Sunday, July 16, 2017

Let Not Beauty Perish From This Earth

I refuse to live in a world where I cannot watch performances like these be a regular thing due to some death cult's interference.

Macross Fronter, "Lion" ft. May'n & Megumi Nakajima

Gundam Wing, "Just Communication" by Two-Mix

Yet this is exactly what the Social Justice death cult wants. In service to The Narrative, they proclaim beauty as abomination and joy as pain. As with the Serpent of old, they invert what they seek to pervert before they destroy it. Vox Day literally wrote the book about these insane cultists and their cult, and it's good for you to get clued in on it. (Think this is good? Read the book.)

And yet they're siding with hostile aliens and foreigners against their own kind. Anonymous Conservative literally wrote the book explaining what's going on in their brainmeats. (Curious? Read the blog.) These cultists (rabbits in Anon's reckoning) thinking (a) desperately shuns conflict (so "Let's you and him fight" is commonplace) and seeks to exploit freely-available resources without care or concern for anything or anyone else; the combination is a cowardly, cunning Wormtongue sort that is Mean Girls for life and plays for keeps.

And they have a self-destructive streak a mile long and just as wide. By doing a civilizational level of "Let's you and him fight", they're doing the real-life equivalent of throwing open the gates to let the orc hordes into Minas Tirith so the orcs will get rid of the native population that's loyal to Civilization itself (wolves, as Anon reckons). The idea is that the two will wipe each other out, and what remains can be shamed and tamed to be obedient lapdops.

That's the reason for the open borders and the insistence that savage hordes should be let into lands where they don't belong. In the below episode of Virtue of the West, we get Dr. Bill Warner spelling out the real consequences we in the West face if this hatred by the Social Justice death cult gets its wishes fulfilled.

Now, I used a pair of Japanese anison performances, but this applies to beautiful music by the better composers in Hollywood, bands like Within Temptation, artwork--still and moving--by masters old and new that isn't degenerate filth (e.g. Hayao Miyazaki), and especially the timeless beauty found in the greatest works of statuary and architecture found worldwide.

That's directly threatened by this willful treason by the SJW Death Cult. They want things like this to happen to you and yours.

And the imported orcs hate beauty too, insofar as they do not possess and dominate it, and will destroy what they cannot control. I will not live in a world where they get their way, nor shall I leave such to the generations that succeed me. Beauty, true beauty, is the divine manifest. As it is worth pain and suffering to create it, so it is worth pain and suffering to defend it. Empire, being the Platonic form of r-selection manifest as a meme disease, hates beauty because all that is healthy and good stems from K-selection, because K-selection creates and sustains Civilization and Empire is r-selection, degeneracy, and barbarism.

Let not beauty perish from this Earth. Empire must fall.

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