Sunday, March 25, 2018

The Power To Punish Matters

It's about punishment.

You cannot keep predators away from you if you cannot or will not punish them. This is not merely scolding, nagging, or spanking; true punishment inflicts permanent catastrophic damage to the punished- it maims, cripples, or kills. The reason? Punishment removes the power to predate.

Predators know this. That's why they permanently damage prey- to remove the power to resist.

You cannot be a free man if you are unwilling to punish those who cross you. Total pacifism is for slaves and suckers; it's a fatal fantasy for fools and fuckwits feminized into thinking being meek and weak is virtuous. Free men not only go armed, but they stand ready to punish offenders instantly- and they never apologize for it.

Punishment is enforcement. Rules that are not enforced do not exist.

So when a predator wears a friendly skinsuit and promulgates bullshit rules that do nothing but make it easier to prey upon you, what they mean to do is to use the very things they decry to punish those unwilling to comply with those rules. They seek to punish you for defying their delusion, and they seek to enforce their delusion by punishing you.

This is why there is no such thing as automatic compliance with rules contrary to Nature; they have to demonstrate the power to punish non-compliance (and yes, "It's just a fine." relies on "And if you don't pay we will kill you." for compliance) before fear sets in and they gain compliance that way- the only way it ever works.

And that's why Empire fears armed populations: it punishes its attempt to impose its rule.

Those seeking to disarm you understand this. The fodder used to wield weaponized empathy against you don't, but give them no mercy anyway; they'll kill if you they get the chance. Instead, be ready, willing, and able to punish an entire horde come to enforce their rules upon you. They know only fear; make them shit their pants upon hearing your name. This is how Empire must fall.

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