Sunday, October 28, 2018

Narrative Warfare: The Supreme Dark Lord Writes Ab(out) Jordan Peterson

Saturday's Darkstream came late, but its not worth skipping because the Supreme Dark Lord has a book to talk about and it's the culmination of his inquiry into and exposure of the quackery of Jordan Peterson. Milo Yiannopoulos wrote the foreward, so if he's on board then I am confident that Vox Day sufficiently explains his position to the target audience: Peterson's audience and those concerned about him.

I followed Vox Day as he went from "Stop talking to me about this guy I don't care." through "Fine, I'll take a look." and went swiftly from "No, you're wrong and this is why." to "This man is a mental case with delusions of adequacy working as a snake oil salesman, a Wormtongue in your ear, and he has to be stopped."

He's a Babylonian, a servant of Empire, and he does need to be stopped for that reason alone. He's a Thrall of Empire, and Empire Must Fall.

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