Sunday, July 31, 2016

(Corbett Report) Turkish Coup Fallout: Chief of Staff Fingers Gulen As Plot Leader


From the Turkish Armed Forces's Chief of Staff hanging the plot on Erdogan to the drama at Incirlik and the NBC psyops, Christoph Germann of the New Great Game blog is here to update us on all the latest news, views and reactions to this month's failed coup attempt in Turkey.

The reason that I keep posting stuff out of the Corbett Report and his associated outlets (BoilingFrogsPost, Asian-Pacific Perspective, New Great Game, and now NewsBud) is because this is the true inheritor of the principles of the news media. The emphasis on factual reporting, the use of logic and reason--a very Dialectic-heavy approach, intended for audiences already willing to take in that information--is something lacking in the media establishment (which is all about Rhetoric, as it is nothing more than Public Relations writ large). This video, something you can watch on your lunch break at work, is typical of what Corbett does and how he does it. (Go to his site or channel; he does do longer and short works.)

I'm going to broaden what I post here, with more of my commentary to add value to them, in the weeks to come. Folks needs alternative outlets, and I'm going to start pushing the ones that I find useful and valuable to you- my readers. I encourage you to go to YouTube to subscribe to both of Corbett's personal channels as well as those for his allies. I also encourage you to bookmark his site and those of his allies, and consider being on their email lists so you need not be worried if they get banned off Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.

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