Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Gnostic Media: An Interview with Thomas Hunt - "Mad Bitcoins" - #192

Jan Irvin's Gnostic Media podcast recorded the embedded video below on March 6th.

Here's what he uses to describe it: "What's with all the mainstream media hype lately over Bitcoin? What is Bitcoin? What is Mt. Gox? Is Mt. Gox the same as Bitcoin? Or is that equivalent to saying Enron, or Bernie Madoff, or Al Capone, is the dollar? Is Bitcoin really only used by drug smugglers and pornographers? Is it really a government conspiracy for a global digital currency? A Ponzi scheme? Is it really unbacked by anything? Is it something we should fear because it's not supported by the Government, which brought us the dollar that's lost most of its value through usury and inflation? (Note: This is the same government that bailed out the banks in 2008 - the failed banks. The same government that prints the money and then takes 1/3rd of it back each year.)

You've probably heard most, if not all, of these exaggerations.

What if, instead of believing and spreading propaganda and fear, we got informed on what Bitcoin really is? I've personally done over 6 months research in preparation for doing some shows on this topic.

Today Thomas Hunt joins us from Mad Bitcoins. Mad Bitcoins is a daily YouTube news show covering the exciting world of cryptocurrency. Watch and Subscribe at YouTube. Host Thomas Hunt also moderates a more serious weekly Bitcoin panel discussion entitled "The Bitcoin Group" available at TheBitcoinGroup.com and is hard at work on the new WorldCryptoNetwork.com."

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