Sunday, May 20, 2018

The Diversity Industry Cannot Harm a Hard Target

Recently the usual cable networks ran some documentaries on notable cocaine trade outlaws such as Pablo Escobar and "El Chapo" Guzman. The narratives for these gangster figures follows the predictable pattern for such figures, so if you've seen one then you've seen all of them; you miss nothing if you haven't watch them. I'm pointing out these figures because they provide a contrast to the usual targets of the SJWs and the Diversity Industry racket they run using the High Sparrow strategy.

Gangsters, especially the infamous ones, have to become hard targets because of the violent environment that they dwell within. The sort of shakedown that the Diversity Industry built its business model upon comes from their world, and it's done as much to establish dominance as it is to produce revenue- the primary point is to humiliate the target before the relevant audience as a means to burnish the status of the dominator.

Gangsters are predators, so the status game is inherent to their environment and they become sensitive to it accordingly- a fact so well-known that it's all over the glamorization seen in gangster fiction. What is one of the common responses to a shakedown? Well, this:

"But that's violent!"

Fucking duh. That's the point. Some High Sparrow comes at you doing his best Happy Merchant impression as he lays on his oh-so-deniable extortion attempt, and you pop him in the dome? Guess what? No successor will dare do it. You're too hard a target.

For most SJWs, you don't have to go that far to be too hard a target for them. You just have to be ruthless and relentless with the counterpunching that you do execute upon them. This I did a lot on the main blog through last week:

They can't hurt you if you're hard. Get hard. Counterpunch. They are the enemy and they want to destroy you. They serve Empire, and aspire to nothing more than to become Empire, and if Empire is to fall then you must become too hard for them to shake down- and too hard to destroy. That which you leave behind must be too hard, so you must make a tradition of being hard. Fitness of the flesh is not enough; fitness of the soul is no less importance. Be true and be hard, for Empire cannot prevail against that. Do this and you shall be the cornerstone upon which Civilization shall rebuild anew.

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