Sunday, July 2, 2017

His Name is a Killing Word: Trump Tweets, and SJWs Shriek

Speaking of Sargon, here's his (brief) video from his alt-channel ("The Thinkery", used for hot takes and shitposting) about what the God-Emperor threw out on Twitter. It's only 5 minutes, so watch it. Then go on below.

And then the Supreme Dark Lord, Vox Day, add his commentary on the meme-posting:

He added insult to injury by tweeting it under the hashtag #FraudNewsCNN #FNN. Needless to say, the media has gone absolutely apeshit, unable to believe that a sitting president would hammer them back rather than simply enduring the abuse in dignified silence.

As it happens, I've been reading Jomini recently, which tends to make it pretty clear what the God-Emperor is doing here.

The general should do every thing to electrify his own soldiers, and to empart to them the same enthusiasm which he endeavors to repress in his adversaries.

If Twitter provides us with any sound basis for judgment, Trump's supporters are electrified and his detractors are horrified. Mission accomplished.

He ain't wrong. That's exactly what happened, especially the Social Justice Warrior death cultists in the media. They freaked out good and hard. You could hear the screeching from several time zones away, as Sargon's video makes crystal clear, and if you hit up Twitter on the day of this post you'll see more of it.

This is not only Sun Tzu, but also Saul Alinsky. #6 in his Rules for Radicals states "An effective tactic is one that your supporters enjoy.", and it is clear that the God-Emperor also has full comprehension of the principle behind both men's calls for attention to the importance of morale. It is also clear that the Democrats, their legacy media wing, and the rest of the Left still do not accept that the conditions have changed- and thus, their old tactics will not work anymore. They are as House Harkonnen, still not yet adapted to the changes that the Fremen uprising imposed, and thus unaware of their doom coming for them. The God-Emperor has their number now, and he's going to destroy them.

Considering how deranged the Left is in the U.S., Trump's name might as well be a literal killing word. At this rate, the God-Emperor may well literally become that title.

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