Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Internet Is Key To Empire's Fall

The Internet continues to prove that it is a game-changing technology, one that Empire's Thralls are not happy with because it cuts down--and threatens to destroy--the ability to control a narrative. This is clearly seen in the West when looking at coverage of the Israeli criminality going on in Gaza. Even as recent as 2006, mainstream media outlets successfully controlled the narrative of that episode in the West; the penetration of the Internet, while great, had not reached the levels that exist now. Now, eight years later, Internet penetration is so broad and deep that the mainstream and established media outlets--all in thrall to Empire--cannot control that narrative anymore.

You cannot lie to the Internet. That is what is now clear. The Western Establishment's narrative is continually undermined by the efforts of ordinary people filming the protests that do not get covered properly (if covered at all) by the mainstream outlets, be it protests about Gaza, protests about Ukraine, even things that go on in North Korea or the People's Republic of China. Even if it is deleted after posting, that doesn't mean that it is gone, as many celebrities and politicians have found out to their detriment. This is a big part of the reason for why there is a big push to fetter the Internet; all of the statutes, treaties, buyouts, paid shills, infiltration and "moderation" of unwanted narratives in places like Reddit (and so on) are intended to bring the Internet to heel and serve Empire (as was its original intention).

No, not in a grand and centrally-coordinated conspiracy; it is instead just an intention to create the conditions wherein normal corporate or business sensibilities warp online cultures into the same drone hive we see everyday in corporate and government offices everywhere. In short, the same structural method that constrains the old mainstream media to serve Empire is intended to be imposed on the Internet as a whole; go read Chomsky & Herman's Manufacturing Consent to see how that happened a generation or so ago with regard to newspapers, radio, and television.

We need a free and independent Internet, founded upon the principle of Network Neutrality and enforced with the ethics behind Open Source software, to continue to break the hold of Empire upon the narratives that Empire and its Thralls use to justify its various actions around the world. The Western Establishment cannot be trusted. The governments of the BRICS cannot be trusted either; never trust ANY government, and don't trust corporations either- not Google, not Microsoft, not ADM, not Monsanto, not Boeing, none of them no matter their size, influence, past behavior/performance, etc. Trust in individuals alone, and never in the creations of an individual (e.g. governments, corporations, NGOs, etc.), and only so long as they continue to demonstrate by deed their worthiness.

We cannot make Empire fall by staying within its structure, and living by its rules. We have to bring it down from without by taking down its ability to exert its influence, and that means taking back control over the narratives we tell about ourselves; we must fight to protect the Internet, using all means available, and be ready and willing to do what it takes to make that so- peacefully if we can. This is something worth fighting for, so fight- and with this cause to fuel our fight, we cannot lose and Empire will fall.

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