Sunday, April 25, 2021

The Future Belongs To Those That Show Up

I am going to make this week's post very short because it is my mother's birthday and therefore family time is going to be had. First, a quote:

It sounds as if the Chinese are reacting swiftly to save their society and civilization by banning feminism, something that Americans should have done back in the 1970s once it became clear what the fruits of feminism...were.

The first rule of societal survival is this: have children. Any ideology that stands in the way of the first rule is not going to last very long.

You can find Vox Day's full post here.

I will now repeat what other observers have said: "Whoever installed feminism as state ideology in the West desired that outcome. How is this not almost too obvious to mention?"

Sunday, April 18, 2021

Narrative Warfare: They Aren't Telling You The Real Odds

Milo Ynannouplous witnessed an adverse reaction to the not-a-vaccine:

My roommate just called me. He was at Kroger buying food. Said they had a place set up where people were offering the vaccine. My roommate watched a man get the jab and sit down, 3 minutes later the man says he can't breathe and falls over. They gave him CPR until the paramedics arrived but the man was already dead. He's fucking dead! Less than an hour ago, he was probably buying cookies for his children.

His wife was with him. She watched him die, as she screamed for someone to help.

So far neither my sister nor my mother have been so effected, but one of my sister's friends got both shots and still caught the WuFlu. Nevermind the effects, it doesn't work!

It's supposed to prevent catching the bug. It is not a vaccine if it doesn't confer immunity, and it is not permanent. One-and-done. Everything else is bullshit, and you should all know by now how corrupt the medical field is with willfully turning conditions into cash cows to milk instead of problems to exterminate. Fake vaccines for a flu is exactly the sort of scam these bastards would pull.

This American Thinker article relates an eyewitness account of adverse reactions to the Moderna version in particular.

Tuesday morning between 8-10am I went to Spring Texas. I dropped someone off to get a shot and got stuck in the line. I couldn't leave because of where I was so ended up going through the process with him.

Right at the end they make you wait for 15 minutes before driving off. 5 minutes later, two cars down my left driver started shaking. We didn't know what happened but I heard them yell and you can hear it to in the video "he's having a seizure"

The guy in the red car is like myself just confused at what's happening. Little did he know 2 minutes later boom he goes down even harder. Now my friend is panicking.

With Pfizer, Astra Zenica, and Johnson & Johnson all getting shitcanned by various government agencies around the world that leaves Moderna--the mRNA treatment that fucks with your genes--as the dominant option in the WuFlu Con Job. Feels like some wheel-dealing behind the scenes finally settled down and rivals are getting put into their place by the big dogs.

To which I shall quote the Supreme Dark Lord, Vox Day:

The lesson: don't permit people to inject things in your body that are provided by lunatics who want to depopulate the Earth. The damning thing is the way the administration system is set up with an enforced 15-minute post-injection waiting period and CPR-trained medics on hand. This proves those administering the mutatives know there is a not-insignificant chance of very serious adverse effects that don't involve developing superpowers.

The shot is more dangerous than the gun. Refuse. Resist. Already demand is dropping thanks to Florida and other places saying "Fuck it, it's the flu and we can deal with the flu" and wildly succeeding. Soon more will follow, refusing the shot, the masks, the distancing, and so on and just outright seizing back normalcy instead of waiting for Big Daddy Government to do it for them.

It's a flu. Cases happen. People get sick. It's not the Plague. It's not the T-Virus. You stand no chance of dying if you're not already overloaded with morbidities or you were on the planning committee for dirt. Stop freaking out about the fucking flu, get on with life, and don't let self-important faggots get in your way. Empire falls.

Monday, April 12, 2021

Narrative Warfare: A Preview of the 2021 Riot Season

Over the weekend, a cop in a Minneapolis suburb shot and killed a black man. The rioting commenced immediately. This is from Alpha News, Minnesota's only based news outlet.

The suburb is Brooklyn Center, a former working class bedroom community in the first ring of suburbs--those directly bordering Minneapolis and St. Paul--that transitioned over the last 30 years into becoming an extension of the northside ghetto of Minneapolis due to blacks moving into the expansion of cheap housing there during the 80s and 90s. Where the rioting takes place is in the outlet area of what used to be the Brookdale Mall.

