Sunday, August 6, 2017

The Attempt By Big Social to Create Context is Doomed

You know the enemy is losing when they freak out and go all "SHUT IT DOWN!" in response, hoping to control the Narrative. Mister Metokur goes into it here:

He overstates the case, and it can be reversed. Just after he put out that video we got word about the Google memo, and it turns out that there is significant dissent against the SJW convergence at Google. Vox Day goes into it here. The summary is that someone within Google released an essay criticizing the SJW Convergence therein, and the predictable point-and-shriek swarm attack (organized by middle and senior managers) ensued. If this is the case at Google, count on there being similar cases at Facebook and Twitter.

And that is just internal pressures within the workforce. Once any stockholder gets their hands on the stats and puts together cause and effect, they will have reason to file suit against the company for failure to fulfill the legal mandate of fiduciary duty (in short, management is putting Convergence over legal obligations, which is illegal). Once such a suit goes to Discovery, the SJWs in that corporation are screwed; either they double-down and make their punishment worse or they cough up the goods and take their perp-walks while cutting checks to Uncle Sam.

So, while the immediate situation can be thwarted and beaten back, Metokur's cynicism does have a point. If they are not eradicated, the SJWs will regroup and do it again later, because they are ideologues committed to a cause and that cause has to have domination of the culture to succeed. It's not mere censorship, it's "creating context", something Hideo Kojima foresaw over a decade ago as being an issue.

It is one thing to pick-and-choose what information is allowed to be accessed. That, by itself, is censorship. To go beyond that, and reshape a people's culture so that those circumventing the censorship still can't do anything with that forbidden information due to lacking either the means to spread it or the ability to comprehend what that information is- that is "creating context".

What we see here is a freak-out reaction. Empire sees its demise. Its Thralls attempt to prevent this by warping the perception of the peoples that they dominate, removing their ability to comprehend anything that Empire doesn't want by removing elements of culture that make it possible to comprehend (and therefore act upon) unwanted paradigms- even when it is Natural Law itself that Empire seeks to shut out.

This is not the reaction of a secure, confident ruling oligarchy. This is the reaction of an insecure, anxious cult that sees an existential threat and reverts to its roots in rabbit psychology when pressed severely. They're not fighters by nature; they're all status-seeking backstabbers playing "Don't Be Hindmost!", as if every day was a George Romero zombie movie and the horde right on their heels. As their own public statements revealing, we're not dealing with quality people here when we deal with most Thralls- even those deep into government agencies.

So, quite frankly, they're going to fail. That which cannot persist will not, and this Social Justice death cult cannot so it will not. None of this existential fraud that is Leftism of any stripe can, so it won't. The merciful thing to do is to kick them all down the well and be done with it so the rest of us can finish cleaning up the mess and getting on with making Civilization great again. The many Alt-Tech projects have already had an impact in making that last part real and achievable; now it's time to start doing the cleanup.

And yes, when I say "Kick them all down the well.", I mean this:

I am done playing nice with fools that want me dead and my people gone. The sooner they meet their lawful fate, the better. Empire must fall.

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