Sunday, March 23, 2014

Tom Secker: An Ally Against Empire

For some time now I've followed and linked to ClandesTime, a podcast founded and hosted by Tom Secker and based out of the United Kingdom. (Yes, I will have the latest episode up tomorrow.) He runs SpyCulture, where the podcast originated from, and Secker's thing is the intersection between the Intelligence community and the Entertainment community; he notes that there's been a lot more overlap that what is often known, and it's far older than Washington's affair with Hollywood. Secker's a realistic sort, not dealing in the whackado of Icke and the Crazytown end of things, but--like James Corbett (of the Corbett Report, another trusted outlet here) and BoilingFrogsPost (ditto)--stays firmly within the real world and does his best to back up his claims with verifiable evidence. This is a one-man-band effort, and clearly not his day job, which is why the updates on the site (as oppossed to the podcast) are sparse and irregular. While the site may not be worth bookmarking, the podcast is worth so doing; Secker's a guy who's worth watching.

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