Sunday, June 29, 2014

It Is Time To Make Changes At This Place

Now that we are past the midway point of 2014, I think it is time to pause and consider what I want to do with this 'blog.

By now I have a short list of go-to people whose videos, articles, etc. consistently meet my standards for reliability, quality, and usefulness. I find it interesting to see that most of the content originating elsewhere that I curate and connect to during the week and on Saturdays comes from those sources. While useful to me, I think that I should reconsider making outright posts of this stuff instead of just adding the regulars to a 'blog roll on the side, and instead focus my curation efforts on connecting you readers to all of the good stuff that I find- but yet is not popular or has not yet found itself an audience.

The other thing I think I need to reconsider is that, at this time, there is little formal structure to the content that I post here. This is, I think, doing more harm than good for the 'blog at this time and I should institute some form of structure to the content. At the very least, I should impose a schedule and use that to focus my attention (therefore, my efforts, and in turn your attention) on a far more manageable range of topics. This, I think, is a good way to resolve an issue that I have right now.

That issue is a lack of perceptible impact. Audience size, scale, scope, etc. are consistent- and consistently low and shallow. I think that I can solve this problem through a review of what I choose to curate, what I choose to exclude, and find within those niches a place for myself. This will not happen within a week; I have plenty to do that has nothing to do with this 'blog coming up this week, and I have other things competing for my attention through the first two weeks in July. So, while you can expect things to change they will not happen immediately or immanently.

The goal, however, is the same- to make Empire fall.

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