Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Syrian Refugee Crisis is Wholly Manufactured

The video is from Ben Swann's YouTube channel, recently re-uploaded but originally aired in 2013. It is still relevant.

"ISIS" wasn't a thing unto itself in the mainstream Western media, certainly not in U.S. media, at that time. That's why he's referring to Al Qaeda. However, he's been on this beat again recently:

James Corbett continues to host an open investigation into the Paris attacks, attacks wherein the Syrian refugee crisis is used as both a scapegoat and a means to conceal the attackers until they strike. His most recent video, uploaded on the 17th, is below updating what's known so far:

Then there's Mike Cernovich. On his own dime, and of his own accord, he went to investigate and document this alleged refugee stream first-hand. What he saw showed the media narrative for the lie that is is. His article and photo archive is worth reading and seeing, so go do that, but to show you why, let me quote this:

  • 70% of “refugees” are able-bodied young men. Few women or children were present.
  • Refugees are told which countries offer the most benefits and told to avoid countries offer less free stuff. Denmark is considered a “bad” country for refugees.
  • Refugees are instructed to fake medical conditions.
  • Refugees are taught how to avoid being finger printed and how to evade the law.
  • Refugees trashed the train station and made no effort to “pitch in” or clean up. They instead played soccer, charged cell phones, and hit on girls.

So, what the hell is going on? Let's look at the effects and who benefits from these effects.
  • France in particular, and other European governments in general, immediately pushed for increased state power and decreased state accountability under the guise of "security".
  • Western governments (with a few exceptions), in contradiction to both their legal duties to their populations as well as their stated goals of security, immediately opposed any measures to cease the Syrian refugee flow--the same one concealing the attackers--and their media ramped up the pro-immigration Narrative Warfare.
  • Russia's officialdom immediately seized upon a tactical opportunity to force the Deep State of the West (what is sometimes called the "Anglo-American Establishment") to admit its involvement (and shore up its own support for its intervention) by having Putin give a speech exposing it.

    (Not that Russia is any savior or angel, or that RT should be wholly trusted, but their claims can be verified.)
  • Politicians with ties to the Deep State--what I call "Empire", and therefore the Enemy--receive pushes from the media arms in return for their serving the aims of the Deep State's insane compulsion for dominance and control. (Like Social Justice Warriors, the Deep State always lies, doubles-down, and projects; that's why they love Wahabist and Salafist Islam- they're fellow travelers.)

It's a screw-job coming and going. If you're not them, YOU DON'T BENEFIT!

Those people are dead. They got sacrificed for a lie. Innocent people, going about their lives, got throw on to a Satanic altar and had their life's blood shot out of them to give power to a great and ruinous lie. The ones who did the sacrificing delude themselves, from the simplest of killers to the so-called "masterminds", into thinking their way to be holy and righteous (an argument that doesn't square with history or with reality)- only to be sacrificed by more disposable pawns in turn.

All to keep Empire alive. All to keep it in power over this world.

Empire cares not what form it wears. Yesterday it was British. Today it's American. It wore Chinese, Roman, Catholic, and other forms in the past and may wear them again in the future if we fail now to kill it.

That's what this really is: the current form of Empire conducting an act of human sacrifice to sate its lust. That's why the Syrian War is here: to manufacture a crisis. That's why the refugees flow: to manufacture a crisis. From the sacrifice comes the manifested result of that ritual- more power in this world.

Problem, Reaction, Solution. They kill for the Great Lie.

Aaron & Melissa Dykes, the folks running Truthstream Media, put this out yesterday with documentation confirming Putin's accusations:

Oh, and since we're talking Syria, here's the Syrian Girl and her appearance on Radio 3Fourteen. She's legit.

If that doesn't make you hopping mad, then I don't know what will.

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