Sunday, March 31, 2019

Narrative Warfare: Vox Day Talks Weaponized Bureaucracy

This post follows up last night's Darkstream. Here's the video so you can see for yourself.

This thing with weaponizing bureaucracy against dissidents isn't just government wankers shitting on wrong-thinkers. This includes SJW-converged "private" organizations, corporate and otherwise, such as banks and payment processors. Even if there are regulations on the books forbidding it, this will continue. Even if it's done in a manner that omits plausible deniability, this will continue. Why? Because the time and effort required to fix these attacks is an order of magnitude more bothersome and tedious--if not difficult--than what it takes to make them.

Therefore the plan, if you get targeted, is to dogpile someone with bureaucratic bullshit until they're buried under the weight. Unpersoning is part of this, but not the whole of it; just having petty procedures pile on suddenly without reason, each of which needs to be addressed and handled, will be enough to hamstring most people into ineffectiveness. As more people get nailed by this shit, things will only get worse until someone like Trump comes in and cleans house from top to bottom.


Nevermind lawfare. The historical record shows clearly what happens when bureaucracy gets weaponized: bureaucrats get slaughtered. It starts with the petty wankers getting stalked and ambushed, having gone after someone either at the end of their rope or far too accustomed to direct methods, and as the exposures escalate so do the reprisals until the system collapses. This entire phenomenon is a sign of Empire in decline, and if the Thralls in charge don't think in terms of the long game and stop it then the process itself will result in Empire's fall.

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