Sunday, August 12, 2018

Narrative Warfare: We Found Their Weak Spot, So They're Serious Now

This past week we saw a coordinated hit on Alex Jones and InfoWars intended to deplatform him so as to decrease his reach and give #FakeNews more room to shape the Narrative in the United States and elsewhere as many countries go into their election seasons with the turn of Summer into Autumn. It's not an accident that this came in the wake of the exposure of James Gunn as either a pedophile or an enabler of the same. Last night the Supreme Dark Lord, Vox Day, reminded us of this ongoing scandal in the Darkstream.

This reaction is not a coldly logical one on the part of the Thralls of Empire. This is a freakout reaction. The Dark Lord is correct; this is a display of weakness dressed up as a diaplay of might, and the anti-fragile reaction of Alex Jones shows that this is such a case. (The next step will be to banned the Apple and Android app stores, and be banned from Twitter.)

But the cooler heads behind this push know that it won't shut down Jones. Those heads will push to move against the payment processor, bank, and domain registrar; if Jones can't stay online and can't conduct commerce he's done and they know it- but that comes at a terrible risk. Even if they don't succeed, if they can shut him up through November, it may be enough.

Because that is what this is about: determining who gets to tell the tale of day, who shapes the Narrative, and thus informs the public on what to act upon and why. Frame Game Radio did a series of livestreams over this past week addressing this matter, "The Bastards" and I'll embed part one below.

He also did a big and long one about how the SJWs and their masters are attempting to do the Code of Conduct con on the big scale: to make it legally binding, as in "Comply Or Die" levels of coercion via state violence, upon the entire population in order to target and unperson entire population segments as a form of population control that is centrally controlled and coordinated- as we see in Communist Totalitarian states worldwide. This one is worth your time; there's nothing to watch, so put this on instead and brief yourself.

The take-away from this is that the Thralls realize that we found their weakspot, and as such they lost their grip on the Narrative. This assault on Free Speech and escalation of unpersoning, unthinging, and deplatforming is their "No more Mr. Nice Guy" reaction to getting caught out.

Rather than shrink back, we should hammer this weak point good and hard. The more we see how prevalent this abomination is in the mainstream institutions, the greater the urgency in wielding this as a Rhetorical hammer. This is roundabout Moloch worship, and it ought to be handled accordingly. Hammer the Pedos and Empire falls.

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