Sunday, February 25, 2018

Narrative Warfare: Support "This Week on the Alt Right", a Counter-Narrative Campaign

Bre Fauchex has been killing it with her video series, This Week on the Alt Right. These weekly podcasts are routinely good uses of one's time, and with multiple media options available you can put it on at work and get away with it. This past week she and her collaborators hit up on the ongoing genocide of the Boers, which is the test case for what's intended for the rest of the West, and they pulled no punches. The YouTube video is below.

Bre's solidly Our Gal, and worthy of your support; she's earned it. She (with her collaborators) is doing what Vox Day did years ago with his blog: create her own media platform. That's why I linked to her blog above; she's building, as fast as she can, an anti-fragile framework from which she can't be de-platformed. That's something others can also do, and as more do so greater alternatives do become possible. Replacements for Twitter, YouTube, and Patreon already exist; we need alternatives to domain registrars, ISPs, and banks in the years soon to follow as the lines of pressure get pushed back to more and more fundamental levels of infrastructure.

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