Sunday, December 20, 2020

Narrative Warfare: Camped At The Rubicon

Wictor's been going again with daily videos. This is yesterday's and you ought to see it.

I'm going to summarize what Wictor emphasizes time and again:

  • Trump read and mastered The Art of War.
  • Trump understands that Narrative Warfare is Warfare.
  • Trump understands that most people ostensibly on his side are unreliable because they are easily suckered by enemy Narrative attacks and a lifetime of conditioning to conform to enemy behavioral norms that are counter-productive.
  • Trump uses misinformation and disinformation--lying and bullshitting--against enemies and unreliable allies as a matter of routine.
  • Trump actually reads the rules of the game he plays and masters them, know that the rules matter- not what someone says they are.
  • Trump comprehends that Narrative Warfare requires showmanship, so his Narrative campaigns are structured as a big production- like a movie.
  • Trump uses enemies to his advantage routinely, often putting them into positions where what they do actually benefits him ultimately.
  • When Trump wins, it's because he's suckered his enemies into letting him win and win decisively.

This means that what you're told about him being rooked by enemies in his cabinent, or in his advisors, etc. is bullshit. (So stop whining about Kurshner, you faggots.) He knows exactly what he's doing, and those enemies are in those positions so he and his allies can surveil them, feed them disinfo, and curtail their activities all the while providing the optics Trump will require when the hammer comes down.

As Wictor and the Cates brothers routinely state, Trump's administration has no leaks that it did not deliberately initiate- and those are to find disloyal elements to plug up or turn to their advantage.

So don't panic. The overall narrative here is "See how the entire system is so corrupt, so treasonous, that it has to be cleaned out the hard way from top to bottom? Well, as Your Favorite President, who loves this country, I cannot stand by and let this insurrection succeed. I gave everyone that could have stopped it the chance to do that, but they all just let it happen, so they leave me with no choice. By the power invested in my as President of the United States, I hereby invoke the Insurrection Act effective immediately and I shall use the powers under this Act, as well as the Emergency Powers I already have, to clean up this mess once and for all. God bless you, and God bless the United States of America."

Expect to see regular active-duty military in the streets this January. Expect to see military tribunals. We'll avoid a second civil war, but just barely, and Trump will remain as President. Empire falls.

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