is to interfere, successfully or not, with the ordinary affairs of the targets. Specifically by targeting their business/employment affairs. In the law, this is known as "tortious interference" and it is grounds for legal action.

We now have some targets that just last year would've folded faster than Superman on laundry day standing up and fighting back. One of them is North American voice actor Vic Mignogna, who's been the target of a coordinated campaign of such interference and defamation by those who heretofore claimed to be friendly, if not friends, of Mignogna. Lawyer Nick Rekieta began covering this affair, known as #KickVic after the attackers' Twitter hashtag, and a direct consequence of this was Vic retaining legal counsel and beginning a civil suit in Texas against the Texas-based elements of the swarm attacking him.

The usual cheap attempts to silence opposition by complaining to an amenable authority able to fire the target don't work against Rekieta; he owns his law firm, and the SJWs have found out the hard way that complaining to the relevant licensing board results in polite responses to fuck off. Unable to shut up Rekieta by cutting off his income, they fell back on silencing him on social media by successfully getting their allies in Twitter to banhammer him; as of this post, his intern's account--currently being targeted--is how he gets the word out on his livestreams.

The reason for targeting Rekieta was that he was not only effective in spreading the word about Vic's situation to a wider audience, but that he successfully raised funds for Vic's legal action. The SJWs thought that by shutting down Rekieta's Twitter account they would affect the fund-raising efforts; they were wrong. I expect that next will be a go at Rekieta'a YouTube channel, where he does most of the livestreaming; he has an account at Twitch if that goes down, so the swarm will go there next.

Once the word on Vic's legal resistance took off, more suits came forth. Todd Haberkorn has retained the same firm Vic did because the same SJWs going after Vic are now after him, and we now known that tabletop SJWs are going to finally face the music because Frog God Games has done the same. The firm, Beard & Associates, is known for being ruthless; the SJWs--one and all--are in denial as to the severity of their difficulty. They've tried and failed to shut down Beard via complaints as they failed to do with Rekieta, and as the firm (and its members) are low-profile online there's nothing to deplatform.

The goblins are at a loss. This is all they can do to attack the legal efforts resisting them. This is the whole of their playbook, outside of those with Antifa ties, and these SJWs lack such ties. Desperation leads to dangerous action, however, once those in denial manage to face up the to the threat and do something about it that isn't in their usual playbook.

In short, Lawfare works. For now. Use it while you can, and get ready for the alternative when it fails.

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Narrative Warfare: Christendom Is Civilization. Defend It Or Lose Both.

Ivan Throne pinned this to his Twitter page today.

No one assaults the Middle Kingdom like we see being done to Christendom. It is clear what Empire considers a threat, and it's not the latest in a long line of imperial ruling dynasties run out of the Orient.

Like it or not, Christendom is Civilization. The Greco-Roman tradition and the European nations are necessary, but not sufficient, for Civilization; the final point of that trinity, echoing the Trinity, is Christianity itself. Material development, likewise, is a necessary--but not sufficient--requirement for Civilization. You need a vision of the future held by an entire nation and its culture, and that requires hope in a better tomorrow that you may never see; long time preferences develop under Christian influence, and without it we see swiftly how quickly Man--regardless of nation--reverts to the mean (and mean) of his fallen state.

This maps out to pre-Christian kingdoms and empires rarely pass 300 years in a given form before degeneracy and collapse from within or conquest from without. The Chinese get around this by replacing dynastic lines from time to time, justified by the Mandate of Heaven, either in minor forms (within a house) or major forms (when entire dynasties are replaced), and yes I do count the current Commie-in-name-only regime as a major form change. The inability to sustain institutional long time preferences or hope for tomorrow due to a lack of spiritual or philosophical strength permitting it makes this so every single time; as soon as "What about me?" Boomer-style degeneracy arises, that regime is done.

That "It's about me!" short-time preference thinking is Empire's opening into corrupting individuals as well as institutions. Christianity, properly practiced, does away with that wrong idea; scaled up, you get Civilization prospering and Mankind thriving. The Enemy uses blindness to chain and enthrall for that reason; this is why Empire is always evil, and thus Empire must fall.

He Is Risen. Now to defend Christendom and Civilization from the traitors within and the hordes without, and that starts with cleansing our own and repenting of our errors. War is upon us, like it or not, brought by Empire. Deus Vult.

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Narrative Warfare Examined: The Good Fight TV Spot

It happened. Open calls for political violence by the Thralls of Empire happened. This came from the Leftist side.

Of course this is plausibly deniable as advertising for a television series. That's how this works; you use something as a cover for the actual objective, which in this case was to signal to fellow travelers that the time for violence has come. In addition, the continuing UnThinging of "white nationalism" as its own thing, instead deliberately confusing it with white supremacy, is another Narrative Warfare element found in this TV spot.

Now, let's take another element that some of you might have missed: the vests. The rioters are wearing red vests, like those worn by road crews at work, mimicking the Yellow Vest protests by the French in France against Macron. This is no accident; it's meant to co-opt an anti-Empire, pro-nationalist effort (that, to be fair, arose out of an anti-tax protest) against a nakedly treasonous state and use it as cover for the aforementioned violence.

In short, we're not talking about a signal to just repeat what happened to Richard Spencer. We're talking about inciting mobs to go after groups, swarming them as we see so often in Colin Flaherty's videos about American black violence; it's just going to start with increased episodes of high-profile sucker-punch attempts. Yes, "attempts", as we shall also see more incidents of attackers getting checked, injured, or killed doing so when they go after targets willing and able to defend themselves. The consequences of this escalation is intended.

This is intentional polarization. The reaction is intended, and not to sic the cops on those reacting, though that will happen. No, the objective is to destabilize further an already uneasy American public. The tells are in the turnovers in major city governments; SJWs assuming mayoral or prosecutor positions are changing policies and regulations to inhibit honest residents' ability to legally handle threats while protecting predators from reprisals. This is mirrored at the state and federal level whenever possible. Some of the Thralls think that it's time to signal to their pets that it's Hunting Season, hence this TV spot and similar recent things such as Representative Illhan Omar's remarks on 9/11 followed by a Somali man throwing a visiting white boy down to the ground from the 3rd floor at the Mall of America.

What this spot reveals is that someone's not reading the social mood to cynically draw eyeballs to a TV program, but rather attempting to program the social mood in order to begin the elimination of resistance to Empire. The Thralls, like their master, are prone to under-estimating the enemy as well as over-estimating themselves--classic Dunning-Kruger--so this isn't going to be the robotic roll-up they imagine. At best they duck out once the chaos kicks off and take over once it's passed, imposing order upon survivors too weak to resist.

They think they've run the gas long enough. Now they're looking for a spark to set it off and ignite an explosive inferno. I doubt they have it right. Empire must fall.