The feckless Democrat leadership in the Governor's Mansion continue to espouse the party line on such matters:


I am closely monitoring the situation in Brooklyn Center. Gwen and I are praying for Daunte Wright’s family as our state mourns another life of a Black man taken by law enforcement.

10:02 PM · Apr 11, 2021


Replying to @LtGovFlanagan

The trauma of yet another Black man dying at the hands of law enforcement weighs heavy on our state.

10:58 PM · Apr 11, 2021·

This is hardly the only violent interaction between a black suspect and Law Enforcement since last May. It's only because the suspect died violently during an arrest that this is being used to justify rioting, with the real target being the rest of the Twin Cities area. As I said, the Chauvin trial is fixed to acquit and those not yet clued in on this are trying to intimidate the jury with this rioting.

In other words, we just got a taste of what is about to go off across the Twin Cities next month or so when the verdict comes in. The rioting will be worse than last year, and that feckless fat fuck will call out the National Guard to occupy the Cities to put the rioting down or he's going to get yeeted from office by his enemies in the Legislature- and so will his Lt. Governor.

The exploitation of the childlike narcisism of the black community as a weapon to wield like a club against the rest of the state is absent from normie discourse here, as one would expect, but the failure of local media to so much as issue warnings to avoid the area--despite having personnel or working near there--shows that this is not just marching orders from above, but also Boomer-style head-in-the-sand denial of reality at work. I know that my General Practictioner and his peers working out of their office between my place and the rioting will have words to say, quietly, when I see them later this week for a regularly-schedule checkup.

And yes, if I didn't need to stay put for medical reasons, I'd already relocate outstate far from this mess. Rural Minnesota's strength and weakness lies in its distance from the lunacy of the state's cities.

Sunday, April 11, 2021

Narrative Warfare: We Knew, But Not How Bad, Until Now

The God-Emperor was right. 2020 was fixed. Now there is proof, and it's the worst scenario: they chose winners before the fact and rigged the machines to get it. The following is from Anonymous Conversative's blog from yesterday.

Michigan election forensics report for nine counties is in, and it shows just in those nine counties, there were 66,194 ballots which lacked registrations.

Also, there were more registered voters than they have population, and he estimates 15% of all voters at least will either not exist or will be fraudulent registrations for a false address. And again everything was pre-calculated by computer predictably according to a sixth degree polynomial, as they are finding in multiple other states. The county graphs on the youtube video, which are all like Mike Lindell’s, are damning, because they show the algorithm with the Census result is like a cookie cutter with a dent in it, and each graph it produced for registered voters, and votes cast, has that same dent in it. This means in the 2020 election all the results, likely across every state, were completely fraudulent and computer generated, and the only question is, how many elections has this been the case for, going back? We all went out and voted, and they proceeded to tell us the candidates they chose for us had won. Even in my paranoia, I never thought it was that decisive a mechanism, wholly unaffected by actual voting results. I told you, if I was a child molester, there is a fair chance I could have been a Governor or a Senator. That blackmailability was the qualification for office. And this is why Soros spent so much money targeting Secretaries of State for so long.

Also, they found modem chips installed in voting machine motherboards, with SIM cards. I assume the SIM means it was running off 4G and would not be on the local network at the voting center. The Youtube at the top of the previous link paragraph says there is evidence Antrim County purchased modems in the form of a purchase order from Dominion. There is a court hearing on it Monday on this and Antrim county’s attempt to stop any investigation. A twitter feed showing details of the fraud evidence is here.

From Patrick Brynes’ Telegram: “The SoS of Michigan has told people that ASOG (the firm who did the Antrim audit) actually planted a backdoor in the machines (as a way of prophylactically spinning the truth that will be revealed, by saying they planted it). I think that is grounds for ASOG to sue, don’t you?” So the Secretary of State knew there was a backdoor into the voting machines, and now that it has been revealed, they are trying to claim it was totally proper, because their firm did it.

You know they were scared when they go to these lengths to rig things.

That's why we got all the crazy anomolies; the results exceeded their expectations, and thus were beyond their rigging configurations, so they had to yank it all offline until they could get it back under control.

And they know it's fragile. That's why they turned DC into an armed camp, and they're going HAM on fucking Americans over now while they can. Yes, including ginning up wars to kill off those they cannot purge from the military while wasting material as a means of covering up renewed money flows into the arms industry- paying off the NeoCons in the process.

They also have a question that are confident will not be answered against them: "So you exposed it. What are you going to do about it?"

