Sunday, March 4, 2018

In Case You Missed It: James Damore & James O'Keefe at CPAC 2018 on Censoring Everyone Not Far Left

James O'Keefe spoke on a panel about the suppression of conservative views in Silicon Valley in the wake of Project Veritas' latest undercover Twitter investigation at CPAC 2018. In addition to Mr. O’Keefe, panelists included “Google memo” author James Damore, free speech attorney Harmeet Dhillon, Media Research Center Vice President Dan Gainor and tech entrepreneur Marlene Jaeckel.

The folks who adore Fake News and Crisis Actors are also pushing for the suppression of all dissenters, starting with their most obvious opposition. O'keefe leads Project Veritas, and thus exposes the liars and frauds on the regular. Damore blew the whistle, however inadvertently so, on Big Social's convergence towards the SJW Death Cult via his rather moderate dissent.

This illustrates the need for Alt Tech to arise and build their own platforms. Big Social abandoned its neutrality in favor of serving the Death Cult Narrative, so it is not a disinterested party any longer; it is hostile territory, and should be regarded as such. Long term requires taking and holding territory, holding it utterly as sovereign, and that means building our own platforms. You can't be censored from your own stage, your own press, your own books, your own games, etc.

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