Sunday, October 30, 2016

Vampires Cannot Consume The Sun

What happens when a population decides to turn away from a traitorous elite in control of the institutions and build anew alternatives that they control?

The result is now clear: that elite perceives this as insurrection and reacts as if dealing with a literal rebellion against their control.

The Brexit campaign in the United Kingdom, the Presidential election in the United States, and the rise of a decentralized network of independent actors reporting the news can successfully challenge and defeat the Establishment and thwart Empire's will. Traditional publishing in all its niches is in collapse under the weight of incompetence and Empire's cult dogma. Entertainment outlets now falter as increasing numbers turn away from them now that alternatives exist. Political dynamics are going to be realigned despite Empire's will.

The Internet made this happen. Therefore it is a threat, and now it will be attacked. The usurpation of the United Nations in terms of oversight is that attack, as it does not even pretend (as the United States does) to be concerned about free and open communication and transmission of ideas and commerce. The hope is that the desire by many actors at the United Nations to establish something akin to what the People's Republic of China did will be easier at that venue.

These actors do not comprehend the Internet. When the previous generation of Empire's pawns created it, with the intention of keeping it up and operational in the event of a nuclear war, they created a network that--by design--interprets all degradation of core functionality as damage and routes around it as fast as can be done. That was about two generations ago, and the release to the world at-large in the 1990s accelerated this ethos to become a global norm.

As part of this ethos we got Open Source software, one notable example of which runs the backbone of many Internet nodes. Its key feature is its open quality, so one can diverge and build one's own variation at-will. This is "forking", as in "a fork in the road", and it is through forking that this ethos practically manifests. As every node in the Internet is expendable, taking control of one means only that it gets severed from the network and left to rot while the network endures. Technically and socially, this is how that routing around damage is done.

This is why the move to lockdown the Internet will fail. You can't stop the forking, and yes that does scale up to the fundamentals of the Internet. (Hell, the Great Firewall has holes, so even the Chinese can't stop it.) You might as well try to keep the Sun from rising.

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