They are confident because, at this moment, they feel like they have won and they can keep their enemies--us--at bay long enough to secure their position. This is Empire in its Threat Display Mode, where it puffs itself up to be more threatening than it is. The reality is that its power is already being challenged and its moves countered. Once enough see that they can ignore it, a Preference Cascade kicks off and everyone will.

All the pomp and circumstance means nothing if the masses ignore it and there is no effective means to compel compliance. Empire falls.

Thursday, April 8, 2021

Narrative Warfare: I Told You It Was A Set-Up

I said when it was announced that the Chauvin trial was fixed, but for an acquittal, and now that is coming to pass.

Apparently, no one is watching the trial of Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis police officer on trial for the murder of George Floyd. Otherwise, the media couldn’t get away with their spectacular lying to the public about how the prosecution is killing it.

It’s quite the opposite. In fact, in less than a week, the prosecution’s theory of the crime has subtly shifted from MURDER! to “failed to provide what we would say, in retrospect, would be a full and complete duty of care during the one- to three-minute interval between Floyd’s resisting the police to his dying, as a hostile crowd screamed obscenities at the police officers.”

The defense hasn’t even begun to make its case, but the prosecution’s witnesses keep helping Chauvin. (The only exception to the wild media lying is Headline News, where the lawyer commentators go the extra mile by watching the trial.)

Week One was chock-a-block with weeping bystanders wailing about how they felt watching Chauvin restrain Floyd. This would be tremendous evidence if the charge against Officer Chauvin were “first-degree upsetting bystanders.” But that’s not the charge. That’s not even a crime.

One especially distraught witness, Charles McMillian, an elderly black man, testified to seeing “foam” coming out of Floyd’s mouth.

QUIZ: Is foam coming out of the mouth a sign of:

a) a head wound?

b) strangulation?

c) a drug overdose?

ANSWER: c) a drug overdose.

Apart from that crucial fact, McMillian’s evidence only pertained to “first-degree upsetting bystanders.” Which, again, is not a crime.

My favorite witness — and the media’s favorite, too! — was Genevieve Hansen, Feminist Hero. She appeared in court in her firefighter dress uniform and a belligerent mood — though not as belligerent as the day Floyd died, when she showed up in sweats and began shrieking at the officers.

The headlines are along the lines of “Firefighter: I Could Have Saved Floyd’s Life, But Police Wouldn’t Let Me.”

Yes, apparently, Genevieve would have invented a time machine, gone back, and stopped Floyd from ingesting three times the lethal dose of fentanyl. I take it back: Chubby girls make the best firefighters! (Don’t get snippy with me: It’s beyond outrageous that fire departments have abandoned all physical fitness requirements solely in order to hire more women.)

According to Genevieve, the police on the scene unaccountably refused to step aside and take direction from her, despite her full ONE YEAR of experience as a firefighter.

Genevieve was totally on top of the situation. In her statement to investigators shortly after the event, she described Floyd as a “small, slim man.” Floyd was at least 6-foot-4 and weighed 230 pounds. The largest police officer on the scene was Chauvin, coming in at 5-foot-9 and 140 pounds. Genevieve missed nothing!

Even in the calm setting of a courtroom, with no agitated bystanders yelling at her, here are the things Genevieve says she would have done to save Floyd’s life!

In order:

“I would have requested additional help.”

“I would have wanted someone to call 911.”

Remember that this man is the Attourney General for the State of Minnesota, and therefore is the shot-caller for this politically-charged case.

That photo was taken at a local Commie bookstore, Mayday Books, and his son is an open Antifa comrade sitting on the Minneapolis City Council. He's Antifa. He's a Glowie asset, and he's allied to Governor Tim Walz who remains embattled over his Emergency Power abuses in this state.

There are already professional rioters agitating the local ghettos and college suckers here. They need political cover to execute their riots, and the Governor needs political cover to crush his enemies. Riots erupting that cause massive damage to the Twin Cities solves both problems.

Sure, Biden and the national players will exploit this for their gain, but they are not the primary beneficiaries here. It's a state and local power play, not a national or international one, and it is far more defensive than offensive. If there is a silver lining to be found in this clusterfuck, there it is: they're pulling gay ops to cover their asses, not to execute attacks.

