Sunday, November 26, 2017

YouTube Has a Pedophilia Problem

Sargon of Akkad addresses YouTube's curious campaign to censor conservatives while promoting pedophilia in this week's episode of This Week in Stupid.

Internet shitlord Mister Metokur, hardly an ideologue of any sort, took notice of this and cannot believe the pervasive presence, so much so that the search algorthym favors the perverted content.

You can count on the Mister there to start digging down presently, because this is fucked up and wrong- the lulz will be a welcome side effect from exposing how bad this situation is, compelling corrective action.

Related is that some folks are repeating the search test on Google proper, including incognito sessions and virtual machines, getting the same results. This is not a good thing. While those following the arrests of pedophiles by the Feds since the Ascension of the God-Emperor have suspected that this is a serious issue in all sectors where power stems, this is still a surprise for a lot of people.

It cannot be tolerated. Heads must roll, policies changed, and people punished for predation and enabling predation like this. If you tolerate this, then your children will be next. Hunt then down, run them to ground, expose them utterly, and then punish them by doing unto them as Vlad Tepes did to the Ottoman Turks. Empire Must Fall.

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