Sunday, February 11, 2018

And The Based Man Cried Out "No Safe Space!"

This week saw Mark Kern get into it with some Socjus cultists over some revisionist history on Western--specifically American--geek history. It's no surprise that the cultists pushed the bullshit that gaming and so on were always acceptable social pastimes, therefore no claim of social stigma is valid and thus geekdom is somehow white supremacy and needs to be made otherwise (i.e. converged).

This is exactly how geekdom got gentrified.

The instant gaming, etc. became sufficiently popular and profitable, the same hipster faggots that shat on geeks and nerds for the last 50 years moved like they owned the place and began demanding changes to accomodate themselves and push out the same folks that made this entire space into the cultural and financial wealth-generator that it is now. Fucking parasites, the lot of them, and very predatory to boot.

This cannot be tolerated any further. So here's the deal: Socjus is banned at all property I own or control, and those pushing it will be summarily expelled henceforth. I have no more time for heretics, quislings, or savages; you will hear from Mr. Colt and that will be the end of it. I have no problem being the bad guy, so villifying me only makes me stronger. You can't throw the outcast out of the wasteland; it's his home.

Banned. All of it. No safe space here, death cult. Not now. Not ever. Get the fuck out, or get fed to my compost pile.

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