Either way, it means I'll be watching the rioters again soon enough. I give it a few weeks before it's warm enough for the riots to touch off, at which time the case will be put down and Chauvin gets his acquittal. No, I doubt the jury will convict even if they want to; I have no faith in any independent actors being in that jury box. This entire case glows.

Sunday, April 4, 2021

He Is Risen

It's Easter. Today is the day of the Ressurection, where Jesus rose from the dead. Edwin Boyette reads from the Gospel of Mark.

Enjoy the Good News. Empire falls.

Saturday, April 3, 2021

Clown World and Rabbits

Count on the Supreme Dark Lord to succinctly summarize Clown World.

Clown World is built upon a series of intellectual pillars that range from Darwin, Diderot, and Freud to Einstein, Keynes, and Foucault. The first thing that rapidly becomes apparent when one regards them as a set is first, that they are all frauds. The second thing one realizes is what a collection of seriously evil sexual deviants they tend to be:

Which leads to this quote from a linked article:

A French-American professor has accused fellow intellectual Michel Foucault of being a "paedophile rapist", a report by The Sunday Times said.

In an interview, Guy Sorman said he found out about Foucault's behaviour after visiting the late philosopher in Tunisia where he was living in 1969.

"Young children were running after Foucault saying 'what about me? take me, take me'," he said to The Sunday Times. "They were eight, nine, ten years old. He was throwing money at them and would say 'let’s meet at 10pm at the usual place'. He would make love there on the gravestones with young boys. The question of consent wasn’t even raised."

Sorman argued that Foucault was able to get away with this because of the racial element of his affairs.

"Foucault would not have dared to do it in France… There is a colonial dimension to this. A white imperialism," Sorman said.

In the interview Sorman said he "regrets" not reporting this "extremely morally ugly" behaviour to the police. He added that the press had been aware of Foucault’s conduct but were reluctant to publish stories due to his status as France’s "philosopher king" alike to that of a "god".

The philosopher who died in 1984 signed a petition in 1977, which sought to legalise sexual relations with children aged 13 or above.

And, again, a succint summary from the SDL: "Don't be misled. Whatever aspect of Clown World rhetoric happens appeals to you, be it free trade, freedom of expression, libertarianism, judeo-christianity, equality, tolerance, or respect, it's really all about pedos and human sacrifice. It's literally all designed to lead there in the end."

We're looking at multiple routes to the same shared end of Clown World. Each of these are mutually reinforcing and therefore strands of a web with redundancies in place should there be any difficulties.

What neither the SDL nor the write he quotes accounts for is the basis for Clown World's psychology. No, I don't mean the spiritual dimension--it is clearly of the Enemy--but rather its material foundation: the psychology of rabbits. In short, Clown World is r-select psychology fully manifest and put into action.

r-select select psychology presumes eternal abundance AND a lack of consequences, be it from predators or from their own actions. Hence why this is called "rabbit psychology" in some quarters, when the actual effect is that of a locust swarm, because it is the mindset that prompts the behavior and and we're talking mindset here.

Clown World presumes eternal abundance AND a lack of consequences, be it from predators or from their own actions. However, unspoken but acknowledged is that abundance is subject to logistics. It is unspoken because it is presumed, and it is presumed because it has already been weaponized in the form of Cancelation; the consequence for Wrongthink is cutting off access to the abundance.

Yes, this is contradictory. That's not a bug; that's a feature.

Tne of Clown World is to bring forth open worship and adoration of the Enemy as himself, as if he were God. It is a short step from the disintegration of all the institutions established by God as necessary and proper for Man to thrive to open erection of anti-forms meant to openly mock and challenge Him, and thanks to the escalation of past attempts to a truly global scope and scale in this one we can see the perversion of Man's innate need to worship being bent to this end in short order.

We shall see sooner than later all the attempts to police thought soon become compelled thought and action: you will say and do X, or your access to food/water/housing, etc. gets cut off. No, you won't be able to flee into the wilderness because those will be closed off under Climate Change regime policies; you'll be confined to a rat maze city, where everything is abundant- so long as you comply. In time, the end result is the erasure of Free Will and the final degradation of Man into a self-replicating drone race of servitors for the Enemy.

You don't have to imagine this hellscape. Someone has already done it for you.

And the only way out is to come out of that hellscape, because sooner or later what was done to the Tower of Babel will come to this new attempt. Walk away now if you can. Empire falls.