Sunday, May 30, 2021

Narrative Warfare: A Micro-Level Demonstration of The Process In Action

The other day, The Pundit put out this follow-up on Wizards of the Coast's Woke defiling of Ravenloft. Don't worry, this post isn't about the game. This is about what the move signifies

And yes, "defiling" is the right word here, though I hold no particular attachment--certainly not an idolatrous one--for the setting I know my scene well and therefore I know that this is what the Death Cultists running Dungeons & Dragons are doing.

The dogma of the Death Cult requires running down and destroying the culture that is seeks to conquer. This is no different for hobby subcultures; by looking at the micro, we can identify the pattern at work and apply it to the macro level of operation because culture is fractal in its nature.

What is going on here? By seizing control of D&D, and steadily changing what D&D is and how it works, they are normalizing their dogma and othering the former culture in exactly the same way that the ancient world would go about this process with regard to religious practices: the mythology of the conquered is changed to denigrate it as weak and low-status as a flex while portraying the mythology of the conquerer as superior and high-status

Changing the rules of the game, and using social media to denigrate objections and objectors as low-status losers in the minority, is the exactly same flex.

Maintained over a long-enough period of time to churn out those that remember, and therefore practice, the old ways you can achieve that very normalization of the changes. This is not controversial; corporations do this as ordinary practice, such that it is itself accepted as normal that when a new CEO--especially in entertainment--takes over everything the outgoing CEO did gets trashed and replaced by the pet projects of the new guy.

This, by the way, is why the Death Cult seized control of Academia and the media: they don't need their own children when they can steal yours and turn them against you.

Therefore what you should take away from this is that this is not about anything other than humiliation and demonstration of power, whether real or not in the moment, because if you do not annihiliate it upon first detection then it will become real sooner than later.

Do not think that this specific example is irrelevant; D&D already exercised outsized influence by changing what "Fantasy" is between 1980 and 2000 via having a generation of videogame designers and authors take the D&D mold and adapt it to other--far more popular--media, which began feeding back into D&D between 2000 and the present, such that many of the things people think is normal actually is completely and utterly WRONG.

No, the Pundit saying "They taught you wrong on purpose" isn't hyperbole.

Now scale that up. What are they lying to you--to your children--about in the schools? On TV? In feature films? On streaming services? Videogames? Why are you paying them to shit on you and yours?

Narrative Warfare is real, it's been going on a long time, and much of what you were taught about the present and the past is a bald-faced lie.

And that includes what they say about religion and God.

Fix that, for these are flesh-and-blood people with names and addresses, and Empire falls.

Sunday, May 23, 2021

Narrative Warfare: Paper Dragons Make For False Hegemons

This is one of the many reasons I do not fear the possibility of the ChiComs taking over.

The issue with Chinese construction is symbolic of Chinese practices across the board: control is made via exclusivity driven by intelligence-powered corruption operations, and not by any actual merit in the practice in question.

This is not a new issue. ADV China, and the individual channels of its members, document it and other manifestations for years before they got out. Check the dates; they've been documenting it for years, and it's been going on for generations before they film these videos.

ADV China, as with China Uncensored, can be relied upon to show you how it is with the ChiComs.

You can count on similar corruption-driven shoddy work to be the case in other areas of the economy, and their acumen with narrative craft shows in their popular entertaiment. Instead of the gangster-dominated scene of old Hong Kong, you have the government-as-gangster-dominated scene of Beijing, and so long as a critical mass of Chinese are able to live like the Westerners they envy they don't care. They are some of the most Normie of Normie in psychology around, and Aeoli Pera describes that psychology best:

If you thought the truth would wake people up, then I’ve got news for you: they did. Everybody knows Epstein’s suicide, masks, elections, stonks, and white supremacist terrorism are fake. Everybody. That’s all normie-tier shit now. They’re plenty awake and they still aren’t gonna do shit because they think it’s not their job. They’re coping and waiting for dad to rescue them. People don’t need to wake up, they need to GROW UP. (Emphasis mine)

Summed up succinctly as "Can't be helped", a shrug-it-off-and-work-around-it coping attitude to things falling apart due to incompetent creation and neglect of maintenance--a child's attitude--when things fall apart. You'll see it in the linked videos above.

In short, this doesn't make for a real hegemony because you rarely have a proper Patriarch in control of such a regime due to those given over to corruption disallowing any threat to their gravy train getting cut off--the Chinese pattern is court enuchs getting too big for their britches, but it plays out in other ways--and such a weak sovereign makes for an easy target for stronger competitors to rip them apart. That's the 19th Century experience of China, and the ruling dynasty--and yes, the CCP is the ruling dynasty; change the trappings, keep the substance--remembers it like yesterday, which is why it does its womanly worming into weak Westerner ears to extend its control overseas.

Because there is no substance there, any serious resistance can crush it. Sure, the US isn't quite so capable, but Russia is and Beijing knows it. Either way, the Dragon is made of paper and unlike Vox Day I hold no concerns of this being a Chinese century. If it's not a second American century, then it will be Russian or it won't be anything at all. In any event, no matter what, Empire falls.

