Sunday, August 25, 2019

Narrative Warfare: The Mask's Slipping Reveals The Monster

Thralls deny it from one corner of their mouth, only to taunt with it from the other.

This is what they're playing for in the U.S., as they are across the West. They want to run out the clock knowing they can seize power permanently once the demographics are in their favor, and they know they have the new electorate firmly in their control via gibs and other degenerate dependency schemes. This is what the God-Emperor is up against, and why he's got to move before his second term--and he will get it--is up or the American nation will get genocided just like the Boers are in South Africa right now.

This is what--as the QAnon folks say--the Storm is about: clearing out the network enabling this invasion. It has to come in waves, taking out key nodes enabling operations, and that's why some say it's already here and we're only now seeing results because its effects can't be so easily covered up by the media nodes. Yes, this means Epstein's murder--and yes, he was murdered; this "suicide" is too much like other suspicious "suicides" for it to be actual suicide--had the effect necessary to get more people to pay attention to the reality of the situation.

And the reality is this: it's all about feeding a monster-- a thing that has no business being here--with human sacrifices in return for power in this life, because if it's not fed, then it dies and it threatens to take all of us with it. It threatens. Its ability to do so remains unverified. Starve the beast. Empire must fall.

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