Sunday, February 14, 2016

(Honey Badger Radio) Honey Badger Radio 42: 10 Worst Experiments on Men and Boys

Join the badgers as they discuss the 10 worst experiments conducted on males, and male disposability.

Oh, and there's a quote that nails the ongoing theme here, from the Comments on the video:
allison expressed in the beginning what i (sort of ) felt about the issue but i couldn't put into words what made me so uncomfortable about the whole "islam rapeculture" thing. saying that feminists are ridiculous to call the western world a rape culture and then in the next step because of some shocking events in cologne to turn around to other men and to say "you're from an islamic rape culture with bad ideas about women and your repressive culture is the catalyst for your behavior in the west" because of our natural tendency to look out for women seemed hypocritical. i'll have to do some more soul searching on that

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