Sunday, December 16, 2018

Vox Day: DARKSTREAM: 4th Generation Tekno-cultural Warfare

Today Vox Day talked deplatforming, 4th Generation Warfare, and how this plays out in practice.

Vox's comments regarding Amazon, specifically how its wholesale and retail ends compete against each other, is very important. The shift on the retail side to become more hostile to the wholesale side has consequences, and that retail side includes its publishing outlets. Being an author, that matters to me, but the similar comments coming out of other subsets should matter to you. That Bezos does nothing to rein this in is telling that he approves.

Yes, there's an obvious counter: build your own platforms. That takes time, money, and skill that everyone does not have. Furthermore, if you're on Google's shit list they'll screw your visibility in searches and tank your discoverability. Countering that is an additional effort that you'll have to do to stay viable. Fortunately Vox Day has the means to deal with all this; as I'm able, I'll follow suit.

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