Sunday, December 3, 2017

The United States Has Sun Tzu For President

Sargon of Akkad brought forth another episode of "This Week in Stupid", and this episode is all about the God-Emperor's recent bantz on Twitter regarding the Aloha Snackbar bullshit in the United Kingdom.

Look, Trump is fucking brilliant here. Allow me to quote a wiser man who sees what's going on here:

So, cut to the chase, what was Trump doing with these tweets?

First, let’s just establish what he was NOT doing:

Winning the hearts and minds of radical Muslims; making liberals love and respect him more; getting nice coverage in the Guardian and the New York Times; persuading Never Trumpers that they might have misjudged him; winning over Theresa May and the rest of the faux-Conservative political class.

No. Trump doesn’t give a damn for any of these people. (And who can blame him?)

Instead he was sending a message to the people he cares about: all those ordinary people out there, not just in the U.S. but in Europe and beyond, who are shocked, appalled, scared by the way their countries are slowly (or quite quickly in the case of some countries, Sweden, for example) surrendering to Islam; who feel betrayed by the pusillanimity of their political leaders and let down by the failure of most of their media to report on the rapes and the sexual grooming and the violence being committed disproportionately by Muslims, both immigrants and home-grown radicals; who feel unable to speak – except in embarrassed whispers – about their fears about being stabbed or machine-gunned or blown up or mown down by yet another jihadist simply for the crime of going about their daily, Western life; who bitterly resent being tarred as Islamophobic or xenophobic or uncaring when all they want is to be allowed to live their life in peace in a country whose traditions, laws and cultural values remain the ones they grew up with and which make their homeland worth living in.

These are the people Trump was reaching out to with those tweets.

As for the rest – all those politicians and media types and cry bully activist groups – they just fell into Trump’s trap.

Trump wanted them to react in the way they did. It was part of his strategy. If you don’t understand why – if you’re one of those “sophisticated” analysts who persists in persuading yourself that Trump is just an idiot, in the way the same people used to say about Ronald Reagan – then, again, I recommend you spend time reading Vox Day’s book.

The God-Emperor is not stupid. He is not foolish. He's a goddamn genius, and he knows his enemies better than they know themselves. It's why he can play them like fiddles. This usage of Twitter demonstrates his mastery of them time and again, but that's not what makes him as effective as he is. He understands that the media is nothing but narrative, so he tells them the stories he wants to get out there; he is a master of the Frame Game, and I cannot understate that fact.

While you're going on about ISIS and muslim rape gangs in the UK, you're NOT paying any attention to what Trump's doing with and to the Saudis. Not one of his covert operations have leaked, and only one man out there has figured out how or why this is so- Thomas Wictor.

The President of the United States is not a simple media magician. He makes the greatest magicians of stage and screen look like a child still working out basic card tricks for holiday parties. "4D Chess" is a meme, but it's not far off the mark. As Wictor laid out, he got several of his loyal allies in perfect positions to work for the good of the United States through the exploitation of the Fake Media via fake scandals great and small alike. Now in secure spots, those allies effortlessly execute his agenda while he keeps unwanted attention away from that via his media manipulations.

The result? Things like Saudi Arabia's internal coup, and their recent pivot into attacking the very Wahabis that they are infamous for supporting. Things like giving Russia the cover needed to intervene in Syria, China to come in against North Korea, and put the Mexican cartels in trouble- not to mention all of the anti-pedophile efforts quietly going on with little press coverage.

He doesn't need to be perfoect. He just needs to be the man required at the time necessary to allow the rest of us to make Empire Fall. I am grateful every day that he is President; we actually have a shot at averting a civilizational collapse thanks to him.

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