Sunday, February 28, 2016

(Corbett Report) How the West Lies About NATO's Expansion

Late last year NATO granted a formal membership invitation to Montenegro. How did the New York Times respond to this development? "Russia’s Fury Over Montenegro and NATO." But what do the people of Montenegro think? Joining us today to give us the missing part of the story is Dr. Filip Kovacevic, chairman of the Movement for the Neutrality of Montenegro and a senior analyst for

In addition to being exactly what it says, this video at The Corbett Report is a demonstration of what value Newsbud offers to you. The mainstream media in the West is an international syndicate of liars and frauds pulling a gaslighting operation against us on behalf of their owners and those owners' friends and associates. If you want to be properly informed about those who seek to shape the culture that creates the political forces so intended to produce results that benefit them and fuck you and I in the ass without lube, then back independent outlets like The Corbett Report and Newsbud. Support ethical, independent journalism operations as best you can. Why? Because IT'S ABOUT ETHICS IN JOURNALISM!

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