Sunday, April 3, 2016

Paul Joseph Watson: Some Cultures Are Better Than Others

Quote: "Cultural relativism is bullshit. The west is the best.".

Yep. Totally is.

All cultures are not equal. As cultures are tied to nations, and nations are people, all nations are not equal either. Thanks to the West's creation of the Internet, the power exists in our hands to spread the truth of how this world really works to each other without gatekeepers or mediators.

One of them is seeing what other cultures and nations are really like, in real time, and often by those cultures and nations- all using technology invented and developed The West and the Men of the West, usually while shitting on them.

This is the insanity of Empire in action. Empire is a memetic disease, a cancer, and always has been since the first thrall to that cancer yoked a foreign nation into a coerced coalition with his own. The lie of Relativism is a fraud of Empire, as it argues against Natural Law- something that the West, when it is healthy and strong, adheres to strictly and stringently.

It is Natural Law that those cultures who seek knowledge of Nature, Nature's Law, and Nature's God (as the West has, though currently struggling to do so) rise up into manifestations of Civilization. Empire cannot sustain this, and wherever Empire takes hold--much like when barbarians sack a civilized culture and kill off the people and or their stores of knowledge--the wasteland spreads and barbarism with it as if a locust swarm. Those who do not degenerate into savages.

The recurring trait of anti-Civilization elements is this false equivalency. Fraud unrefuted becomes error, and error leads to Empire's consumption of another host. The truth is simple: Cultural Relativism is a euphemism for Invasion via Migration, and that means Orcs coming for Gondor with the aide of traitors and suckers acting as 5th Columnists.

You know what this means: opposition to Relativism is defense of Civilization, obedience to Natural Law, and glory to Nature's God. The West is the best, and I am a Man of the West. Aliens and foreigners don't belong here.

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