Sunday, July 7, 2019

It's Treason, Then

The mask comes off.

There it is, folks, a confession that they are traitors seeking to use aliens and foreigners to take and hold power over the rest of us. That is treason and sedition. If the fellow travelers in other Western countries haven't yet been so stupid or brazen to do likewise, count on them doing so soon. When it gets to this point, ordinary operation of the State's legal apparatus has already become insufficient to handle what is clearly a capital offense.

This has to be handled by our own hands, like it or not. The Rule of Law is not a suicide pact. These Thralls of Empire have confessed their defection from the contract that enables said Rule to operate; that means they're Fair Game now and I will refuse to convict anyone who goes after them. Use Lawfare where you can, and get your hands wet where it doesn't. Traitors don't just kill themselves; they have to be driven to do it; and efforts like those of Mike Cernovich to nail pedos like Jeffery Epstein are key to driving them all off a cliff.

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