Sunday, October 14, 2018

Narrative Warfare: Project Veritas - "We don't say that out of these walls."

Project Veritas exposes Phil Bredesen as a liar and a fraud, a move deliberately planned well before the fact by his campaign. Lying for gain is fraud, fraud is a crime, and crime had better be prosecuted by the State or it will be punished by the Nation by extra-judicial means (and fully justified in doing so). Phil had better be arrested and disqualified from the race over this.

"But Muh Politics!" is no excuse for fraud, and politicians are not allowed to lie; this is theft-by-swindle and it has to be punished with arrests, trials, and hard time (if not execution) in solitary confinement at maximum security prisons. Every campaign worker who aided and abetted this swindle should meet the exact same punishment- if they knew, then they are complicit and must be punished severely and with maximum display. This is Empire, and Empire must fall.

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