Sunday, August 18, 2019

Narrative Warfare: When Foreign Warfare Comes Home

The Member of the House of Representatives for Minnesota's 5th Congressional District, Ilhan Omar, is getting into more trouble. Her ties to a foreign power of dubious intent, Qatar, are coming out in the media of other Middle-Eastern states and through dual-speaking people those media exposes are coming West.

The video got her election to Congress off by two years; in 2016 she was elected to the MN State House of Representatives, not to Congress. Other than that, it's on the money- with the only other fault being the lack of emphasis on how and why she got into office: the Somalis in Minneapolis voted as a block for one of their own, on the condition that she use her office for their benefit.

"For their benefit" includes covering for Somalis who leave the U.S. to wage jihad back home and using American identity politics to further cover for them as they use Minnesotans for their benefit- including a compliant shit-lib media culture. It's no surprise that the state most favored by Swedish, Norwegian, and German settlers is also one of the most cucked on the invasion issue. For all of the "Muh American" whining those back home say of their distant cousin in Minnesota, they remain very much the same between the ears because they remain very much the same people in the blood. (Much to my frustration at times; Henrik, buddy, I feel you.)

Naturally the MN media aren't giving this the time of day, save for when they have to and then only to dunk on it. They're invested in the Narrative, and either don't know or don't care about Omar's anti-American/anti-Western pro-jihad ties. They certainly aren't remarking on Omar's ties to Sarsour, or the latter's alleged ambitions for Congress.

This is a foreign affair playing out in American life, from the players to the objects at state, and as such is a sign of late-stage Empire when the current host is so worn out that it is little more than a stage for others to play upon before it collapses.

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