Sunday, July 17, 2016

The Boss Can Wait. Deal With The Mooks First.

I'm not posting someone else's stuff today. There's a reason for it, and I'll get to it below.

There is a necessary pre-condition to a lot of the political and cultural philosophies I post here, without which they cease to be relevant and the wise man puts such irrelevancies away unless and until those conditions return. That pre-condition is the lack of a clear and present threat of an existential nature. In short, none of that shit matters when motherfuckers are coming to kill you.

Who runs the world? Irrelevant if you're dead. How does the banking system work? Irrelevant when you're dead. Is the state legit? Irrelevant when you're dead. Security of person and property? FUCKING RELEVANT!

Look, no big long paragraph of argument over False Flags, controlled opposition, working both sides, or any of that. You're not in a position where that is relevant right now. Right now you've got Orcs At The Gates, and if you don't deal with them here and now then the big picture won't matter because you will be dead and all you cherish ruined or worse.

Yeah, it sucks, because the boss behind the orcs will be able to move as he pleases. Suck it up. You can't stop the boss if you're dead, so get your head in the game and know what your situation is. Deal with the immediate threat, then worry about the Big Bad when you're able to do so.

That's the bitch of dealing with Empire: sometimes you gotta handle a threat that's real in the here and now because it's got a gun and wants to blow holes through you, even though you know where that threat got that gun and how it got pointed to come at you with that gun, because you won't ever stop this from happening again unless you deal with Mad Sucker With a Gun first.

Handle the mooks. Then go deal with the boss. That's how it is, so get on with it.

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