Sunday, November 6, 2016

Pedo Hillary Is Empire's Thrall

A vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote for treason, sedition, blasphemy, pedophilia, human sacrifice, and degeneracy. This woman is not simply a gangster, but a cultist and a cult leader. Her allegiance is not to the United States, but to an alien power; she would put all of us to the knife in sacrifice to her demonic master if she could- her contempt for we common people is all over the confirmed and vetted emails released by Wikileaks. It is, therefore, not merely a matter of lawful exercise of responsible citizenship to deny her bid for the Presidency; it is a matter of national and civilizational survival.

There is no scenario where a Hillary win is legitimate. By Federal statute she is already disqualified from office; her proven mishandling of classified material does this. By her own emails, she confesses to illegally rigging the Democrat primary; that's conspiracy on top of other acts. If she would readily rig the primary, then there is no doubt she will order the rigging of the general; her win is tainted, suspect, and likely an outcome of criminal conspiracy to corrupt the process.

Hillary's emails show her collusion with foreign nationals for her own gain at the expense of the American nation, the Republic, and the United States as a country. Hillary's ties to child predators and traffickers are known, as is her intimate ties to what goes on in those circles; by way of her, domestic traitors connect with foreign fellow travelers and facilitate international trafficking of their prey so material desires (the oil pipeline proxy war in Syria) can also be slaked.

Pedo Hillary is Empire's Thrall. She is so deep in Empire's embrace that she's been subsumed by it and is an avatar for it. Her evil, now out and confirmed, will only escalate should she seize again the levers of power in the United States. She brings barbarism, savagery, and chaos in her wake- as we see in the Middle-East most certainly. Vote for her, and you vote for Empire- you betray your people, your country, your God and Civilization and shall surely gain a traitor's reward.

If you wish to stop the threat to peace, justice, and Civilization then you cannot vote for Pedo Hillary. Make America Great Again. Vote Trump.

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