Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mothers, Send Never Your Sons To War, For All Wars Abroad Are Bankers' Wars

In the United States, today is Mother's Day. In a few short weeks, we will observe Memorial Day (and the unofficial start of Summer here). These days should be better-connected.

I could spend this space railing about this artificial holiday of Mother's Day, but I will refrain; it has useful roots, and elsewhere may well be far more beneficial that it is here in the United States (where it is subsumed into the Great Secular Cult and used to further put resistance to the excesses of Empire into place in the minds of we Americans). I shall instead focus on that useful element.

Today, it is useful to recall a recent post I made where I linked to an open letter to the American People by Alexander Dugin on the events in Ukraine (which you can find here). Mr. Dugin made a point that we are routinely conditioned by government to forget: that we have far, far more in common with the common people all over the world than we do with our own elites. (They, in turn, have more common with the elites of the world than they do with us.)

The wars we've seen in the United States, for all of the 20th Century and much of the 19th, are not true and just wars against an aggressor preying upon us--be that aggressor within or without--but instead the end result of psychological manipulations worked by those elites (those now, or their predecessors) upon us and our counterparts abroad. We are but useful materials to them, bodies to be worked and bled until we break or die--until we are consumed in their war machines, or their mines, or their fields, or their offices, etc.--and until then pacified by entertainments and misdirected with toxic "culture" promulgated by media outlets that this class owns. They use knowledge of the human mind that we are conditioned to ignore (see Passio, Gnostic Media, School Sucks, Peace Revolution, etc.), and then the mothers of the United States are cajoled and bribed to send their sons (and now, daughters) off to these obscene and blasphemous atrocities of mass human sacrifice that we are expected to call "wars" to preserve "freedom" from a threat (that never existed in reality; the wars are fake, but the slaughters are real) that demands terrible military retribution.

The beneficiaries of the wars are neither common peoples. It's always the elites, first in the making of the wars, then in the winning, and finally in the rebuilding. They benefit coming and going due to their command of the international banking system; loans made to beligerents to fight the wars, loans rolled over and extended in ending the wars, and then outright looting of the losing state by the winner in addition to more loans and foreign corporate "investment". John Perkins puts this latter phase out in Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, and as for the former one need only look at the history of the U.S. National Debt.

These are bankers' wars, and no bankers' war is a just one. It is a predatory act, and those who follow orders (as Mark Passio puts it so bluntly) are more guilty than those who give them--"I was just following orders." is not only not an excuse, it is a confession to Crimes Against Humanity--because orders can be, and should be, refused. Stop contributing to your own enslavement by participating, including by paying for them, but--first and foremost--by ceasing and desisting forevermore to send your sons to be butchered on their altars to their demon-god Mammon. To wage war to defend against predators is just; to become one yourself is to condone, suborn, and sanction slavery and even worse crimes against your fellow Man.

Mothers of the world, refuse to let your children become (and behalf as) predators. Train your eyes, and arms, on the true enemy of Mankind: the predatory elites who feed upon you, and upon your children whom your gave your body and risked life and health to bring into this world- and respect your fellow mothers who did likewise to bring theirs into this world also. Force them to put forth their real aims: force them to run out the drones, to reveal what they really want--robot-like obedient butcher machines--and you will come to see Empire fall.

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