Sunday, May 6, 2018

Frame Game Radio Explains The Diversity Tourist

This past week Frame Game Radio livestreamed a few times. This video is from one of those streams, and he gets good and deep into the Diversity Industry and the High Sparrows that run it- including what makes them tick and how to exploit to wreck their shit.

If you want something to act upon, something you can use in your daily life against the SocJus Death Cult, then you had better sit your ass down and watch this video from end to end while taking notes. He's briefing you on what the scam it, who's doing it, how they do it and what it takes to wreck it.

Watch it. Get it. Use it. I've recommended Frame Game for a reason, and videos like this is why: this is info you can use, and you'd damn well better make use of it. Get the Thralls of Empire, make them self-destruct on camera, and watch the acceleration of Empire's fall.

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