Sunday, December 23, 2018

Red Ice: The 3rd Annual Red Ice Yule Marathon

Red Ice held their 3rd annual Yule livestream a few days ago. This went for about 5 hours, and was mostly guest after guest talking about the year to pass and the year to come. A lot of regulars appeared, from a variety of positions; this included Ethan Ralph of The Ralph Retort and the return of Bre Faucheux after a lengthy hiatus. This cavalcade of those on the Right that are outside the mainstream differ greatly on their perspectives, but they agree on this: the infighting has to stop.

As I see a lot of the women who were single now getting married or engaged, I expect a tone shift as they move into marriage and motherhood; the edginess will fade, the seriousness will pick up, and a focus on doing practical politics to take and hold power will develop. The scene will change because now it has a significant percentage of its most visible set putting skin in the game via children and that will compel people to start doing what it takes to win instead of being ineffectual partisans.

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