Sunday, May 4, 2014

Billy Deily on Anarchism

There are times when I come across something that so encapsulates what I'm thinking that I find it a better use of this space to share that those words than to reinvent the wheel. Today, that happened again. Here are those words.

"The answer is to govern YOURSELF, and allow me to do the same. If I harm you, or you harm me, we each have a right to defend ourselves from that. But what NO ONE has the right to do is say "There are things in this world that might, possibly, under certain circumstances, in some nondescript point in the future, perhaps cause harm or offense to you or someone else. So, because of this, myself and a small group of others hereby declare that we have the right to rule over all the rest of you for your own protection. We also declare the right to demand regular payment from you to cover the cost of enforcing said rule and protection. This is NOT optional...we've drafted a very official looking piece of paper (it's written in calligraphy, so you know to take it seriously!) as a contract establishing all of this...a contract to which you will be automatically considered beholden to from birth, regardless of whether you actually consent or not. If you resist our services or refuse to pay us for them, we will send our blue-suited winged monkeys to arrest and imprison you. If you resist imprisonment, our blue-suited winged monkeys have been given the ok to kill you. Again, this is all for your own protection and totally NOT a scam to allow the ruling class to funnel taxes into their own pockets and create monopolistic market structures for the filthy rich to avoid free market competition . - Yours truly, Every government ever in the history of forever-ever " ---Billy Deily

TL/DR: Government is a scam. All we need is to control ourselves, and stop being dicks to each other.

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