Sunday, May 16, 2021

The Meme That Makes The Medicine Go Down

This is funny, but it points to a larger problem.

The problem is two-fold: the pay for menial jobs is abysmal and the conditions are tolerable at best, and there is increasing political support for just paying people to stay home--call it welfare, UBI, or whatever--instead of having them get out and go work for either themselves or an employer.

This is compounded by the facts that foreign invasion via immigration--legal and otherwise--vastly inflated the labor supply at all levels, depressing compensation (wages, salaries, benefits), while Uniparty Death Cultists increasingly use that flush to not only keep the native plebs in line but also to keep their own foreign mercenaries in line via internecine competition for favor with the Cult's political fronts.

The result is that both native and foreign plebs are doing what is not unexpected by senior management--by the Uniparty fronts--and staying home if they find that the payoffs are better than working a shit job.

No form of Modernist governance can defeat this manipulation, so the only way out is what is already emergently happening: people are (re)forming identity groups--families,clans, tribes, nations--and the more successful ones root that identity in something transcendant, usually religious or cultish in nature, because when you remove that from a people they turn into nihilist self-destroying degenerates full of insanity and depravity that would make Cthulhu blush.

This is the root of sayings such as "Come out of Babylon", as it encapsulates that wisdom in a single phrase: you can't fix it within the system, and you can't change it from without, so the only option left is to leave it, shun it, and keep from it until it collapses and dies from its own folly. Then, after burning the corpse to ash and salting the remains, you can safely build anew.

We tend to forget the salting part, which is why it keeps coming back. Remember this time. Empire falls.

Sunday, May 9, 2021

A More Perfect Summary of the SJW Does Not Exist

Vox Day commented on this the other day. It is satire, but it is satire that captures the foot soldiers of Empire--the SJWs of the Death Cult--so completely and concisely.

The government’s new “Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities” has issued a report intended to gaslight us into believing that we are not living in a fascist state. My lived experience tells me otherwise, and that is surely far more reliable than “facts” or “evidence”.

As critics have noted, the report makes the astonishing claim that racism no longer exists in the UK. I mean, it doesn’t technically say that (it actually says that “racism still exists in the UK” and “has no place in any civilised society”) but we all know what the report’s writers were secretly thinking.

Anyway, the substance of the report is beside the point. Unless it confirms everything that I have already decided is true, it has absolutely no value whatsoever and all copies should be destroyed.

Don't tell me that you've never run into this. You have. You just didn't have the words for it.

Now you do. Weaponize it. Refine it. Turn it into a Rhetorical Killshot and deploy without fear of reprisal or mercy for the heretics. Empire falls.

Sunday, May 2, 2021

Who Owns The Land?

One question to consider going forward: "Who owns the land?"

You no doubt have heard reports of Globohomo figures buying up arable land, whole island, and other land acquisitions. Yes, "acquisitions"; I doubt that cutting checks is the sole consideration made for these transactions, as we'll see soon enough.

For all the talk, for and against us, Mankind as a whole remains a species tied to the land. Therefore control of fertile land, land-based natural resources--wood, minerals, etc.--as well as otherwise marginal land that acts as a chokepoint for land or water transit matters. One of the necessary concerns of any state is to manage the land it holds as sovereign territory; how this is done, at the level I'm talking, is detail. It must be done, so it shall be done, by whatever means and justification necessary.

Do not think that this is above your pay grade. Even if all you seek is to establish a homestead far away from all the madness, you cannot escape this question. If you are unable to defend what you claim to own, then you don't own it; you manage it for someone else, and that someone else can defend it because they can take it from you at any time.

No, I'm not talking about ink jizzed on paper, or electrons spewed on a screen. I'm talking the cold iron and hot lead that backs those claims and records up.

You can bet that those buying all that land are also buying the gear and hiring the henchmen to hold that land against all comers, and they certainly seek to put workers on that land to do the actual labor of making it productive in return for living on it.

That, friends, is feudalism. All you're lacking is the pagentry of nobility.

Consider, therefore, that feudalism never ended. Rather, it became obscured as the actual owners changed their costumes and their mechanisms for exerting ownership and control; we called it something else, and we made a show of it not being feudalism, but it really was when you strip away the exterior and looked at how--in practice--we actually lived. We substituted formal social bonds for financier-based monetary economics, but the mechanisms were the same.

Instead of your master being Lord Shitcock XIII, it's his descendent Dr. Shitcock XXXI who runs the Shitcock Family Trust when he's not part-timing for the Shitcock Institute of Social Policy and guest-lecturing at the Shitcock School for Social Justice while evaluating candidates for the Shitcock Scholarship Fund's annual grant awards and raising money for his grandson Colonel Shitcock, Republic Marine Corps (Ret) in his race for a seat the Republic Parliament.

We still have an aristocracy. It is no longer confined to military affairs, but instead to socio-economic domination of a society.

So I ask you again: Who owns the land?

Start stripping away the trappings, find how the machine actually works, and you'll find out how to break it. Empire falls.