Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Narrative on Syria Shifted This Week

This past week saw Turkey shooting down a Russian fighter, an even that RT covered for at least six hours straight, bringing out a credible threat of escalation to World War 3. Well, of course there had to be something going on that wasn't shown by the media, so off I went to the Internet.

First, our Syrian Girl had a video in the day immediately after Turkey shot down a Russian fighter operating in Syria.

Second, from RT, the Putin PR meeting w/ King Abdullah of Jordan:

Third, Press For Truth's live show talking about this mess:

What this means is as summarized below:
  • The immediate financial link between ISIS and its patrons is exposed as the song of Turkey's President.
  • The ties via NATO are shown to be weak, as NATO did not back up Turkey's attempt to taunt Russia into a war escalation.
  • The aims of the Deep State in the West in Syria is threefold: removing Assad to remove an impediment to geo-political economic aims (namely, an oil pipeline to allied interests), using ISIS as a cat's paw against the common folk of the West to prop up their own regime via flooding Europe and North America with refugees (amongst which ISIS agents can slip into the West), and to contain Russia and China until the Deep State is able to finish its imperial aim of global hegemony.
  • The same information manipulation that related parties use for lesser issues is employed by them for their greater ones.
The increased ethnic tension that this flood of aliens and foreigners into the West is not an accident. The Deep State running the West knows damn well that Proximity + Diversity = War. The reason for having this crisis is that, managed as they like, it serves to neuter a growing restlessness in the Western nations via providing an excuse for further tyranny and oppression--real oppression, not the bullshit that Social Justice cultists whine about--through an increase in Police State regime measures.

This is some three-dimensional chess here, folks. Gotta stay awake to stay ahead of the game.

Finally, a video by Lionel of Lionel Media on the matter. (Follow this guy; he's got stuff worth hearing.)

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