Sunday, March 8, 2015

Is There Anyone to Vote For? – ClandesTime episode 049

Secker Writes: "I reflect on the forthcoming British general election and consider whether any of the candidates are worthy of my vote. I look at the three main parties (Tory, Liberal, Labour), the three alternatives that are rising in popularity (UKIP, Green, SNP) and a couple of new fringe parties that I have a particular affection for, asking whether any of them have done enough to persuade me to vote for them. I round off by revealing my results from an online poll designed to tell you which party best represents your view."

And I Say: What he does here is worthy of consideration. It's something that I think is useful to do in other states or federations where formal power comes through an electoral process, if only to think through the reality of the situation compared to the rhetoric spread through the media outlets.

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