Sunday, August 31, 2014

On the Matter of Space, Physical and Non-Physical Alike

When I was a boy, I learned from my father that one does not go where they are not wanted unless they are looking for a fight.

I find this concept to be a simple one, yet it is not comprehended by far too many individuals in this world because I see these fools trespassing into spaces where they have no right to be, are not needed there, are not wanted there, and then complain that they are treated like criminals for doing so.

Space is property. This includes social space. It is a thing that one creates through the admixture of one's labor with the raw material of Nature, changing it from what naturally emerges into something crafted and defined by the hands of Man and guided by the mind of Man. That it lacks a form obvious to one's eyes at times does not mean that the creation does not exist, that it is not a thing created by one or more individuals, and thus space is property.

Therefore, no one has the right to unilaterally cross into space that is neither their own property nor that which is the common property of all without the permission of the owner. To do so is to violate that property, to do damage or steal something that does not belong to you, and that is an act of violence. It is predatory behavior, and it is NOT to be tolerated.

There are places in this world where, for whatever reason, you are not to go. You do not have a right to be wherever you want to go; boundaries do exist, and with good reason, and one of the first steps to a practical and lasting peace is the insistence that these boundaries be respected- and that does me using whatever force is required to do the work necessary to finish the job that is defending these fundamental Natural Law rights. I weep not for the trespassers slain by those defending their property, and neither does any other right-thinking individual, because no one sheds a tear for those seeking to prey upon others.

As I said above, this includes social spaces. You don't have a right to be in a social space just because it is there, no matter how alluring that space is. If you are told to keep out, then know that you have no right of ownership. You are not wanted there. You are not needed there. Respect their right to their property, and go somewhere else. (And, by correlation, if you are allowed within, then you are a guest and you are expected to behave appropriately.) If you want to gain admission, then either take out an ownership stake or become an owner's guest, and take both the obligations as well as the benefits of that course of action. (Guests may be expelled at any time, and ownership demands engagement with that property.)

Space is not scarce. It is abundant, especially in the social realm. There is no reason to violate the space of others to achieve the ends that you desire from occupying that space; this is predatory behavior and cannot be tolerated. Go elsewhere and do the work necessary to create a space that is truly your own; violating the space of others is the path of destruction, chaos, and ruin- it turns everything it touches to shit. Building your own space, creating your own property, is the path of civilization, order, prosperity, and the betterment of Mankind as a whole. It takes time, and there is no guarantee of success, but even failure is productive and useful- if you are willing and able to listen to the lessons that it offers.

The violation of another's space, regardless of the excuse, is to show that you are infected by Empire; you make the false presumption that you can claim that which you neither created nor traded for, under some sophistry that comes down to "I am your master, and you shall obey because reasons or I shall violate your body or your property until I compel compliance from you." This is Empire. If you think yourself better than this, then prove it- and repent from such behavior forevermore. The more that we do this, the sooner Empire must fall.

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