Sunday, March 17, 2019

Narrative Warfare: The Reasons For Tech-Driven Censorship Are Clear

Remember last week when I said that the censorship and manipulations over a feature film were dry runs? Guess what.

This week we saw why those runs were made: the narrative revolving around the New Zealand shooting began unraveling as it happened due to the Internet's ability to allow independent actors to investigate and gainsay in real time. Nick Monroe, by himself, broke the Narrative Warfare push intended by this event. Its intended effects are now localized to New Zealand, where the dhimmi Prime Minister already moved to do exactly as the shooter said and push for more gun control while other arms of that state now seek to memory hole the events via information control.

The global media establishment, exactly as the shooter warned, have used this event to push their censorship and target undesirables. The calls for more tech-dtriven schemes to deplatform and censor, to manipulate information and control users, will continue; meanwhile, the more capable dissidents will build more and more replacements for converged tech pillars such as Twitter and other necessary institutions such as payment processors. The "fake news" excuse will be used to justify the censorship:

The closing of the frontier is not organic. It's driven by the very parties that invented the Internet because they failed to comprehend what would happen when popular access to it opened up. They're trying to close Pandora's Box, and in doing what cannot be done they reveal themselves as Thralls of Empire. Fortunately, as a class they exhibit Gamma Male psychology and thus are not the Very Smrt People they think they are.

As the Supreme Dark Lord said, "Always doubt the Narrative.", because the one thing you can sure of is that the official story is always utter bullshit.

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