Sunday, June 1, 2014

The System Will Not Save You Because You Are Fungible

What I find interesting is that whenever one of Empire's systems--its governments, its empires, etc.--collapses or otherwise comes into crisis, there is one thing that consistently occurs: the system abandons its subjects in favor of saving itself. So, in the very moment when these Thralls' claim that they are there to intervene to save the people, they--at best--turn tail and run; most of the time, they turn upon and openly prey upon the people instead. The situation, in reality, is akin to being caught between two undead threats: a pack of ravenous vampires (Thralls of Empire) and the zombie horde (the desperate victims of Empire's infantilism). It is not surprising, therefore, to see that reality reasserts itself forcefully in such situations- only to return to the illusions when the crisis abates.

The reality is that we are on our own. For Americans, the examples of Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy are very instructive: people get abandoned for days or weeks at a time, and then treated as criminals or animals when the government bothers to respond, and respond incompetently or ineffectively when they do. Meanwhile, true voluntary responses such as Occupy Sandy show up how incompetent the government is by doing the same job better and more efficiently. The process is similar elsewhere in the world, and many examples of prior history demonstrate the same truth.

Let me remind you that the Supreme Court of the United States ruled in 2005, again, that the police have no obligation to protect you. This follows a trend going back to 1980 in terms of explicit denial of responsibility, and an even longer indirectly one. Furthermore, they enjoy legal immunity in the form of indemnification; they don't have to save you, and you can't sue them if they don't. That done, now to some whys.

At heart, it's because you--the individual--are fungible in Empire's eyes. You are interchangeable, and therefore replaceable, so you have little or no value to Empire other than as a consumable human resources; you are just another can of soda on the shelf, so you have value only as one very small part of a infinitesimally larger whole- you're barely a Redshirt. So what if you die? There are plenty more just like you, who can do your job/fulfill your function, so it's waste of resources to bother with you more than that; you are to be herded until your time comes to be slaughtered, because you are just human cattle to Empire. That, folks, is a big reason for the legal justification behind the system's routine abandonment of its promises to be as a substitute father for you.

All governments are like this; the example of the United States is neither atypical nor particularly egregious, and somewhat more open and honest than other examples. The purpose for governments wanting disengaged, disarmed, distressed populations have far, far more to do with making people easier to herd and corral than any promises of benefits, protection, or other things that resemble the treatment of fathers to their children. (Because that's the dynamic at work here: Empire and its Thralls as abusive fathers, infantilizing people by enabling cowardice and dependency--by making you weak--instead of fostering strength by way of teaching courage and competency necessary to independently survive and thrive.) This is why no government can be truly freeing; they are corrupt at their core, and inevitably turn towards totalitarianism and authoritarianism--towards being Empire's latest manifestation--in an attempt to satisfy the unnatural and unlawful existence that Empire insists upon contrary to Creation's will.

When the shit hits the fan, the system cuts and runs first and maybe--when the threat is over--it comes back to do something for its human resources. Maybe. The experiences of Hurrincanes Katrina and Sandy show what's far more likely to happen instead, and for that reason I recommend that individuals and households don't expect government intervention for the good and instead prepare to be on their own in all respects- and to refuse government interference in their ability to do so. Severe weather alone is all the reason you need to do this; economic collapses, political unrest, etc. are merely additional reasons to be as ready as one can for such occasions. Empire needs its dependent, fearful, infantilized addicts--its abused lovers/children--to wield its power; get out from under that, get as independent as you can, and you will survive and thrive because you will adhere to Natural Law and thereby enjoy its blessings because you will make yourself into someone of value. Empire must fall.

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