Sunday, January 25, 2015

ClandesTime Ep. 046: Tron

Tom Secker says: "Aaron Franz joined me to talk about the 1982 film Tron, as well as its recent sequel Tron: Legacy. In this in-depth conversation we talked about comparisons with other films including The Wizard of Oz and the Matrix trilogy, the long standing relationship between Disney, who produced Tron, and the OSS, CIA and FBI, the filming at the LLNL Livermore Lab, the transhumanist agenda of the film and the director Steven Lisberger’s motives for making the film. We also looked at a ‘making of’ documentary that provided further details of the influences on the film as well as Lisberger’s transhumanist beliefs and evident interest in the occult and mystery schools. We rounded off by discussing how the recent sequel, as well as being very well produced, is a more subtle film with a much more well developed transhumanist religious theology."

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