Sunday, September 25, 2016

On Anarchy, Borders, & Empire

Let me lay out some stuff for you.

More than anything else, I oppose those who will not leave me alone. There is no one having any business with me that I did not initiate, so I resent all intrusions upon my turf no matter the excuse. I mind my own business, and I expect everyone else to do the same. I prefer to go about my business quietly and peacefully, and I expect everyone else to do the same. The way I live reliably creates, as an emergent property, the very law and order that makes Civilization possible.

Yes, this does mean I am an anarchist at my roots, because I understand that "No Ruler" does NOT mean "No Rules". However, I also recognize that to live in this manner requires that everyone else adhere to the same culture that I do, and therefore possess the same comprehension of Nature and Natural Law that I do. I recognize that this does not exist without the creation and vigorous, ruthless defense of firm and permanent borders.

Put short, I know that the anarchy I desire can only exist within a specific nation whose culture allows for it and therefore only within a country wholly inhabited by that nation, and permitting only those aliens and foreigners who can be counted upon to abide by our culture to come within our country and spend time here- and even then, they only ever be allowed to visit.

Now, let's look at Empire. Regardless of its manifestation--Rome, Britain, China, Sumeria--one of the repeating traits of Empire is a total disregard for borders. All within the Empire is allowed, even compelled, to associate with one another; borders mean nothing because they can be violated at will if the state permits it, and association itself can be compelled at the point of a sword (or, these days, a gun). Why do this? To feed Empire's childish wants according to its childish whims. Yes, it's a "Feed me, Seymour!" situation; the state needs the peons to produce so it can consume and live lavishly (as it feels entitled to) at their expense- the state is a crime syndicate writ large.

Degrading the cultures of subject peoples into mirroring Empire's childish state is no accident; "Divide & Conquer" works when Empire can wield a childish people against whatever it deems objectionable enough to destroy. That this is often justified in some form of engineering or utopian language reveals a fundamental tell of Empire: it cannot accept life as it is, but instead it insists that it must be as it whims- and then goes on to throw tantrums until it collapses under its own failures to adapt to what actually is.

For all that Civilization is said to be about imposing one's will on Nature, what is actually true is that what Civilization actually is involves accepting Nature and Nature's Law as it is and (to borrow gamer parlance) to Git Gud at working with it. Mastery of the natural world does not mean making it the slave of the mature man. It means nothing more, and nothing less, than coming to know what it is, trusting that it will always be what it is, and then working with it to create the better tomorrow that said man imagines.

In the actual, working anarchies this IS how things work: you work with others, accepting them as they are, trusting that they will be what they are, and collaborating to achieve what one imagines. That is Civilization. That is Order. That is Law. Men sperging, be it at the mouth or at the pen, is not Law; true law needs no men to enforce it. And to get this, one must have and maintain borders so that those incompatible with this culture cannot disrupt it from within or destroy it from without.

And that, folks, is why I am a Nationalist. Globalism is Empire, and Empire is Treason. Empire will never leave me alone, so I oppose it. I align with the West, because the West is Civilization. (And the sooner we can restore our borders and remove the aliens and traitors serving Empire, the better.)

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