Sunday, January 12, 2014

Action Is Inevitably Required

First, a note on the book project: I have my new writing software now. I've taken the time to get familiar with it, and now I'm getting out my notes, materials and papers. I'll be reviewing my Master's work when I'm not writing the fiction novel.

And now, our feature presentation...

Max Igan, he of The Crowhouse, made a few big moves this past year. One of these was a journey to Peru to visit the native peoples there, see first-hand their issues, and bring back what he saw. Another was a journey to Palestine, sneaking into and out of that occupied land, again so we'll benefit from his first-hand experiences there. He's continued to oppose the fracking operations in Byron Bay back in his homeland of Australia, decided to give David Icke's "People's Voice" operation a chance, and now he's pushing on something bigger.

Igan's decided upon a course of action that backs up the years of radio show rhetoric he's given about withdrawing our consent, retaking our power, and bypassing the State entirely in favor of acting directly--yet peacefully--to accomplish the twin ends of bringing Empire down and putting in its place a far more healthy and viable alternative. To this end, Igan's established The Full Circle Project, and one of the things he wants to accomplish through this project is to use the system against itself where it proves vulnerable. I linked to his video about this previously, so you can find it at that post or at the Full Circle site; take an hour and listen.

Say what you like about Icke (I have), but his People's Voice thing is another attempt at doing something useful about the situation at hand. Icke thinks that a more traditional, but independent, media outlet is just such a thing at this time; his background in television, and his long and successful relationship with the independent media, likely had a significant influence in making this decision. I have no idea if this--or Igan's "Full Circle" move--will bring about anything of substance (let alone achieve their intended aims), but I will say this:

It is better to take action and fail than to refrain from acting at all.

I do not say that idly. It's taken me many, many years to reprogram myself out of my own fear of failure due to my own traumatic experiences as a child; the catalyst was an equally-powerful ecstatic experience wherein I "saw" (for lack of a better word) that this natural existence is actually a forgiving one, and now I can't unsee it. This is why I'm embarking on these writing projects.

Act. I don't know what you should do; I don't know you, so I don't know your circumstances, resources, or mentality- I can't give competent advice. Like Morpheus said to Neo, all I can do is bring you to the door; you have to decide to open it and walk through. You may fail; if you don't give it all due diligence then you are all but certain to fail. That's not an excuse to not act. Everyone dies, reader, and most don't die peacefully in their sleep due to old age. Sure, you may not be able to do it all in one swift stroke; no one reading this post is in that position. Yet you are in a position to make progress towards that goal- whatever it is. If you want to get out, start taking stock of what it will take to make that happen and then assess what you can do to move in that direction. Me, I want to write and publish books in both my field of study and my area of interest; I have to have actual manuscripts to make that happen, so that's what I'm doing now while I look ahead to the next step.

I may fail. I may not succeed as I planned, or when I planned, even if I do succeed. There are variables wholly outside of my control, or the control of anyone else that decides--for love or money--to help me make this happen, but that cannot deter me from taking this action here and now. If I fail, I know that it will not be the end of the world; what I want to do is immune to automation, so my odds can only improve over time. I have something of worth to share, and I now have the skill to say it, so now is the time to make it happen- and what I have to say is my part in the effort to make Empire fall.

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